Friday, August 25, 2006

Could Rubber sidewalks be in Kingston's future?

Jeremy Blaber has officially asked Common Council President Jim Noble to have the Kingston Common council look into the possibility of using Rubber Sidewalks in the City of Kingston.

I think this would be good for the city to look into, this new rubber sidewalk technique is environmentally friendly they are made from recycled tires. It also expands and allows tree roots to grow underneath the sidewalks with out cracking unlike concrete sidewalks. Blaber also pointed out the life span of a rubber sidewalk is nearly 4 times that of a concrete one.

The idea has gained support from both sides. " I think it's a good idea" said Common council Majority Leader Bill Reynolds. "It is something I would consider" says Minority Leader Richard Cahill. Third Ward Alderman Lenny Walker and Ninth Ward Alderman Mike Madsen also expressed support for the sidewalks.

Blaber's proposal to President Noble included looking into funding to develop a " test site" for the side walks, let's find a small patch of sidewalk approx. 20 feet or so and replace it with the rubber sidewalks and see how it does said Blaber, what do we have to loose?

For more information on the rubber sidewalks go to

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rebbytunes said...

One of the things that is historic about Kingston is it's Bluestone sidewalks. Might be a good idea to talk to Edwin Ford or Lowell Thing about this - either could give you a history lesson as to why replacing them with anything is not a good idea at all.