Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sottile tackles Crime with opening of police precinct on Broadway

105k that the City of Kingston will receive out of a 350k state grant "operation impact" will go towards fighting crime said Kingston Mayor Jim Sottile, who plans to use the majority of the money to open up a police precint on Broadway at the location of the current People's place which is moving to a different location.

The precinct will be manned by officers at different times of the day and night said chief Keller. This is great news said Blaber, the mayor is addressing peoples concerns, obviously Broadway is a problem and now there will be a more visible police presence there.

The police department has establish such precincts in the past, including one at the Everette Hodge Midtown Community Center on Franklin Street, Sottile felt the donated location on Broadway was a good move. " We need to be visible in MidTown, Sottile said. "We need to put officers were needed."

Serious crime for the first six months of this year is down 34 percent.


Yankee_James said...

I'd respect Sottile more (and I'm sure others would too!) if he'd just come right out and say that more cops are needed in the non-White sections of Kingston than the "White" sections. People really do respect honesty.

Everyone knows that "Midtown" or "Broadway" are code words for the "bad" sections of Kingston. Just as everyone knows that Detroit is the "bad" part of Michigan...and Cleveland is the "bad" part of Ohio. What do they all have in common? Why, plenty of non-Whites (the majority being Negroes) of course.

Keep up the great work on the blog Jeremy!

Bill Berardi said...

I understand People's Place is being moved to make room for the precinct.