Monday, November 20, 2006

If I had a clue: A Richard Cahill exclusive

Alderman Richard Cahill will host a tell all story on Kingston Public Access television tonight at 9pm titled '' If I had a clue." In it Mr.Cahill will talk in depth about various local Kingston issues. He will provide graphic hypothetical detail of what he would do differently if he had a clue about what he was talking about.

Don't miss this exclusive event Monday at 9pm ch.23


Anonymous said...

I understand you don't like Cahill and disagree with him on everything. This most recent post is just plain nasty and stupid. Why don't you just call him a poopyhead or some other juvenile name. Maybe you need to grow up a little Blaber.

Anonymous said...

After watching he and his father get EVERYTHING wrong on their lame ass cable show, I can't believe that little Dick is the Republicans last, best hope. I remember one time when he insisted that a supervisory city employee was a fictional character made up just to send a letter to the editor. For someone who supposedly has his pulse on the city, he sure was off the mark on that one. This person is rumored to be veryclose to the Mayor if you know what I mean! He argues against a gas station in his ward with weak and unsubstantiated reasoning. Nothing worse then someone who is All talk with no facts.