Friday, April 01, 2011

Whitlock vs. Hoffay

----------------------------------------GLOVES ARE OFF----------------------------------------

Alderwoman Shirley Whitlock takes on Alderman Hoffay after he gets involved with an issue in Kingston's 4th Ward.

Alderman Tom Hoffay suggested giving away a public building in Midtown Kingston to a non for profit saying, Kingston should get out of the business because it is not being maintained.

First, it's not any of Alderman Hoffay's buisness, he should butt out of an issue that is not in his Ward. Last time I checked Hoffay is still a pretty new Alderman and does not hold any leadership position on the common council.

Hoffay had a fit when than Alderwoamn DiBella (his new bff) got involved in a light v stop sign issue in Uptown Kingston a few years back.

It's not surprising though, whether it's the candidate Hoffay is supporting for Mayor or his strong focus on the Pike Plan. Alderman Hoffay is an elitist and does not care about midtown Kingston or what other people out of his circle think.

The Hodge center offers great programs and is a valuable asset in Midtown to suggest that the city give it away becasue it is not being maintained is short sidded and appauling.

Just like the services that are provided in down town and uptown, why not have the city make an investment in the Hodge Center and make it better?


Anonymous said...

Go Shirley!!! Kick his butt. I wonder how much time he has spent at the center other than election years. yes, the center is in need of some financial management but to sell the building? Not to mention that most non profits have no money to buy anything or maintain programs much less buy a building. How short sighted is that. Is he(Hoffay) aware that most non profits are taking a hit due to the democratic responses to their crisis. Like building a bandstand.??

Anonymous said...

"...most non profits are taking a hit due to the democratic responses to their crisis." Seriously? The GOP-controlled Congress - the Tea Partiers - have shut the door on earmarks. That is the death knell for not-for-profits and communities, particularly in the "blue states". It's no secret that the "blue states" pay more in taxes and get less in return than our "red" counterparts. Don't blame this nation's financial woes on Obama. Bush enjoyed a GOP-controlled Congress for 6 out of 8 years.

(And don't we all wish that building a bandstand is the beginning and end of our financial crisis?)

Mojo's friend said...

Did anyone read the MIS-SPELLED UC Towns on stupid Joe Roberti's MOJO blog ?
He spelled 3 Towns WRONG !! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA such an idiot Roberti is !!!
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Anonymous said...

MoJo was informed of mispelled towns as soon as the thread went up. No corrections were made. Maybe it was done on purpose?

Anonymous said...

Mojo also spelled "revisited" incorrectly...unless they really are being "revisted". But, did he mean "revised"?

Anonymous said...

7:30am I am talking about the past not the current. Democrats threw money at every social program without following up to see how it was going.(safety net as an ex.)Just keep accepting applications and paying the grants. SO it now leads to a shortage of critical funds because of careless earmarks. We are bleeding and it has to be stopped. I was commenting on the inane remark of Hoffay. Yeah,let a non profit buy it. with what? $65,000(bandstand earmark money) could go a long way in helping non profit programs. Please, get our priorities straight.

Anonymous said...

Hoffay is an elitist, he is running the Hayes campaign and put up a 22 year old with NO POLITICAL EXPERIENCE as the front campaign director..we are all fooled Alderman...NOT. It's not surprising the same will happen if Hayes is elected Mayor, it may read Mayor Hayes Clement on the city directory but Hoffay will be the de facto Mayor as he is the real brain trust of the Clement Hayes campaign.

Anonymous said...

MoJo I hear has trouble spelling MOJO but daddy helps

Anonymous said...

I was for Hayes Clement running for Mayor but if Hoffay is the puppetmaster, no go for me. I am hoping that Clement can see the handwriting on the wall.

Anonymous said...

Hoffay and Braintrust is the same sentence is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with any length of time in Kingston knows that Hoffay is and has been a dirt bag for a long time and most of Kingston knows why. If Clements does not learn this quickly it is going to cost him this election. Good for Shirley! Hoffay is a do nothing leech who I wouldn't even ask for directions.

Anonymous said...

It's spelled a-p-p-a-l-l-i-n-g stupid.

Anonymous said...

The Hodge Center should remain independent and not coupled to any other organization.If the Y is interested in helping out it should be done at the Center on a free of charge basis.Enough high salaries derived from tax dollars are being paid to not for profits administrators the Y,RUPCO,all nonsense. Keep the Hodge Center, do not give funding to the Y,the city must help the poor not indirectly fund the institutions and salaries of the upper middle class.