Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Detective Matthews

I have to say with all due respect to the Daily Freeman, them putting out a timeline on the Tim Matthews story today is a bit much.

We get it, it's a big story. It's a big story because it's so unexpected, it's not the norm. Under Chief Keller's watch we have a great police department and his legacy is a SOLID one, the next Chief has huge shoes to fill.

I know, I will propably get attacked for taking an unpopular position but I gotta say I still have a lot of respect for Tim Matthews and  reserve judgement on the situation. Det. Matthews worked tirelessly to keep Kingston safe. The Knox case sticks out to me but there were hundreds of skells like Whitehurst that are off the streets because of Mr. Matthews. There is no question that Kingston is SAFER because of his service.

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? No one has heard Matthews' side yet and we should remember this man has children and a family. We don't know if he is inocent or guilty but I know people make mistakes, as have I and everyone reading this blog right now. I guarantee you, Mr. Matthews innocent or guilty is suffering tremendously now, as is his family.

I am not saying that Det. Matthews should get a free pass or that the press should ignore the story. I was the first one to break the Matthews story, I get it,  it's news worthy. However, if there is no new news, digging it up for the sake of selling papers is not o.k.. in my humble opinion.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy,I agree with you that Mathews is a nice guy, but our jails are filled with "nice guys" too that broke the law due to poor choices! Lets face it, he f#*ked up big time, and should go to jail and not receive any pension.

Anonymous said...

If he was so good at keeping the city safe, maybe he should have instituted some of the intelligence into protecting himself and his family.
If he is suffering, maybe he shouldnt have been living above his means, and not been using tax payer dollars to feed his own greed or need.
I agree Tim was a tireless worker, and what seemed to be a good man, but even good men stumble.

Now is the time for him to show what type of man he really is, face his acusers, admit his crimes and do his time. Until he clears his own conscience, nothing that you or I say will make a difference.
Lets wish him well and hope the justice system does its job without prejudice and move on.

Anonymous said...

I agree JB, innocent until proven guilty.

bd said...

IF these charges are true, He is as bad as Alan Hevesi !!!

Public Servants who betray us, the public, should lose their pensions & have their bank accounts seized & their ill gotten gains should be returned by any & all means necessary.

yes, innocent til proven guilty BUT, IF found guilty, throw all the books in the Library of Congress at them/him.
Public Betrayal is a heinous crime !

Anonymous said...

I most certainley agree with 11:43.

Anonymous said...

Detective Matthews worked several years for the city and deserves his pension.They cant take that away from him.Thats whats in their union contract.Everyone has skeletons in their closet.So lets take all their money too..Detective Matthews has been punished with this whole situation.Along with his family who has done nothing..So give up you fulgers and leave them alone.If he is found guilty which he has not yet.He will accept what ever punishment he is delt with.They have beaten this subject with a dead horse and if you notice its the same people writing about him..They dont even know him..Show your faces you big chickens and stop hiding behind fake names!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Regardless of this guys yeoman's work over the years, he clearly took advantage of all of our trust. He took down a good man with him in Kellar. No matter what you believe, Kellar and the Department's reputation has been seriously hurt for the long term by this blatant abuse of trust and their own lack of oversight. He took advantage of everyone and people trusted him too much. The guy is no better than the people he has arrested over his career. He should and will be going to prison. I am sure his family is hurt, but he needed to think about them before he did this, not after. I hate to tell you, but one bad act can certainly destroy a career. We have seen it many times. This is a clear example

Anonymous said...

9:52 why are you anonymous. I guess you are a chicken to so shut your mouth.

Ivan said...

I made the timeline because it provides context to help with the understanding of the story, as it involves multiple parties and it is rather complex, to say the least.
And it really is just reports on what's happened.

What's wrong with that?

Jeremy Blaber said...

Maybe there was something new and I missed it. I just felt enough was enough and that this was not the first timeline the Freeman had done. Anyway, Ivan, I did not mean to call out the Freeman, as every local paper has covered it to death.

On a final note, Ivan is a great award winning journalist and I write a politcal bog. I respect Ivan and his judgment, I just disagree on the subject.

Anonymous said...

At least it appeared to be accurate, which says a great deal for the Freeman these days. It seems like very story I read by Kemble has some major fact wrong. He is horrendous.

Anonymous said...

The fish stinks at the head and I don't mean Kellar.
The Freeman would never report that angle of the story; seems they don't touch the stinky head when the fish is in office(the other so-called alternative newspaper, through the ex-Freman employee who now writes on politics for the other publication, stated that no Democrat can step on the toes of the head of the fish--guess he thinks the rules in 1966 still apply--is he living in the past "perhaps"?). The Freeman treated this like Watergate however there happen to be no "plumbers" in this case--not even Gretzinger as has been insinuated ad nauseum by the vicious dummers-up-of-news at the Daily Disappointment in its perennial quest to find a scandal or when that fails to widen one when it is all MANUFACTURED and BOGUS. There DID happen to be a "bloggate" however--unreported because the greedy lusty silly circus publication(which has shown itself no better than "The National Examiner" or "Weekly World News" in that respect) went after a different angle that never panned out. Kirby and his "editors" is a circus act, period--a paparazzi of a computer keyboard. Pffff.
Keep on disagreeing with the Freeman, Jeremy;your specific criticism seems a bit off, but overall "you've got the RIGHT IDEA." They seem controlled by a conglomerate mentality that seems overly cynical for a small city and they simply add to local graffiti in my humble opinion--all of course on the back of really fine $$$$, naturally.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Yes, Kimble is a joke. I like Ivan and Paul Kirby is one of the best reporters I know.