Thursday, December 06, 2007

Legislature Comes Through for HVCFI

The Ulster County Legislature will provide 100k in funding for the HVCFI and I thank them for having the foresight to recognize how important this is for Ulster County. 100k is a lot less than the 250k that was originally requested but considering that the this was a dead issue a week ago.. I think everyone was satisfied and the HVCFI will stay in Ulster County. I think a special thanks is in order for Legislator's Robert Parete, Richard Parete, Peter Kraft, Don Gregoroius, Sue Zimet, Brian Cahill and Jeanette Provanzano who really worked hard to make sure that this funding was in place.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to key members of the legislature for seeing the value of investing in this entreprenuerial venture.

These members are shining examples of solid public servants seeking the best for the county.

Unfortunately, they are surrounded by a bunch of dim bulbs, some with big mouths.

Some had legitimate concerns about fiscal responsibility, but the same level of questioning must be applied to all who seek public funds.

Passing the amendment for $100K may have been done as a CYA so when it comes to election time lawmakers can say they did something for economic development.

The constant criticism that HVCFI came to the table late in the process is simply stupid.

Lawmakers and the public knew of the cemters plight on September 11 when a presentation was made to the legislature. On September 14, the freeman ran a story on it.

Last night the esteemed head of the legislature's economic development committee publicly stated that HVCFI has been granted a total of $700,000 to date. He was quickly corrected by the chairman and another legislator that the accurate number is $450K. Perhaps the econ development committee leader missed a few days of math class.

Lawmakers wanted proof from HVCFI that money would be spent appropriately. No such request was made of UCDC or the 200K for the money going to the fledgling solar group.

Neumann has done a lot for economic development as some county lawmakers seem to believe that he isn't doing enough.

These misinformed lawmakers should get involved and learn more about the center as well as attend monthly breakfasts.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Thanks to Hon. Michael Berardi for comparing funding HVCFI to wild spending at ENRON and cheated investors. The lame duck legislator's mindset is a clear indication why economic development is in poor shape in Ulster County.

Let this all be a wake up call.

Anonymous said...

Enron? We don't need to leave Ulster County to see a gigantic financial debacle.

How about the jail? Where was the prudent financial and contractual oversight from the legislature?

Anonymous said...

It is a joke that the head of the economic committee did not even know how much money had been granted to HVCFI. But the chairman is well known as a joke. The chairman of economic development is a prime example of why there needs to be a new chariman of the legislature. This person was completely unprepared to be chariman of economic development. He has no experience and is usually unprepared for whatever economic issues are being discussed. In short, he has done NOTHING to further the economy of this county. In fact, it could be argued that he set us back even more. We didn't just receive an F in economic development, we earned it.

Robb Kinnin said...

On behalf of the Board of Directors, current licensees and future licensees I would like to thank not only the Legislators who voted for our funding - I believe it was unanimous - but also anyone who made calls or sent emails to the Legislature or County Administrators office advocating for future funding.

HVCFI will continue to make strides in the high-tech community in Ulster County with your efforts for the coming year.

I also would like to echo a prior posters comment. If you have any interest at all in what the Center does, please come to a monthly breakfast. The speakers are great and afterward you'll be able to check the facility out.

Again thanks.