Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hein Gets Bipartisan Support from Town Supervisors

Friends of Mike Hein announced today bi-partisan support of Mike Hein for a second term as Ulster County Executive. Republican and Democratic Town Supervisors cited an unprecedented level of communication and cooperation between Town and County government under Mike Hein’s leadership as a prime reason for their support.

The voters of Ulster County have made two positive decisions in recent years,” said Town of Hardenburgh Supervisor Jerry A. Fairbairn (R). “We voted to change how our County government operates, i.e. we now use a Charter form of administration. Secondly, we elected Mike Hein as our County Executive. Mike and his staff have made the transition to our Charter Government nearly seamless. Mike has voiced stern concern to NYC DEP regarding the Esopus turbidity debacle and has no trouble standing tall in Albany for the good of our County. Mike makes himself available to all County and Town officials. While Mike has a positive outlook, and works to that end, he has no reservations when he tells you that our County, State and Federal Government face tough decisions in these austere times. Mike has made tough decisions during his first term and I have no doubt that, when elected for a second term, he will continue to lead us to a better and stronger Ulster County.”

Gardiner Town Supervisor Joe Katz (D) said, “I heartily endorse Mike Hein for re-election as County Executive. It is comforting to know that Ulster County, under his leadership, is finally in contact and listening to the concerns of the Towns.”

Town of Marbletown Supervisor Brooke Pickering-Cole (D) said, “Mike Hein is doing a terrific job for all of us in Ulster County. His attention to keeping communication lines open between the County and local governments is of great value, and we are truly fortunate to have him at the helm.”

“As Supervisor of the Town of Marlborough, I have had the opportunity to work with Mike and members of his staff on many levels over the past 16 months,” said Town of Marlborough Supervisor Christopher Cerone (R). “Mike has proven to be a hands-on public servant who is continually looking at ways to cut spending, increase revenues and share services throughout the County. Mike is a dynamic thinker who continually thinks outside the box, and is one of those rare elected officials who get it. Mike has worked tirelessly to get the County’s financial house in order and has proven that he is not afraid to make the tough and usually unpopular decisions that need to be made to ensure that every resident of the County can continue to live, work and raise their families in Ulster County. Having Mike Hein as County Executive has been a tremendous help to the residents of the Town of Marlborough, and it is my absolute pleasure and honor to endorse my friend, Mike Hein, for another term as Ulster County Executive.”

Berndt J. Leifeld (D), Town of Olive Supervisor said, “As a long-term Supervisor, I can consent that the cooperation between county and small towns has never been better than it is now under Mike Hein’s tenure.”

“Whenever I have a problem on a County level, I know that I have an ally in Mike Hein,” said Town of Saugerties Supervisor Greg Helsmoortel (NOP). “There is no problem too big or too small that Mike will not offer his professional and sincere assistance with to serve the residents of Saugerties.

Woodstock Town Supervisor Jeff Moran (D) said, "Having had the opportunity to work with Mike Hein over the past few years, I am continually impressed by the dedication, intelligence, and good humor he brings to the challenging job of being Ulster's first County Executive. Mike has coupled his extensive knowledge of the workings of county government with innovative measures to reduce costs and increase efficiencies while maintaining the high level of services our taxpayers expect. He has my enthusiastic support in his campaign for a second term as our County Executive."

"As Rosendale Town Supervisor, I have had the good fortune to work closely with Mike Hein in several capacities,” said Town of Rosendale Supervisor Patrick McDonough (D). “He has established a clear record as a fine communicator and a true problem solver. Mike is always thinking forward and is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Ulster County. I am proud to support him for re-election as County Executive."

New Paltz Town Supervisor Toni Hokanson (D) said, "Despite the fact that I actively campaigned against passing the Charter for Ulster County four years ago, I could not be more pleased with Mike Hein as our first County Executive. I have the highest regard for Mike. I believe he has a vision for Ulster County that includes fiscal responsibility, economic growth and a high quality of life. I fully support his efforts to find ways to share services and reduce expenses. I have found him to be earnest, approachable and responsive. Mike has my vote in November."

“Mr. Michael P Hein has done an excellent job as the Executive of Ulster County,” said Town of Wawarsing Supervisor Leonard M. Distel (D). “I proudly endorse Mike for County Executive."


Anonymous said...

Is this campaign material being paid for w taxpayer money?

Jeremy Blaber said...

Really? No, it's not.