Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Blaber News person of the year Supervisor Nick Woerner

A few months back Blaber News started it's search for person of the year. We asked you the viewers to vote out of a list of qualified candidates that including a mayor, an assemblyman, members of the City Council and a write in feature were you could nominate your own candidate. After weeks of voting we had a clear winner. By 50 percent of the vote. Supervisor Nick Woerner our person of the year has made The town of Ulster proud and is the future of public service in New York State. Supervisor Woerner is our first person of the year and their will be a formal dedication on Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber in early January.

Blaber News Person of the Year :

Supervisor Nicky B. Woerner

Nick Woerner was born and raised in Kingston. Getting involved in public service at a very young age with his grand father Larry Woerner who was the City of Kingston Democratic Chair for 20 years. A former Kingston Alderman and a member of the steel workers union for over 40 years. I guess you can say Public service is a Woerner family tradition.

Nick attended Kingston City Schools, including M. Clifford Miller school right here in the Town of Ulster, he also attended Our Lady of Lourdes in Poughkeepsie, NY and received a New York State Diploma through an early admissions program at Suny Ulster. Nick is a current student at Hudson Valley Community College and Suny Ulster pursuing degrees in Mortuary Science and Business Administration. Nick has been referred to by many as " The new face of the Democratic Party in Ulster County. "

In 1999 Nick was made Interim Chairman of the City of Kingston Democratic Party and in 2003 was the Democratic Candidate for Town Supervisor in Ulster. In 2005 running on bringing better leadership to Ulster, Nick was elected Town of Ulster Supervisor making him the youngest Supervisor ever elected in New York State and bringing with him the first democratic majority in the history of the town.

Some of Nick's Accomplishments:

- Legal Citizens Police Commission

-Recreation Commission

- Lowered Property taxes

- Economic Development Committee

- Increase in Essential Town services

-Settled and negotiated a contract with Local 17 that was equatable to both town employees and tax payers.

Nick Woerner takes seriously his role as a public servant, and has attempted to make a difference throughout Ulster County, were he serves in many official and professional capacities where he has had the opportunity to interact with all levels of government, influence local, county and state policy, and improve the quality of life for residents throughout our region. Some of his roles included and included.

- Town of Ulster Police Commissioner

- Ulster County Housing Consurshum

- Ulster County Transport Council

- Ulster County Division of Ancient Hibernians

- Ulster County Lions Club

- Associate Member of the United Steel Worker's of America

-Associate Member of NYS Funeral Director's Association

-Town of Ulster Democratic Committee

We are proud you choose Supervisor Woerner to be our first annual Blaber News Person of the year. Supervisor Woerner is a leader and role model in this community and Ulster County is lucky to have him.


Anonymous said...

I am sure the neighbors of Chambers and Steve Aaron agree ! ;- )

Anonymous said...

I swear I thought this was a joke. Actually, it is!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys twins?

Anonymous said...

If he is so great why was he sued in State Supreme Court over the non filing of Campaign Finance Reports?