Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cuomo wins debate at Pace University

There was a clear winner Thursday night at Pace University as democratic hopefuls battled it out to try to convince the people who is the best candidate to face off against the republican challenger J. Pirro in November. Andrew Cuomo, Sean Patrick Maloney, and Charlie King talked about a variety issues from Medicaid fraud to health care in the end Andrew Cuomo just had better answers to the issues and is more experienced to be the Attorney General said Blaber who attended the debate, there is no doubt that all the candidates are qualified to be New York's lawyer but Andrew Cuomo sticks out as the most qualified.

The debate which lasted for a little over an hour, was interesting in the fact that it is still any mans race there was no clear favorite, while Andrew Cuomo is ahead in the polls he does not have a lead that is too comfortable and needs to continue to get his message out, Sean Maloney, and Charlie King both raised good issues that got a favorable response by the people, Mark Green on the other hand was so nasty toward Cuomo and offered no solutions or facts on three different occasions he was booed.

There were a few light moments during the lightning round were candidates are instructed to answer questions by either a yes or no answer. One of the questions, 'Was Mario Cuomo the best governor New York ever had?" Yes, that is an easy one said Andrew. Another was when candidates were asked " do you have any interest in running for governor" when Cuomo said no, Charlie King questioned if there was a lie detector available.

If there was any doubt that Andrew Cuomo is not the man to beat, when candidates were allowed to ask a question to one of there opponents they all separately choose Cuomo which shows that he is the man they feel they need to beat, this primary will be an interesting one because it is not Cuomo vs. Green with two other no name challengers, it is Cuomo vs. Green vs. King vs. Maloney.

Thank You to Sean P. Maloney for giving Blaber News tickets to the debate.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should read what others who were at the debate had to say:

NEW YORK (AP) — Democrat Sean Patrick Maloney, a former aide to President Clinton running to succeed Eliot Spitzer as attorney general, broke from the pack last week in two statewide televised events, several political observers said.

- - - - - - - - -

Gannett News Service
Aug 17, 2006

By Yancey Roy
Albany Bureau
ROTTERDAM—Most of the candidates to succeed Attorney General Eliot Spitzer did their darndest to invoke his name Wednesday in their first statewide face-off, in a non-confrontational “town hall” format. But one long shot strayed from the script.

Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat, roused the TV-studio audience more than once with his promise to bring some passion to the job. He chided public agencies, power companies, taxi companies, Republicans and, even, Democrats during his 15-20-minute session at the microphone.

- - - - - - - - - -

Jeremy Blaber said...

All I have to say in responce to that is consider the source, are you going to listen to the AP, The Gannett News, or Blaber News and Commentary... New York's most trusted political news source.

Anonymous said...

The point is not the "source," but rather the bias of the article. You failed to point out in your article that you had previously endorsed Andrew Cuomo BEFORE any formal debates had taken place, and WELL BEFORE getting to know the other candidates.

Perhaps you should provide us with detailed reasoning as to WHY you endorsed the candidates you did.

A response would be very appreciated and a detailed explanation.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I endorsed Andrew because of the wonders he did with HUD and the great work he has done as an attorney, he is simply the most quilified to be New York's Lawyer.

My endorsment had nothing to do with the debate, I went to the debate with an open mind and listened to all the candidates and at the end of the night there was a clear winner....Andrew Cuomo.

Anonymous said...

HIS WORK AS A TRIAL LAWYER??? Please name five landmark cases that Andrew Cuomo prosecuted or defended! He is perhaps the least qualified attorney to seek such an office. Now if you want to talk qualifications well at least Green, Maloney, and even Pirro have ACTUALLY tried cases -- first rule of thumb in journalism is -- RESEARCH.

Secondly, what "wonders with HUD?" Cuomo did nothing while he worked for HUD, I know people who worked closely with him during the Clinton administration and all he does is pass on work...

I have NEWS FOR YOU... should Cuomo get elected Attorney General he will not be making the calls -- his father Mario Cuomo will -- who by the way was one of the WORST Governors in New York State history!

-Silence Dogood