Thursday, November 16, 2006

Clinton clear choice for 08 by NYers

New college poll finds Hillary to win nomination in 08 as well as beat both leading candidates for the gop nod in the general election.

With 14 months until the first 2008 presidential contests take place, nearly half of New York Democrats support Senator Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, according to a new Siena College Research Institute poll of registered voters released Wednesday. In potential general election head-to-head match-ups, Clinton beats former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and Arizona Senator John McCain. Giuliani and McCain both beat Illinois Senator Barak Obama. For the first time in two years of Siena New York polls, a majority of New York voters believe that New York State is on the right track.

In head-to-head general election match-ups, Clinton would beat Giuliani 53-39 percent. She would beat McCain 55-36 percent. Giuliani would beat Obama 47-41 percent. McCain and Obama are running neck and neck, with McCain leading 40-39 percent.


Anonymous said...

Yawn. 08 is a long way away. BTW. your boy Murtha went down in flames as majority leader.. hee hee... A victory for Conservatism!!! Steny Hoyer is more Republican than half of the GOP delegation. He'll make an excellent majority leader. This looks very bad for Pelosi. Perhaps she is not the best choice to be Speaker. -GOP Avenger!

Anonymous said...

The Carpetbagger barely beats Rudy in the head to head match-up with the people in the poll...that being.NY DEMOCRATS!! Yet, this news story will play like some larger sample-space of people (everyone) give her the nod over everyone else who is running....this is how your buddies in the communist presse influence people. Sadly, this tactic works time and time's the reason why the Socialists took control of Congress last week. -Republican Avenger

Letz B Serious said...

Don't ya just love how all the republicans now call themselves "CONSERVATIVES" after their boat full of religious lunacy went up in flames and sunk? So just as I predicted they will now begin to do what they do best.....SABOTAGE....Unfortunately this technique is anticipated and will not work,not to mention that it is very,very boring. But far be it for right wing loons to keep pounding the same drum over and over. Afterall they still teach their kids(the ones they have from their multiple marriages)that a lady had a baby from an invisible guy and then that baby flew up to heaven after commiting suicide on a cross while mommy sat there watching him.(Apparently she too had no idea who the father was) Isn't it hilarious that all the righteous morons are worried about morality and the "kids" and The Rich Schultis Show when they all took their children to go see THE PASSION(Mel Gibson's snuff film which should have recieved an XXX rating). The same "communist press" that the anonymous poster referred to is the same press that allows Sean Vannity and Ann Lunchpuker to spout their garbage on a daily basis and allowed both of them to defend Foley as having "done absolutely nothing wrong"! So if anyone out there has a son under 16(parents with daughters need not worry as apparently christians and catholics aren't much into girls)you might want to keep your eyes on his "friends" since being asked out "for a couple drinks" is no big deal according to Shuler,Hannity,Coultergeist and Rush(I will die soon from high blood pressure)Limbaugh.

Still waiting,after almost 4 years,for ONE of these phony pukes to come forward and admit THEIR president has thrown away $330 billion dollars of our money on a war based on lies and some RIGHTEOUS FANTASY he had while waiting for Laura to gulp down the last of her prozac! By the way ANONYMOUS did you ever hear Terri Schiavo ask for a glass of water? Just curious because your buddy Sean(little daddys boy)Hannity said he heard asking for water so I figured you heard the same fictional voice like most of the members of your cult did.