Friday, May 14, 2010


The mystery opponent with a great financial background that wants to run against Comptroller Auerbach we here has NONE. The life long Democrat who two months ago turned independent, graduated from Coleman high school and was a bookkeeper for former Auditor Lisa Cutten. The woman also ran Lisa Cutten's campaign for mayor in 2007 (I can count the votes Cutten got on my fingers, so we know off the bat, campaigning and auditing are not this persons strong points). Why on earth would this person run for office and run for an office she is not even qualified to hold?

Comptroller Auerbach on the other hand has plenty of experience, as an economist, a former small business owner, former Mayor and Village Manager of Ellenville, he has brought his experience in both the public and private sector to work in his office, watching and accounting for every dollar as if it were his own. Reaching across the aisle for the good of the people of Ulster County and making the office of the Comptroller apolitical.

We hear further rumors that a former County Legislator and chair of the New Paltz Independence party also is looking at a run..could we see a three way race for Comptroller this year?

Whether it's one, three or ten people running, Elliott Auerbach is running and seems confident that he will prevail in November and I agree. We need to reelect Watchdog Auerbach to continue doing the great job that he is doing.


Anonymous said...

Quigley in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't be so cocky just cause Elliott has a likeable personality & people smile at him. He can be taken down like everyone else,, no one is unbeatable -
the GOP has two women running for support. Wait & see, jb,,

Anonymous said...

If Joe Bruno gets sent to Napanoch, can he run against Eliot for Comptroller?

Rod Stiffington

Jeremy Blaber said...

I know of both the people looking to run, neither one of them are going to come close to beating Auerbach. Mario Catalano should consider a cross endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Quigley won't run again, 8:43. Shame, but he's happy for now, doing the Ulster thing. My guess is that Quigley's next move is to take down Mike Hein.

Jack Meoffer

Anonymous said...

Quigley 2010. Say goodnight Elliot