Sunday, August 06, 2006

Jeremy Blaber chases off Republican Gubernatorial candidate John Faso at Ulster County Fair

Jeremy Blaber and John Faso the Republican Candidate for governor, exchanged words today over a variety of issues at the Ulster County Fair but Mr.Faso seemed to get heated when asked by Blaber " Why are you more qualified to be governor''. I asked a very simple question and he dodged the issue.

Here was the exchange:

Blaber: Mr. Faso what makes you more qualified to be governor then Elliot Spitzer?

Faso: I'm here were is Elliot?

Blaber: Mr. Spitzer had a previous commitment that kept him from coming to this event.

Faso: I am sure.

Blaber: He did, so because you are here that makes you more qualified?

Faso: No, but Elliot has no experience as a chief executive.

Blaber: what experience do you have as a chief executive?

Faso: I was a minority leader to the NYS assembly

Blaber: That has nothing to do with being a chief executive.

Faso: You can't win with you people

Faso walks away.

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