Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Leadership Votes will take place on Wednesday

The Democratic Leadership votes for Chairman and Majority Leader will take place this Wednesday at 5pm at the Ulster County office building. I will have live coverage via the new audio blog that I have recently installed.

The candidates for Chairman are David Donaldson, current Chair and Jeanette Provanzano, the current Majority Leader.

The candidates for Majority Leader are Hector Rodriguez and Brian Cahill.

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Anonymous said...

If J.P. gets the chairmanship, you can bet I will have much more to be outraged over. She has proven USELESS in her role on the board of KHA, and simply goes along with the wind, has no "voice over an echo"(to refer to her campaign slogan of yesteryear), and is generally a wet rag. Donaldson may have deficiencies, but at least he does not have so many negatives as J.P.