Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Convention 2010

Comptroller Auerbach nominated for a second term, congratulations my friend!
Jonathan Sennett (since when do you wear glasses?)

Ulster County Executive and possiably Lt. Gov. Mike P. Hein

New Paltz Supervisor Toni Hokenson, Jon Sennett and County Exec Mike Hein
The Ulster convention went well with Elliott Auerbach, Kevin Cahill, Maurice Hinchey, Kathy Mihm and all our local candidates were nominated for reelection and are well on their way to huge victories in November...with the exception of Kathy Mihm of course who will be confirmed by the legislature at it's next session.

The thugs in the Saugerties committee pushed through their candidate Sager to challenge John Bonacic this November, expect Senator Bonacic to win by a huge margin. Sue Zimet may have given the Senator a run for his money but this Sager guy will go down in flames. However, as a committeeman I will be supporting the party nominee.
Harley Doles also won pretty handily over Larry Delarose, Harley who hired the Shacters to run his campaign had some help. It really is unethical for Phil and Trisha Shacter to charge candidates for support. It's also a violation of the new bylaws which states that a committeeman may not use their office for profit, they break that rule year after year, and the new bylaws they pushed for pretty heavily may actually get them thrown off the Democratic committee.

Former Supervisor Nick Woerner made no secret that he will be running for chairman against Julian Schreibman this September, which should be a pretty intresting race. There is no way Julian will retain his chairmanship and I wish Nick the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy - there are 20 towns in the county - 4 of them are in Larkin's district, the remaining in Bonacic's. The numbers were very close. Why were the thugs in Saugerties and not in any of the other towns? Only a couple more people and the numbers would've gone the other way. Sager was nominated in the districts of Delaware and Sullivan too.

Anonymous said...

So this means you'll be giving Nick $500?

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot if you support Nickie jingles Worner. I lost a lot of respect for you.

Anonymous said...

I am not a huge fan of Julian's, but Nicky Woerner is OUT OF THE QUESTION as Party chair! I will vote for Julian before Nick.

Anonymous said...

Give the Chair to my Daddy... Downtown Clinton Brown!!!!


Anonymous said...

16 townships supported David Sager. This is democracy, not thuggery. When and where did Woerner announce his candidacy for UC Dem chair?