Saturday, April 09, 2011


A Strong Record of Accomplishment

Mike Hein's first three years as Ulster County Executive has been both historic and full of great accomplishments. It is no wonder why Republicans can't find a candidate to run against him and why some fellow Democrats are envious at his successes.

Before taking office Hein was the Ulster County administrator, developing budgets for the legislature that were fiscally responsible and gained him a reputation as a budget wizard.

As Executive it has really come full circle, not only has he continued to develop great budgets that have NOT increased taxes but he has been a leader in fighting for the environment, creating jobs, and promoting Ulster County as a tourism destination. Mike Hein has also made it a top priority to make Ulster County the healthiest county in New York State, his health director, Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck is top notch.

County Executive Hein has fought corruption and the good ol' boy politics that for too long have kept Ulster County at a stand still. Whether it was revamping the health department or replacing and holding accountable people that were taking advantage of Ulster County taxpayers, Hein has really stepped up to the plate making sure every decision is made in the best interest of his bosses, all 181,000 of them.

Another four years of Hein's leadership would be welcome in my opinion, Heinsight has proved indeed to be 20/20


Anonymous said...

Looks like your timing is a little off, J.B.
Tonight was a long time ago, bro,,

Anonymous said...

Hein is not all of the things you said. Sometimes, you go too far. Anyone who pays the least bit of attention knows that Hein has 2 or 3 things he loves and everything else is hands off.

How come he didn't say anything about URGENT? Why won't he tell us he opinion on Golden Hill? Why is he sticking his nose in redistricting? How come when it is bad news, we hear from a deputy exec? Budget wiz? He spent 12 million of the fund balance, spending savings is not budget wizardry, it is somewhat foolish, ask Nick Woerner. Good old boys? Really, do you expect us to believe he has no ties to Al Spada and the rest of that crew?

Jeremy, we like you, you need you around, but if you are going to fair, be fair. Hein has warts, you should point them out.

Anonymous said...

Hein has done a good job but not as great as you make it out to be. There has been NO jobs or economic development. His budget is prepared by a staff not him. And he has the biggest staff of any executive in the state for the population. So he still has work to do he doesn't walk on water.

Anonymous said...

He is doing a good job, Blaber Blab I agree. Hein/ Sennett 2011

Anonymous said...

Mike Hein is a good guy, I voted for Len Bernardo in 2008 but I am happy with his job performance thus far, he has my vote.

The Hayes Clement Record said...
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Anonymous said...

Hein is not sticking his nose into re-districting. Another Republican piece of BS.

Anonymous said...

So, the Planning Department guy who made all the plans, and the County attorney who was sitting at the table are not representing Hein? BULLSHIT!!!

Anonymous said...

I disagree on your assesment of the b&b, it's just not the case. Nor is it the zoning boards job to determine what "might" happen.

As for homestead v. non homestead, I agree it needs to change. However, an equalization is not the answer, even if it is, to do it the way Hayes wants in a fast period and with Homeowners paying MORE THAN BUSINESS owners, (he said this at his fundraiser) it will drive Kingston seniors and new homeowners out of their home.

Hayes reminds me of Karen Vetere, he probably does not know who that is becasue he was sipping on some fine Johnny Walker blue private stock, selling HBO to Saudi Arabia when she ran against Sottile.

She ran an elitist campaign like he is doing. Like Karen, Hayes wants this community to be just for rich people driving in their Mercedes and sipping on their lattes, eating keish out of the can.

Problem is we are not Peekskill, and we dont want to be. What would happen under Hayes Clement's watch is the rich would get richer, the poor would be neglected (midtown) and the middle class would have no voice.

This is serious stuff, my friends.

Anonymous said...

4:56 pm--IF you think for one minute that Hein is not involved in the redistricting process, think again. Why is the committee viewing the overlays in the Planning Department with the assistance of an employee whose boss is Hein? Don't you get it? And Queen Bea sits at the table to field questions at the informational meeting whose boss is also Hein. Whatever spin you want to put on this, it will have the same result..Hein is involved and has been since the inception. His office reviewed the 90 some applicants to be considered for the redistricting committee. Queen Bea offers an opinion on who can/not serve on the committee. The whole thing smells and my guess is we will have a redistricting plan drawn up by the courts. Like it or lump it.

Anonymous said...

Nonsense. The Reapportionment Commission asked the Planning Board to make 3 maps taking into account the criteria outlined in the charter and the input from the public. They have done redistricting in the past. They could use their maps as a template to create their own map. Most of them were intimidated by the software and needed guidance and only one commissioner actually produced a map. Havranek DEFENDED the commission against a lawsuit and WON. The Republicans have totally politicized the process and now want to waste $10,000 of taxpayer money for an outside consultant who has done redistricting for Republicans. It's all on film for all to view.

Anonymous said...

If the commission is counting on the Planning department to make plans, something is very, very wrong.

Isn't that what they are suppose to be doing? Why didn't Hein check and see if they had computer experience? He is the guy who qualified them right?

This is ridiculous. How can any plan originated by the planning department be implemented?

Anonymous said...

It was a citizen's group. The main criteria was that they were not elected officials. The Planning Board is simply an instrument to be used. It was not stipulated in the charter that computer knowledge was necessary. Just the ability evaluate the map developed so as not give any political party the advantage.

Hein simply collected the volunteers and passed it along to the legisature. The majority and minority leaders made two appointments each. Those agreed on the remaining three. Read the charter.

Anonymous said...

How about "another two years"--which may be more accurate??

Anonymous said...

I did read the charter and nowhere in there does it say that the commission should be 100% reliant on the Planning Department to submit districts for them to choose from.

The Commission will reapportion in accordance with a process that allows timely input
from the County Legislature and its members and the maximum of public participation
and comment, and in accord with a calendar it adopts for itself after consideration of
New York State Election Law that assures that elections in newly apportioned districts
will be held in the year ending in "1" in every decade.

Anonymous said...

The last redistricting plan done behind closed doors by the political party leaders was based on an agreement that redistricting be done this year with a reduction to 23 legislators. No more kicking the can down the road. This agreement is codified in law and if necessary a judge will complete the process. The work should be completed by the commission this week.

Anonymous said...

The commission is an embarrassment to Ulster County. 6 of the 7 couldn't make a plan if their life depended on it. They are 100% reliant on the Planning Department,that is not what the codified in law, charter intended.

The best thing that could happen would be if the public is made aware of what a charade this commission really is.

Dr Phil said...

They are all codifing themselves while bungling the re-districting. Perhaps these Jerks are codifing each other in a circle?

The latest map version, which was posted on the Daily Pablum's website clearly favors Republicans.
15-8..Maybe 14-9 at best..and that is assuming that ALL 3 Kingston districts are solid Democrat.

I think they should do away with districts. Run all 23 at-large and the top 23 candidates are in. Oh what fun election night would be? Imagine the possibilities? The chaos? A political enema that will give Ulster County the high-colonic it truly needs!!!!

Dr. Phil

Anonymous said...

No where does it say the commission should be reliant on outside consultants at $10,000 a pop to do the work for them. Expecially when the proposed consultant had created redistricting maps for the Republicans.

The full commission created a map together with the planning board member simply following their instructions. The Planning Board did not make up the final draft. Get over it.