Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ulster County Democratic Forum, December 7th

The Ulster County Democratic Forum that was held on Friday at the Rosendale Rec Center, was for the most part a very well attended and productive meeting. I'm glad that I was able to attend. Below are notes of the entire Thursday meeting. Please look through them and leave your own comments.

Open Forum -- December 7, 2007 -- Meeting Notes

Patrick McDonough, Rosendale Supervisor-elect and Rosendale Democratic Committee – Welcome. Solutions begin with talks about concerns. It’s a process.

Phil Schacter, Marlborough Town Chair – We will moderate and recognize individuals to talk.

Karen Markisenis, Vice Chair UCDCEC and Ulster Committee Member – A small group of people met two times to discuss reform, initiate Bylaws revision, and plan this meeting. We are bringing up issues that need to be discussed. In union there is strength. Division is our undoing.

Mike Harkavy, Saugerties Town Chair – Moment of silence to remember 12/7/41. Brian Shapiro wanted to be here tonight but couldn't make it.

1. Finance issue – there’s no accusation of malfeasance, but transparency is needed, and the ability of the UCDCEC to have control of monies raised by UCDC. For over a year, we’ve made repeated requests for a Treasurer’s Report with only one cursory bit of information provided. We must be kept up to date about revenue and expenditures. The UCDCEC has no involvement on decision making. John Parete said money raised from the May brunch would pay for HQ operations. There was confusion created when UCDCC was formed outside the auspices of UCDCEC and told that $7500 was allocated to Focus Media (a consultant to Bradley) and we want to know what we got for our money; $4500 for the Clarion (a waste of money because it was known a free insert would appear later.) There were legislators in control of money to be allocated to legislators.

2. The Operation budget is totally depleted and we need to keep HQ open. If we had taken the $7500 for Focus and the $4500 for the Clarion we would have enough to keep the doors open for another year. It’s a matter of priorities.

3. John Parete was quoted in the paper as saying we’re broke. It’s embarrassing. We’ll start to see transparency when control of the funds is under duly elected people.

Ralph Childers, State Democratic Committee – I served as a 127th delegate for almost a year before I knew I was a member of UCDCEC and was invited to meetings. I was shocked at the first one I attended because of John Parete’s poor leadership and pounding-the-table mannerisms. I was told by Patti Candelari that Stuart Fraser advised her not to send meeting notices to all UCDCEC members. [Chart] Major problems with the Chair’s leadership include:

1. His unprofessional manner and quotes in the paper disparaging the condition of the Party and its candidates
2. Erroneous comments about the Party’s DA candidate
3. The stacking of UCDCEC for the Wilson-Pikula vote
4. The formation of the second UCDW
5. Contents of the Clarion
6. Personally attacking me along with Stuart Fraser at a State Committee Meeting (Nancy Schaef was a witness) in an attempt to intimidate me. It’s not going to work.

Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – A Bylaws Committee has been formed that includes Marti Green of Marbletown and other UC Committee Members. We intend to distribute copies of the proposed revisions, ask for comments, and call a County Committee Meeting for discussion and approval. I will distribute copies tonight. The thrust of the changes include the responsibilities of the Chair; to give the Executive Committee more oversight; to have budget approval by the Executive Committee; give the Vice Chair authority to act in the absence of the Chair; create transparency of the Treasury; limit standing and special committees and their chairs’ voting rights; give Executive Committee control over designation of committee chairs; and require an audit. We will ask John Parete to call a special meeting of the County Committee to pass these revisions.

Phil Schacter, Marlborough Town Chair – Further changes to the Bylaws include calling for a County Convention more than once every two years and looking at the unofficial status of the Count Convention.

Karen Markisenis, Vice Chair UCDCEC – Read a letter from John Parete, sent because he could not attend this meeting.

Beth Murphy, Saugerties Committee Member – What does it mean to be a Committee Member? What are the roles and responsibilities?

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – The primary purpose is to find candidates and money to get them elected.

Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – In Saugerties we find fault with Bradley for not being clear about his Party status.

Rokki Carr, Marbletown – What would it take to make an official Convention?

Patti Candelari, UCDC Secretary and Denning Town Chair – Committee Members are Party leaders. We are suppose to be knowledgeable of County-wide candidates. They interview with Town Committees, we ask pertinent questions, vote at a County Convention, and that name goes on the Democratic Party line of the ballot. Registered Democratic voters can either take that recommendation or not, but we serve a very important role.

Ben Shor, Marbletown Town Chair – I had respect and support for John Parete until he packed the UCDCEC for the outcome he wanted on the Wilson-Pakula vote. I asked his son Rich to ask John Parete not to do what he did and Rich said, ‘That’s the way we’re going to go. My father knows what’s best for the Party. Bradley has the best chance to beat the Republicans.” But even if he was proven right – what’s right is that the Town Committees decide what’s best. The Town Committees do the work of getting County-wide candidates and Legislators elected. The Chair is important in a leadership position but he wanted to ignore what the Town Committees do and he was wrong and he was wrong about Bradley. Our Town Committee voted to ask John Parete to resign. We’ve got an important election coming up and the majority of people have lost respect for him after everything that’s happened because of what he’s done. Unless he steps down, we’re going to have a mess in September.

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – My credentials include Chair of the Coordinated Campaign Committee, Marbletown Democratic Committee Member, State Delegate, and Campaign Manager for Johnathan Sennett. I believe :

1. UCDCEC should operate under Roberts Rules of Order
2. Have no more secrecy
3. Financial Reporting
4. All decisions should be by EC
5. Bylaw revisions
6. Ongoing fundraising Committee for a war chest and rent
7. Incorporate the Coordinated Campaign into a Standing Committee
8. Junk the Clarion
9. Have only one UCDW

Charles Landi, City of Kingston Committee Member and 3rd Ward Alderman-elect – I’ve been an enrolled Democrat since 1974 and a resident since 1948. John Parete was the first Chair to get results with a majority in the Legislature, court candidates and the sheriff’s race. We had two forces that clashed. We all miss-stepped. The City of Kingston Democratic Committee supported Bradley out of respect for his dad. The hinterlands were for Jonathan Sennett. Bradley won the first vote. Maybe the Committee was incapable of solving this and it should have gone to a primary.

Billiam VanRoestenerg, Plattekill – Don’t completely agree with Charlie, the County demographics changed and the national politics had a lot to do with the Legislative candidates’ success. Lots of people have lost respect for the Chair. We should have a headquarters in every Township – it’s not all about Kingston anymore. We can’t let the ‘good old boys’ run the County anymore.

Charles Landi, City of Kingston Committee Member and 3rd Ward Alderman-elect – Billiam may be right, but let’s do it right, not scream for a resignation, wait for a County Convention. But I don’t feel you’ve got the numbers to change the Chair.

Tim Hunter, Gardiner – Let’s thank Sue Zimet, Hector Rodriguez, Don Gregorius, and Peter Liepman for calling for the impeachment of the President and Vice President. I ran for the Legislature and came within 100 votes of getting elected. I was promised a $2,000-match for printing and postage but never got that money. 100 votes more and we would have had another Democrat in the Legislature. The turnout this year was very low in District 8, down from the overall County. Two years ago there was a 70% turnout. The whole Bradley-Sennett debacle may have suppressed votes. There are hotheads on each side of the issue but there’s ineffective leadership. Clearly when we loose two seats it’s disappointing. UCDCEC meetings cannot be abruptly adjourned when there are issues to be solved:

1. We need transparency
2. We need to work to get Democrats elected
3. No name-calling
4. Be polite

Ken Walsh, Rosendale Committee Member – After Sennett won at the Convention it was no longer valid to support Bradley. Party loyalty rules. And having no transparency is a problem, just like the DA’s race.

Mike Harkavy, Saugerties Town Chair – If we give John Parete credit for what has been accomplished, then we must also take him to task for what failed to happen. We need honesty and Executive Committee input with decentralization of power.

Don Gregorius, Legislator – Amazing things happen in growth process. Change is good. Just looking at Ralph’s chart – certain people disregarded our Democratic candidate. They made a choice, a decision to do that. John Parete cannot take credit for winning every Legislator’s race. When I ran John Parete didn’t help me and I was going up against the Republican’s Majority Leader. I won and it wasn’t because of anything John Parete did to help. It’s my opinion that John Parete tries to run the Legislature through his sons. There is an environment of change and you can either live the current situation or have a more open situation – it’s up to the UCDC.

Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – John Parete’s stacking the Executive Committee to get his way for the DA race pushed me over the line. It was under-handed conduct. He has lost the respect of a lot of people in UCDC. The situation is not good and it would be better if he would resign. Calling a Convention for Bylaws change would be a good thing. Picking a Legislative Chair has profound implications and is part of why we’re here. Provenzano was a supporter of Bradley and we don’t want her after her outright support of a candidate not selected by the majority of Democrats. Those who didn’t support the majority’s decision didn’t get their way and consequently destroyed Sennett’s chances of winning the DA race. Provenzano is unfaithful to her Party and she cannot expect us to cheer for her ascension. If she continues to push herself into that position it will piss off a lot of people and she will have missed an opportunity to mend the riff we’re now experiencing.

Sue Zimet, Legislator – The Democratic Committee made a decision, made a choice at the Convention. The Democratic DA candidate was not given a fair shake by Party leadership. Charlie Landi said Bradley won by 10,000 at the Convention – but he lost by 14,000. If there wasn't a challenge between Sennett and Schreibman, it is my belief Sennett or Schreibman would have won it on the first ballot. The Party process is that we work for the candidate created by the Democratic majority. Not doing this undermines the Democratic process.

Jeremy Blaber, City of Kingston Committee Member – We cannot expect that other candidates will want to come forward for races when there are Committee Members who might work for the opposition and will try to undermine their chances of winning. We need to figure out who we are as a Party and create laws to live by. Committee Members have an obligation to support the Democratic candidate – not to work for a candidate on another Party line. We need a new Chair and a set of rules. If you can’t work for the candidate on the Party line, there should be a commitment to not work for anyone else running in that race. Your vote is a personal matter but publicly working for the opposition candidate is not being a responsible Democratic Committee Member.

Judith Simon, Saugerties Committee Member – John Parete is a divider, not a leader. Within three months of the Democratic majority in the Legislature, his sons were challenging Dave Donaldson and other Democratic Legislators causing a big division. It is inexcusable that Committee Members were openly working for and supporting Bradley. At any point in the whole mess John Parete could have been a uniting force but he’s a detriment to the Democratic Party, it’s being going downhill since we got the majority. Now we have a Republican DA who is an advocate for the death penalty with cases going to him involving children. It’s disgraceful.

Mike Harkavy, Saugerties Town Chair – In terms of his BOE work, Stuart Fraser has been terrific. We need to separate the BOE from politics. John has indeed split the Party but there are things he can do tomorrow that would help. John Parete’s letter is only words unless he puts these things into action:

1. He can work to mend the split in the Legislature and maintain the current Chair in the Legislature. John Parete can put out effort for the good of the Party to mend that split.
2. We have a split in the UCDCEC. John Parete can back the voting members of the UCDCEC as being duly elected Town Chairs and State Committee delegates only.
3. He could ask the usurping UCDW group to join the already constituted group.
4. The Young Democrats: he could step in to make sure the problems they are going through there are rectified.

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – Five UCDCEC members should have a sit-down with John Parete and talk with him directly. Impeachment is a separate meeting.
Dan Gartenstein, City of Kingston Committee – There’s a perception that the Kingston Committee was against the rest of the Committee, but we were not unified behind Bradley.
Ed Gubofo (sp?), Rosendale Committee Treasurer – If you don’t support the person on the Party line, sit on your hands. We disenfranchised our own voters without buy-in from all the Committee Members for the candidate on the Party line. All the finances should be transparent. There are rules for reporting finances and the State will fine you personally $500. These reports should be made available.

Peter Liepman, Legislator – Republicans have an 11th Commandment – never speak ill of another Republican. John Parete has a chance to show that he can be a leader by trying to unify the Legislators and stop this contested Legislator Chair race. The Legislators are split along the lines of those supporting Bradley and those who supported the Democratic Party line. We have to get past this if we are going to get anything passed.

Mike Madsen, City of Kingston – This working against Democratic candidates has got to stop. Mayor Sottile walked door-to-door working against Charlie Landi. If we’d had a Primary, it’s likely that Bradley would have run on the Conservative Party line anyway.

Jonathan Sennett, New Paltz – I’m hesitant to speak because I don’t want it to look like sour grapes, but I’m in favor of reform and it’s important to talk about what’s wrong and to move forward with solutions so what happened to me doesn’t happen again.

1. The finance issue is a problem and there needs to be transparency.
2. Define Committee Member
3. These issues need to be brought out and new people need to work for change

Rokki Carr, Marbletown – Speak to your Legislator to please support Dave Donaldson and ask him to support the Ethics rules.

Susan Weeks, Saugerties – Democracy means openness, honesty – opposite of what the Republicans do. Our current Chair is not the leader we need. If our County Party cannot make the needed changes, you will lose me and lots of other people in the Democratic Party.
Lanny Walter, Saugerties Committee Member – It’s obvious we need new leadership and somebody needs to step forward and make that happen.

Sue Zimet, Legislator – The operations of the Committee is an issue that should be addressed. We must force these meetings to be effective.

Jonathan Sennett, New Paltz – Keep calling meetings until all the issues are address. Put John Parete’s feet to the fire.

Judith Hakam, Marbletown Democratic Committee – Send the Minutes of this meeting to John Parete with points made about effective meetings and the issues.

Phil Schacter, Chair Marlborough – The Bylaws changes need to include transparency and what we want the Chair to do. There is disagreement over the role of the County Convention and the loyalty issue. We got to define that and put it in the Bylaws.

Ian Brody, Saugerties – The election law is very clear – vote to take the Chair out of office for disloyalty.

Shannon Schreibman, Marlborough – It’s really important that we all pull together. The most productive comment was the call to action for change put to John Parete. But it’s not always just the letter of the law, hold his feet to the fire.

Billiam VanRoestenerg, Plattekill – We are hypocrites if we don’t get a change in the Chair because the Republicans had the same people in power. We lost an election in 2000 because of lack of help from John Parete.


Anonymous said...


Thank you Blaber for reporting the details of this important meeting.

Parete runs the legislature through his sons...that is a bombshell accusation from Legislator Don Greggorious.

Little mention was made of booting Parete from his post at the BOE.

John the train is coming down the tracks and it is picking up steam. Resigm now or you will be run over by the progressive Democrats who are driving the train.

Long live Democracy.

Anonymous said...

Nice notes,very re-assuring. It would be really nice if one of these real democrats was in control. Parete is a traitor to our party and doesn't represent me at all. I'm witholding all donations to local democrats until change happens. I only want my money used for democrats,not power hungry thieves. Btw, the "young democrats" project has been thwarted by Jay Mohler for years and she was a Bradley supporter. No traitors allowed! My town committee will not get a penny from me until she and Auerbach quit.

Anonymous said...

There is a lot of good stuff here about reform, transparency, accountability, and ethics... and (as a registered Democrat that recently filed a form to switch over to Independent) I hope it all goes somewhere.

I don't know enough about the political workings at higher levels to say much here, but it does seem like Mr. P, Mayor Sottile, and some other big name players should have been there (?)

And I wonder (not necessarily associated with the last comment!) if the local Democratic Party is being undermined by folks that claim to be Democratic Party members but are really working for the other side?

I'm not sure - I would have to look it up - but it seems as if I read about such a thing occurring (I think it was on the national scale) in the past...

So how does one know who is authentic and who is not?

Perhaps one way is to ditch those who don't meet fiscal accoountabily deadlines in a responsible accountable manner - to ditch those that operate from behind the scenes and don't show up at pertinent meetings, etc. - to ditch those that don't adhere to the ethics that the Democratic Party once stood for?

Just thoughts. I'm really just in the process of trying to learn about and better understand all of this, so all I can really state with assurance is that what HAS been going on in the local Democratic Party is not acceptable, and I hope this is a move towards getting back on track.

Thank you Jeremy. You obviously put a lot of work into reporting on this.

ralph childers said...

Pretty darn good job taking notes Patti. Talk about transparency! Jeremy gives us that. There are a few minor mistakes in the transcript, but except for the recording of the comments of Mike Madsen I think they accurately convey the feelings expressed at the forum. Mike is recorded as saying: "If we’d had a Primary, it’s likely that Bradley would not have run on the Conservative Party line anyway". I think what he said was that the Conservative candidate would have run....anyway.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I can't take credit for the notes, Patti Candelari was the one who took the time and effort to write them.

Anonymous said...

Fraiser needs to be shown the door at BOE. He worked on behalf of Bradley until the end of the election.

Anonymous said...

The reporting is fairly accurate. What was left out was Charlie Landi speaking five or six times when many others in the room were respecting the chair and waiting their turn to speak. Charlie acted as if it were his place to respond to each comment that was made and Mr. Schacter did little if anything to curtail Mr. Landi's comments and responses.

If Mr. Schacter believes himself fit to replace Mr. Parete, he best learn how to chair a meeting, how to follow some degree of Roberts rules, and how to encourage and ensure that everyone who wishes to speak is given the opportunity. Otherwise, meetings are controlled by bullies who speak the loudest and refuse to respect other attendees right to speak.

While this attendee went to the meeting with an open mind regarding Mr. Parete, I left with the sincere belief that there is no one stepping up who is qualified or possesses the necessary skills to replace him. Be careful not to discard what you have unless you are sure you have a better alternative.

Michael Harkavy said...

December 8, 2007

John Parete
Ulster County Democratic Committee, chair
292-C Fair Street
Kingston, NY 12401

Dear John:

I’m writing on behalf of those who attended the Open Forum on December 7th to thank you for your letter offering your support in our efforts to “bring our party together”. You can rest assured that all of those who attended the meeting are working to create the unity necessary for a successful election campaign in 2008.

We took it seriously when you said, “I know this letter consists solely of words, which must be backed by actions. I want to work constructively with all members of the Democratic Committee and fully intend to do my part”. While we recognized the need for patience, there are some things that require your immediate attention and leadership to promote the healing process. These are our recommendations:

· Based on the tremendous success of the Democratic majority in the legislature under Dave Donaldson’s leadership, we urge you to heal the split within the Democratic Party caucus by supporting his re-election as chair of the legislature. This needs to happen before the scheduled December 12th vote.

· Based on the obvious mistrust and dissention caused by the addition of appointees as voting members prior to the Wilson/Pakula waiver vote within the Ulster County Democratic Committee Executive Committee, we want to see once again, voting rights limited to town chairs, executive committee officers, state committee members and the President of the Ulster County Democratic Women. Of course, appointees are always welcome in an advisory capacity.

· In regard to the new Democratic women’s club, we recognize it’s right to exist. However, its formation was divisive and only serves to confuse the public. The original Ulster County Democratic Women must be recognized as the officially sanctioned women’s group within the Ulster County Democratic Committee with voting privileges on the Executive Committee.

· The newly formed Ulster County Young Democrats should be allowed to continue without intrusion from party leadership. We call upon you to recognize the democratically elected county representative and officers of their choice, and support their efforts to charter with the State and National Young Democrats organizations as soon as all of the requirements have been met.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation in these important issues and of course wish you and your family the most joyous of holiday seasons.


Mike Harkavy
Saugerties Democratic Committee, chair

By email, hard copy to follow

Anonymous said...

Susan Weeks, Democracy means openess - opposite of republicans? Democracy? Or did she mean democrats? I didn't know republicans is the opposite of democracy.

ralph childers said...

Regarding the comments of 10:38 AM. Yes, and now I hear that he is twisting the arms of the legislators from District 1 to vote for J. Provenzano, another supporter of Conservative candidate Bradley, to become Chair of the Legislature. Mr. Fraser works for Mr. J. Parete. Does this in any way extend the truth of Mr. Gregorius's claim about the Dem. Chair attempting to run the County Legislature not just through his family but also through his appointee?

Anonymous said...

This is my 3rd attempt at this post here.

Jeremy, I WILL bring it somewhere else to post. There is ALWAYS 2 sides, You should respect that.

You people are something. I never realized how despicable John Parete was until you showed up. I mean, remember back in 2000, when there were but handful of Democrats on the Legislature? A Republican Sheriff, maybe 65 people at the annual brunch or dinner? Democrats considered 2nd class citizens throughout the county? No how could you? You weren't around. Some of you weren't even in Ulster County! I hope one of you run to unseat John fair and square instead of this bullshit. Put your money where your mouth is and run for chairman. See who MOST of the Democrats really approve of.

Progressive my ass. Cry babies is more like it. The incessant whining is really annoying. This is POLITICS, not gardening class.

Jeremy Blaber said...

10:38 AM :

I don't know if I agree with your commments regarding Stuart Fraiser, is he a staunch advocate of Mr Parete? Yes. However, he does a great job as Dep. Commish...

Anonymous said...

5:11 Has to be from Queen Jeannette. Tell tale sign is the phrase "you people."

The past is the past. I would not believe anything Parete says or puts in writing. He destroyed the party and Democrats will likely lose the county executive post as a result. Great going! There needs to be a complete audit of Democratic Committee finances.

Anonymous said...

Has Mike Harkavey sat down with Mr. Parete to discuss the concerns of the December 7th meeting? I bet he would rather send them out to the public to try and prove he's tough. All this B.S. has nothing to do with Mr. Parete, it's all about people trying to take over the party.

I wonder how the Saugerties morons will feel when Jeanette steam rolls over Dave for chair. The word from Republicans is that Dave is desperate and begging for votes. Harkavey should stop demanding that Mr. Parete tell elected legislators what to do or who to vote for. He actually sounds like Savago. I guess this is why Saugerties can not elect Democrats. Who in the world can take any of these guys seriously?

BobGillon Kingston City Dems said...

As A Democrat that was at the meeting I was disappointed at
the 'cheap shots' regarding Stu
and Jay. As someone who was on the
ballot this fall Stu and Jay were
wonderful to deal with. All of my questions and many calls were always answered right back. As
a Democrat I will always be proud
of my Party and I will always help
my Committee. But the nasty comments that were directed at these two great people I could have done without

Anonymous said...

Boy the nastiness of the Parete clan is really on display! Any moron that supports the backward anti-democratic Bradley people is now history. We progressives have the majority and the money. Go home or starve. You're marked for disposal. Next year's election is on your heads. You ruined this one and will pay for it indefinitely. All the names I've collected here are a black-list of losers that have no future. You'll never know who we are or how much we'll be doing to destroy your lives. From now on you can just keep looking over your shoulders,wondering how so many bad events in your lives are a result of your scummy actions to subvert our party. That's right,OUR party, that you serve at OUR expense. We who need not power or political influence are the keepers of both. You will not have access to more. Those who honor our principles will advance. Those who do not,will fall into their abysmal hell-holes to rot. I've heard and read plenty from real democrats that prove that new leaders are already here in the wings. Plenty of us will support their rise. Anonymously forever because we have no need for petty credit or favor. Real power is best kept in the hands of those who deserve to use it selflessly for the good of others.

Bob Gillon Kingston Dem said...

As a Democrat that was at the meeting it was sad to see my Collegue Charles Landi disrespected like he was.....In
the many years I have been on the
City Democratic Committee I might
not have seen 'eye to eye' with
Charlie but I have seen Alderman
Landi always work very hard for the
Democratic Ticket. Landi was out there for years and has served his Committee Well....In my view he should get some respect.

Anonymous said...

Gillon you disrespected the committee by backing Bradley and it cost you an election as Alderman. Landi was shown a lot of respect it was Landi who was loud and acting like a drunk fool. Landi took out a container of Vodka and drank it, soon after he left...some role model...drinking and driving.

Anonymous said...

No one attacked Jay. Gillon, like Stu and Charlie Thomas were there just to report back to their puppet masters. None of them spoke or contributed anything.

Anonymous said...

to 5:11 p.m.: though John Parete deserves some credit for getting the majority in the legislature, there are many other factors to consider: George Bush, the jail, the 39% tax increase, and the enrollment..as far as the low turnout for the brunch and dinner, it's because snobby Michelle Tuchman organized those events and they were $100 a plate - few people could afford it - once Ann Rodman took over and the price went to a reasonable $50, people started going - and to 8:00 p.m.: funny that you use the term "begging" to describe Donaldson's lobbying - I have a newsflash for you: Jeanette is doing the same thing...but that's different, right?

Anonymous said...

The people who want to get rid of Democrats who can actually win elections are the same people who supported Sennett. The common theme on this blog is that the unelectables are going after the people who actually do the work and win the races.

Let us all wish Jenaette luck in her new role as Chair of the Ulster County Legislature. Donaldson should sit in the back row and shut up or resign and let some new person in.

Anonymous said...

He deserves credit for backing Bradley and splitting his own party. Take that one to the bank.

We still need a forensic accounting of the Democratic Party's finances. Will Parete use Bradley for this? Look nothing wrong!

Anonymous said...

It is evident from the comments on this blog, many from people that were at the meeting, that the people who want to criticize John Parete have no interest in solving anything. There appears to be a power grab going on here that I have not seen the likes of in the 50 years I have been a member of the Democratic Party in Ulster County. I am ashamed to call my self a democrat given the behavior these alleged "progressive democrats" are showing. It is not democratic at all...disagree with them and they insult you with lies from anonymous sources and no factual basis. You all tell half the story so it sounds good to you. There are processes in place to replace the County Chair. His term is up in a short period of time. If you do not like what he is doing, then find someone to step up and run against him. But stop with the sixth grade bickering, you sound like idiots. You are all becoming embarassments. One blogger had it correct, there is no one out there who is capable of doing the job. Phil Schacter...please. He cannot even get Dems to run in his own town. Harkavy loves to talk about the Saugerties dem committee and loyalty to the party, but he cannot get dem's to run in his town either and recruits republicans to run on the democratic ticket. Is that loyalty to the dem party? Look at the last election. Those are facts. You people all want to take credit for success, but do not want to take any of the blame for failures. Yes, mistakes were obviously made in the last election, but are you all telling me you "progressive dems" had nothing to do with any of them? Madsen talks about what Bradley would of done if given a primary, did he ask him? Does he even know him. Or is he a mind reader now. Lanny Walter upset about being duped by Bradley's party status. I read it in two papers within days of his announcement long before the convention. It was public knowledge. Yet he was duped. Maybe you should all do what is best for the party and resign because the way you are going it is not good for anyone, most of all rank and file dems. At any rate what might of happened is not relevant now. Move on. You look like fools and make me and my family want to enroll as independents.

Josh Boughton said...

As someone who was at the meeting, I feel that there were good and bad points. Some good ones were people talking and airing out their grievances. It is always good when people get together and try to work out their problems. I feel that the letter Mike is sending to Parete is a good one. A couple things upset me about the meeting however. As someone who just ran for office Stuart and Jay were a big help to me. I felt that instead of searching for solutions too much time was spent telling stuart how horrible he was. I would like to thank stuart for all of the help he gave me in running. In response to the comment about jay thwarting the young dems over the years, that is just ridiculous. Jay has been a great help to us in setting up the young dems this time around. We have a great group getting organized and i will come to the defense of anyone in that group. I would love for the person who wrote that to say who they are. Jay thank you for all the help you have given us in setting up the young dems. T

Anonymous said...

hey 12:26 - you accuse many of the posters of telling lies - please enlighten us as to which lies are being told and then tell us your version of the truth. If you're ashamed of being a Democrat, good riddance to you and your family - we don't need or want you. You're an embarrassment to the Dems with the way you write: "...what Bradley would of done..." and "...what might of happened..." - it's "would HAVE" and "might HAVE..." You're the idiot who's illiterate. Please join another party so you can lower that party's average IQ (the Republicans are waiting). You make vague accusations and allegations without any substantiation.

Embarrassed long time Dem. said...

The way I see it is simple. If you do not like how any organization is being run, put a candidate up when the time comes. In this case when the chairmanship is up.

I see no good or positive outcome in ripping each other apart in the time between. I also have a hard time understanding how it is better for Democrats to air every piece of dirty laundry there is? There is this small group of voters who choose not to be enrolled in a political party. (no wonder!) In my opinion, they actually do the electing. So putting all of these accusations out there does nothing to help the Democratic cause that is being used as the battle cry here.

What an absolute waste of energy.

Anonymous said...

12:26-Lou Dobbs called and he wants your allegiance. Shrink your brain with some more booze and stop disgracing our party. Candidates that can win? Like that dumb-ass Bradley? Progressives are in control and you're history. Move away!

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