Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Republican Vice Chairman: Bah Humbug!

Republican Vice Chairman Richard Cahill Sr. cried Bah Humbug on his public access show this past Monday. During the broadcast Mr. Cahill (father of Alderman Richard Cahill Jr.) went ward by ward telling the alderman what he wanted for Christmas. He then called for the replacements in Wards 4, 5, and 7. "I would like new leadership in wards 5 and 7, what we have now are democratic puppets." To use your public access program to promote yourself or to take shots at the opposing side is one thing. After all it's public access and it is Mr. Cahill's right to his free speech but there should be limits to what you say out of respect. To say for Christmas you would like to get rid of 3 Alderman that were elected by the people is disgusting and the very opposite of what Christmas is all about.

For the record I think the Alderman in Wards 4, 5, 7, are doing a fantastic job. Alderman Reynolds who is my Alderman shows great leadership and is an asset to this community. Same is true of Alderman DiBella and Alderman Brown. I wish them all and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday. I wish the same to Mr.Cahill and hope he apologizes to the alderman that he disrespected.


Anonymous said...

To compare that joker, Cahill, to Scrooge is an insult to Dickens. At least Scrooge had a personality and hope for redemption. Big Cahill is hopeless.

Anonymous said...

Now you're taking shots at Cahill's father??!! You have no shame.

Incidentally, name one thing the ward 4 Alderman has done. I live in that ward and he is utterly useless.

Letz B Serious said...

Hey at least he wasn't doing his usual artful job of picking at his nose and ears and talking about how there used to be a post office down on broadway. Still wondering why neither Cahill ever mentioned Mark Foley,man seems christians and catholics have grown so accustom to divorce and inappropriate conduct with boys that it is normal day to day events in their lives. I only have 2 words for the Cahills during this holiday season......BOTH HOUSES!

Anyone know how Tom Delay is doing in his new career of "getting the message of the GOSPELS out there" (LOL)

Anonymous said...

Talk about hypocrisy. Your attacking Alderman Cahill's father during the holiday season complaining the HE was attacking someone else during the holiday season. ????!!!!????

Jeremy Blaber said...

To address this in chronological order.

Anonymous 1 Very Funny.

Anonymous 2 I am not taking shots, Mr. Cahill Sr. is an elected member of the Republican party and there for he is open to criticism. When he makes ridiculous comments I will hold him accountable.

Letz b Serious No Comment

Anonymous 4 I do not consider what I am doing an attack. I am simply reporting the facts in my usual pithy Blaber style.

Anonymous said...

I stand by my prior comment. You are a hypocrite.