Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blaber News person of the week Jamie Sottile

The head of the Mayor's task force Jamie Sottile is this weeks person of the week for his hard work and tireless efforts to make the City of Kingston run well, Jamie who has been under fire recently by certain people who choose to attack him to get to his father, frankly it is sick. The younger Sottile does an excellent job for this city on and off the clock and goes above and beyond the call of duty. If people want to attack the mayor, then go ahead but do not go through his son.

" The unofficial care taker for the city " says Alderman Robert Senor, Jamie Sottile is the type of person that will work on his day off if something needs to be done and will do so because he loves this city. I have had the privilege to work with Jamie can tell you there is no harder worker then Jamie Sottile, I can't keep up with him. He is simply a hard worker, I get nothing but compliments about Jamie and all the hard work he does.

The Mayor's task force which Jamie leads is responsible for general errands within the City of Kingston from mowing city property, cutting weeds, to picking up trash. All things that make the quality of life better for Kingstonians.

The task force is lucky to have someone like Jamie Sottile, said one Kingston resident, I watched him work one whole day at Kingston Point Beach and he really made it look nice she said.

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