Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kingston Common Council yearly Review, 2006

With 2006 now coming to an end let's review our elected officials progress or lack of progress. Their have been a lot of positive happenings for the council, a budget was recently passed with a moderate increase within the cost of living and done so in a bipartisan manner. Speaking of Bipartisanship that has been key this year the republicans and democrats for the most part are working together for the betterment of Kingston. However there are certain alderman that are determined to push their own agenda and put that above the will of the people; this type of behavior is a not uncommon in a legislative body. However just because this behavior has seemed to become the norm does not mean it is acceptable. It takes away from the common goal of improving the quality of life for Kingstonians. Therefore it can not be tolerated we have a civic duty this November to throw the politicians out and replace them with public servants. Let's see how each legislator did individually.

Note: Ratings are based on a letter system A being the absolute highest and D being the absolute lowest.

Ward 1 Alderman Al Teetsil-
Alderman Teetsil has been an ok alderman. I am not too familiar with his constituent services but from what I hear they are top notch. He was also instrumental in the budget process and able to work directly with the Mayor using his banking skills to develop a good initial budget. As well as work with the council to get the budget lower. However he is quite and has not really offered any new ideas or resolutions to the council. He has potential and I hope he works harder next year. Overall Rating C

Ward 2 Jennifer Ringwood- Alderman Ringwood has been an good alderman producing a succesful legislation that tackles the awful graffiti problem in this city. Alderman Ringwood has worked hard to clean up her ward working with the county legislator and Assemblyman Cahill to clean up the railroad tracks that have become a haven for drug users and other degenerates. She has also listened too her constituents and developed two successful neighborhood watch programs that meet regularly. Alderman Ringwood is also in the process of working with business owners to limit alcohol and tobacco signs in storefronts that target our youth. Alderman Ringwood is a great asset to Kingston. Overall Rating A

Ward 3 Lenny Walker- Alderman Walker, what can I say about Lenny I did not cover in the first paragraph of this review. Alderman Walker is a bright legislator with a promising carrer unfortunitly he chooses not to use his head. He makes stupid comments and stupids decisions. He has been such a distraction for the council. Alderman Walker needs to turn things around in 2007 and get back on track. I personally would be embarrassed if he was my legislator. Not to say he an't turn things around, he is not hopeless but it will take a lot of work and a lot of help from people he has alienated on both sides of the aisle. Overall Rating D

Ward 4 Clinton Brown-
Alderman Brown is a good alderman in a ward that has a lot of problems. He works hard to improve the quality of life for residents that he represents. He holds neighborhood meetings and makes himself available to his constituents anyway he can. He is currently working on legislation to lower the curfew for children under the age of 16 to keep them of the streets after a certain hour to prevent them from getting into trouble and secure there safety. Overall Rating B

Ward 5 Anne Marie DiBella--
aka the democrat's rising star. Alderman DiBella is just a breath of fresh air on the council. This past year she was elected whip and has worked hard to develop a bipartisan relationship with her colleges. Working with Alderman Teetsil to develop this years budget and working with Alderman Senor to rid the city of those rural mailboxes that kept popping up like weeds. Alderman DiBella is a community leader and the council is lucky to have someone of her leadership. Alderman DiBella will aspire to bigger things...Mayor DiBella? Overall Rating A

Ward 6 Richard Cahill-
Alderman Cahill is the most political alderman on the council. He works with NO one, not even his own caucus. Alderman Cahill pushes his own personal agenda instead of pushing the agenda of the people he represents. Mr.Cahill will stop at nothing to make Democrats look bad and make himself look good. Alderman Cahill loves the Washington style attack dog politics but he puts on a good act outside of the council which makes him all the more dangerous. Overall Rating D

Ward 7 Bill Reynolds-
Alderman Reynolds is without a doubt the best Alderman in Kingston's 300 year history. (except for former Ward 7 Alderman Tony Crespino) Alderman Reynolds serves as the council's Majority leader, this year he has been instrumental in developing a local development cooperation to oversee parking meters. Reynolds also has been working to bring in free internet access to Kingston, to bring Kingston into the 21st century. Overall Rating A

Ward 8 Bob Senor-
Alderman Senor has worked on a variety of issue to make his Ward a better place and improving the quality of life for the residents that live there. Senor has worked in a bipartisan manner to get many projects in the city completed and has so in a manner that works for everyone. Alderman Senor also has impeccable constituant service, the best on the council. I truly am impresed with his service to the council this year. Overall Rating A

Ward 9 Mike Madsen-
Alderman Madsen is by far the hardest working Alderman on the council. It is not unusual to see him out on Broadway changing municipal garbage cans or out cleaning up trash. Alderman Madsen also was given parking meters this year. For 3 long years he fought for them and took a lot of slack for doing so. This year he was vindicated by having the meters installed and his colleges admit that the system they passed up for meters had failed. Overall Rating B++


Anonymous said...

"Alderman Reynolds is by far the greatest Alderman in Kingston's 300 year history. (Next to former Alderman of ward 7 Tony Crespino.)"?????

"Mayor DiBella"???

You must be either high, drunk, or just plain stupid to write such nonsense. If anyone deserves an "A+", it's Cahill or Walker, not Sottile, Reynolds, or Dibella.. and certainly not Senor.

You are an absolute Democrat ass kisser.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I'm sorry you feel the need to attack me in such a personal and nasty manner.

I pose this question to you. Is Alderman Senor not a republican? What about Alderman Crespino is he not a republican? How can you say I am unfair or partisan when I gave such high praise to republicans?

Anonymous said...

Crespino is your uncle and Senor is a sell out. That's why.

Letz B Serious said...

Well with such nice new year's CHEER being displayed here I guess it is time to cut to the the chase and come right to the point. And my question is one concerning Mr. Madsen as I am very curious if he would support Barry Brandt running for mayor as an INDEPENDANT. Or would his choice hinge on whether Mr. Brandt chose Lou Decicco as his running mate so Kingston would,in it's history,have the first true INDEPENDANT team to take city hall!

Jeremy Blaber said...

Well you got me with Uncle Tony, maybe my view is a little bias... either way he was one heck of an alderman, there is no question.

As far as Alderman Senor, maybe I have had it all wrong...maybe Alderman Cahill wants to be fair and not a partisan but he is not as stong in his self confidence as Alderman Senor.

If Alderman Cahill works with the democrats for the betterment of the city he will be called a sell out and who wants that?

Rich if you make the right choice I won't call you a sell out I can't speak for everyone though......

Anonymous said...

I am confident that Alderman Cahill will make the "right choice", though I expect you would consider it a "wrong choice". I hope he runs for Mayor.