Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Election Attacks Begin: New Smear site TARGETS Mayor!

Not even 07 yet and the attack have begun on Mayor James Sottile with a new smear website ( ). The site is nothing more then an awful website full of partisan hate by an anonymous author. The website that includes posts such as "Sottile's failures" which is composed of a list that has a mere three items. Then the author begs people to come up with more "failures" and send it to them to post. The fact of the matter these sites and others that have recently surfaced are nothing more then a flash in the pan, that will evaporate as fast as it started. I know this because people do not like reading partisan opinions from anonymous people who have no clue in what they talk about.

To the owner of the blog site: by all means please keep up the good work and continue putting out this garbage for the residents of Kingston and Ulster County. The thing that the republicans do not seem to get and to be fair some democrats as well, is that their are smart people living in Kingston and in Ulster County. So when they start with there lies and partisan attacks the people see right through it. The people know of the good works of the Sottile/Noble administration and how Sottile's vision to see outside the box and to look at the whole picture has made Kingston a great city. Is there problems in Kingston? Sure. But there are problems in every city. Mayor Sottile has worked to lower taxes, bring in economic development, and create a better quality of life for all Kingstonians. From were I am sitting he is a success and Kingston is lucky to have him.


Anonymous said...

Notwithstanding your usual kiss ass of Sottile, what are you talking about? I went to the site and there's nothing there.

Anonymous said...

The people behind this new rush of internet savy are a bunch of losers. They don't post opinions when they differ from what is published and they pull crap like this. Put up a website and then yank it down.