Tuesday, April 26, 2011

District Attorney's Race: Sennett v. Carnright

Coming tomorrow: An in-depth look at the race for District Attorney.

This will be a really competitive race that ultimately Jonathan Sennett will prevail as the winner. I just do not see Holly being able to keep up with Sennett, the guy is an animal and is everywhere. Sennett is hungry to be the D.A. and it shows. He also has A LOT of support.

On the other hand, Holly got a lot of traction with the recent murder case and as an incumbent he has a significant amount of advantages that he did not have four years ago. I like Holly, the little I know about him, he is a decent nice individual.

Tomorrow, (and I promise it will be up tomorrow!) we will look at the inside politics of both sides and do a little analysis.


a Veteran of these wars said...

Sorry J.B.,, not this time, my friend,

To quote Prez barry Obama " Do you think we are ALL stupid?"
District Attorney Carnright has done yeoman's work in the very important area of Domestic Abuse as well as fighting crime & puttin' the BAD GUYS away for long periods of time!
THAT is why HE got elected & not the other two "clowns",,,

Jon Sennett is TOO HUNGRY for the job, his ambition is a bit too much for the public, maybe a tad more humility is in order.
Makes many of us wonder his true agenda !!!!

Long time til November, we should all dial down the rhetoric a bit til Labor Day -HAHAHA

Wall Street Abstract said...

It Holley with "e" for future articles. Your polling register is a bit off on this one.

I am sure the District Attorney, who is fighting crime and putting the people who are distroying our City in jail while your candidate is holding press conferences on issues he knows very little about is very greatful for the kind words.

Not to late to change your support.

Anonymous said...

Umm, are you really saying Holley is a better attorney than Jon? Give me a freakin break.

Anonymous said...

This will not even be as close as it was last time. Many people have seen what Sennett is all about and are already going in another direction. He may not even win his own town. Your fair haired boy has taken a very big fall since his heights four years ago.

Anonymous said...

There is a clear conflict in Holley prosecuting Matthews. It's prosecution 101.

Anonymous said...

Will Sennett get Indy nomination?