Thursday, November 02, 2006

Woerner Praised by U.S.Senator Clinton

At a recent appearance in the town of Ulster, Senator Hillary Clinton praised Nick Woerner for his leadership and public service to the town.

"You start them young here, " she said, referring to the 22-year-old Woerner.
'' My goodness. I am pretty impressed."


Anonymous said...

Having Hillary praise you is like getting a pat on the back from Satan him/herself. We Conservatives out here in Ulster dispise Clinton, but support Nick. So far he's been doing a good job. It would be "Wise" for the Supervisor to keep his distance from that socialist vermin if he wants our support next year again, though!

Anonymous said...

The so-called "conservatives" in Ulster should be ashamed. Supporting Woerner and his crew over the Republican candidates was a big mistake.

Show me just one of their conservative values. Can you?

Are any the endorsed candidates supporting or even talking about the following?

Right to Life?
Anti Stem Cell research?
Same sex marriage legislation?
2nd amendment rights?
Parental rights?
Property rights?
Death Penalty?
Abstenance vs. Birth Control?
School Vouchers?
These are TRUE conservative issues.

Call them on it. See what they say!

You can fool some of the people some of the time! Time will tell in Ulster.

Letz B Serious said...

HA HA HA man that's a good one. Parental rights? Maybe if you hypocritical scumbags would stop getting divorced all the time your children would have a clue as to who their "parents really are",as for school vouchers,I truly hope you are kidding. Just because all your LEADERS have been indicted or have resigned because they have an affection for little boys rearends doesn't mean that the taxpayer now should pay for you introducing UNINTELLIGENT FAIRYTALE DESIGN into OUR classrooms! Keep your bedtime stories and your group psychosis out at John A Coleman or other dysfunctional breeding grounds and don't even think of trying to introduce them into OUR schools. As for your "anti stem cell research" please do us all a favor and refuse to use ANY science,hopefully this will lead to you guys all simply fading away. Can you see the sun setting on your imaginary empire? LOL abstenance? I am pretty sure that's not a subject you want to address since most of you average 3 marriages and 6 kids from different so called "sanctified unions",go go go away not only are you boring but now since science,technology and REALITY have exposed you for what you are most of us simply find you and your cohorts to be BORINGzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!