Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tivoli Mayor Marc Molinaro to appear on late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber

Tivoli Mayor and NYS Assembly Candidate Marc Molinaro will appear on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber this Monday to talk about his campaign for the NYS Assembly.

Mr. Molinaro who is challenging incumbent Assemblyman Patrick Manning for the Republican nomination was endorsed by Blaber earlier this month. People have asked me why did I endorse Molinaro ( who is a republican) it's simple this is a case were it is not about the party, it is about what is best for the people.

" As Mayor Mr. Molinaro has done a great job on a city level and as a Dutchess County legislator he has done a great job on a county level and there is not a doubt in my mind he will do that same great job on a state level"

Note: Marc Molinaro is the first Mayor to appear on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber since it's debut to KPA a little over a year and a half ago...........hint....hint..... Jimmy.

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