Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Alderman Lenny Walker

Lenny Walker has been an exceptional role model to this community and has many accomplishments these last weeks. The successful completion of a group of Guardian Angels in which he is the chapter leader. As well as bipartisan work with the council to do what is best for the City of Kingston.

Alderman Walker and I do not always agree on the issues and that is healthy. You should not agree with everyone 100 percent of the time. However Lenny and I have a mutual respect and I know that he has the City's best interest at heart. Their is no other democrat I would rather have on that council representing the third ward then Alderman Walker.


Anonymous said...

You are a complete hypocrite, Jeremy. Walker and Cahill called for Sottile's resignation. Yet, you praise Walker in this article, but blast Cahill every chance you get. What's the difference between the two?? Why Walker is a Democrat of course.

Jeremy Blaber said...

No Sir,

I blasted Alderman Walker just like I blasted Alderman Cahill over his outrageous comments against Mayor Sottile. Some of you will will remember the infamous show were I did just that. There are a lot of things I disagree with Lenny on but when he does something good I point them out. Just as I would Alderman Cahill because while I am a democrat I am also fair and independent.


Anonymous said...

In that case, back up your words and give Alderman Cahill credit for something. Name something he deserves praise for.