Thursday, November 02, 2006

Richard Cahill: Wrong for Kingston, Wrong for the 6th Ward

ABC : Anyone But Cahill.

In Mr.Cahill's short 10 month tenure as Alderman he has failed Kingston and failed the people of the sixth ward. The good thing is we probably only have 14 months left of Cahill's failed leadership. The bad thing we still have 14 months left of Cahill's failed leadership.

A record of UN-accomplishment

- Vowed to vote against wayside horns so that residents in his ward could have a descent nights rest

- Voted against an anti-graffiti bill that would require prompt removal of graffiti in the City of Kingston

- Voted against FREE City wide high speed internet access that would make it possible for all city residents to have free high speed internet including the people who can't afford it....Were not all lawyers, why does Mr. Cahill dislike the poor?

- Failed to bring in security cameras for Colonial Gardens after he promised residents he would do so.

- Called for Mayor James Sottile's resignation and accused him of breaking the law even though D.A. Williams said no law was broken.

- Stated on his self proclaimed Number 1 tv show that the number one goal was the defeat of Jim Sottile and the democrats, more important then his constituents.

- Claims to be a union supporter but when given an opportunity to chair the parking commission he opted to cut the union out and go after a privatized parking plan.....Flip Flop.

Richard Cahill Wrong for Kingston, Wrong for Ward 6


Anonymous said...

It's obvious he is the WRONG Cahill for Kingston. Thankfully, we have another Cahill (no relation) from Kingston representing us in Albany. I know a few people who gave Mr. Cahill a chance in the last election for alderman by voting for him, but next time, they will vote for whoever the democrats nominate. Hopefully, Alderman Cahill will realize what a disgrace his tenure has been and will simply resign, allowing our great Mayor to appoint someone who will work FOR the people of the ward, instead of being a renegade Cowboy, like George Bush, and alienating everyone in the process. Cahill and Bush are alot alike. The people of the 6th ward deserve better....and next year....they will get better. RA

Letz B Serious said...

Well if all of that is true then perhaps Mr. Cahill does indeed have a very bright future as a republican. I would truly enjoy absorbing more of his viewpoints on Kingston Chronicles however it is very difficult as the viewer is distracted by his cohort's constant picking away at his ears and nose. Not a problem though as one can be very confident most of Mr. Cahill's opinions are simply echos of the filth and distortions that Sean Hannity and the drug addicted hypoglycemic scumbag Rush Limbaugh disperse on a daily basis. I really don't want to give him too much press but it is imperative we cover a few of the positions Cahill has taken in the past. He openly supports the disgusting quagmire his president has tricked us into in Iraq,has an open disdain for the lower income classes of our society,supports a school voucher system which is nothing more than another ploy to get UNINTELLIGENT DESIGN taught in taxpayers classrooms since most of the catholic schools are going BELLY UP!(since large amounts of their financial supplies are used to settle sex abuse cases out of court) He has stated on numerous occasions that governmnet programs desgined to assist the citizens of this great country are merely "handout programs for those too lazy to work". He supported his president when he vetoed a bill for STEM CELL research(the only time in his presidency that bush flew from Crawford to use this power in the six years he has been in office) I understand why Mr. Cahill supports this veto as almost all "christians" and catholics will do anything to stop SCIENCE from progressing forward since every time this occurs it chips away at the book of fairy tales they so cherish. Cahill was outraged on his program when FOX "news" covered the so called "murder of terri schiavo" but his mouth stayed totally shut as SCIENCE once again stepped in and the autopsy PROVED all the psychotics that surrounded the Hospice in Bradenton were wrong and once again LIARS! No apology from himself,Hannity,Limbaugh,the sexually perverted late night phone caller Bill(spankboy)O'Reilly and the ever repulsive bulimic Ann(pukemymealsup)Coulter was ever directed towards Michael Schiavo. But far be it for christians to keep pounding the same drum over and over and over. Afterall most of them are still having a hard time absorbing the whole concept of gravity and believe that a dead guy FLEW UP TO HEAVEN. Isn't it odd that he never once mentioned Mr. Foley on his show and wasn't the least bit outraged by the events that led to his "seeking help"? Many on the Righteous Right even came out to support Foley. WOW,seems these people and their INVISIBLE FRIEND are so used to settling cases involving boys under 12 that a 15 year old page appears to be an adult to them. Yes Cahill will make a great republican in the future,lucky for the rest of us this is the exact opposite direction OUR great country is going in!

Letz B Serious said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Cahill is an excellent Alderman. You are distorting his record, Mr. Blaber. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Everything their is fact...I understand he would like to think that I am distorting his record because he is ashamed of it.

Anonymous said...

the other Cahill is busy in bar fights with the chairman