Monday, May 24, 2010

Cuomo Pick Hein or Miner!!!

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner
Ulster Executive Mike Hein

Below is Andrew Cuomo's short list for Lt. Governor while all the candidates are impressive, we urger Andrew Cuomo to pick reformer Mike Hein or the great Mayor of Syracuse Stephanie Miner. I know Stephanie Miner, worked on her campaign last year and she is tough and would be a breath of fresh air and really shake up Albany. Mike Hein is our home town boy and would serve us proudly in Albany. If Cuomo picks Stephanie or Mike, NY will be well served.

Cuomo's Short List:

With his announcement today that he will run for governor, the question befuddling New York politicos is exactly who Andrew Cuomo will pick as his lieutenant governor. A campaign spokesman declined to discuss the question, but here’s a short list based on conversations with a number of Democratic sources.

Denise O’Donnell. A former federal prosecutor and U.S. attorney from Buffalo, O’Donnell had served until this year as head of the Division of Criminal Justice Services. She resigned amid reports that Gov. David Paterson contacted a woman pursuing domestic violence charges against his aide. Several sources were puzzled when O’Donnell opted not to run for attorney general after her exit from the administration, and a prospective LG nod is one explanation. In addition to bona fides as a prosecutor and administrator, O’Donnell would bring gender and regional balance to the ticket.
A business or academic executive. Cuomo is making separation from the legislature to be a major theme of his campaign, and one source close to him said the search encompasses business and academic leaders. The thinking here is to find a proven administrator, someone who would be able to lead the state. I haven’t heard many specific names bandied about, and the thinking is that this kind of person would not have a very high public profile at the time of their nomination.

Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings. That’s right, our very own mayor’s name has been floating around this week, but sources close to both him and Cuomo pop the trial balloon as quickly as it is inflated. Still, Jennings and Cuomo are long-time friends, and Jennings backed Cuomo in his failed 2002 gubernatorial run.

Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy. Duffy would bring regional balance to the ticket, and his name has long circulated as a possible pick by Cuomo. However, a source indicated the two have not had contact in some time. He announced in March he would not seek re-election. (Update: I misread something. Sorry about that.)

Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. Brown previously served in the state Senate, and was elected mayor in 2005. Several Democrats said that Cuomo had favored Brown earlier this year, but his star had fallen as he came under scrutiny for his distribution of development funds.

Christopher St. Lawrence. Not likely, but the Ramapo Town Supervisor has been out on the trail seeking the nomination for months. He’s under no illusions, though.
Bill Thompson. The former New York City comptroller and stronger-than-expected mayoral candidate has been mentioned for a spot on the ticket, but a source close to him said it’s highly unlikely. At one point, Thompson was mentioned as a natural pick for comptroller, given Cuomo’s lack of love for incumbent Tom DiNapoli.

Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins. The legislator from Westchester County won a hard-fought election in 2006, and has been mentioned. But she is an incumbent state senator — not the best resume point right now — and her seat would be competitive were she to leave it.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner. Several Democrats mentioned Miner’s name, but just as quickly dismissed her because of a lack of experience. They said Cuomo was interested in her initially because of her background (again, a woman from Onondaga County would provide gender and regional balance) and her previous work for Gov. Mario Cuomo, but felt that she couldn’t be plucked so soon after her November 2009 election.

Ulster County Executive Michael Hein. I heard Hein’s name mentioned a few times, with Democrats noting that his record as an executive dovetails well with Cuomo’s platform.


Anonymous said...

That's not Cuomo's shortlist. It's Jimmy Vielkind's shortlist.

Anonymous said...


You really should give credit to Jimmy Vielkind's Albany Times Unions Blog for this.

Anonymous said...

Tell me you are not quoting another blog as a source for Hein being Lt. Governor? Since when is a blog a reliable source. You have now become as big a joke as the Freeman. Just because some idiot writes it does not make it true. Hein is not on anyone's list for Lt. Governor and he would probably be the first to tell you that. I would bet he has not even been contacted by anyone in the Cuomo camp. Ask yourself, what would Hein bring to the ticket? Not much really except a perfect target regarding a lack of experience argument should he have to become governor...which as we know people are thinking about more than in the past.

Anonymous said...

JB, what a joke. Hein, with no experience, going to even be considered ??No way. Cuomo has no interest in an ego-maniac with no pedigree.

Anonymous said...

Jackie D'Amico will be the REAL Lt. Gov under Cuomo!!