Thursday, December 06, 2007

Legislature Backs Impeachment

The Ulster County Legislature passed a memorializing resolution for the impeachment of President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheeney. The memorializing resolution has no weight but it's symbolic and important to the people of Ulster County. I will say that the fact that this resolution passed in Ulster County by a 20-9 vote, almost brought a tear of joy to my eye. Not because of the resolution but because of the way this county has changed. This resolution would never of seen the light of day three years ago. We're a truly progressive county and that's a good thing.


bobgillon said...

Thank God

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think that the Ulster Legislature is the second County in the 22nd Congressional District to pass such a resolution. Tompkins was first last summer. I expect that Broome will be following suit very soon. What better way to show Congress how people really feel about the trampling of the U. S. Constitution by the Bush administration. I was disappointed that Ulster County legislators who happen to be Republicans were not supportive. Blind loyalty is a freightening human characteristic when offered to a despot. But before I forget, many thanks to Gary Bischoff and his Efficiency, Reform and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee and the rest of the legislators who passed this Resolution. ralph childers

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time?! Doesn't the UC Legislature have more important things to focus on. This vote to Impeach is nothing more than disrespect to this Country's highest office. What did the UC Legislature accomplish by this vote? It's no wonder why the County is in the shape it is. Our Legislatures are sitting around voting on something they have no control over. Good job boys!

Anonymous said...

That's funny. I didn't see the front page article in the New York Times, spelling out the proof that Bush and Cheeney have broken any laws. One would have to believe, if this was a story to be broken, the NYTimes would be carrying it, even paying millions for the truth.

This resolution is based on HEARSAY, and information from the BLOGOSPHERE. I would like to see UC vote on a resolution declaring 9/11 was an inside job. Bottom line, this resolution reflects ONLY the dissatisfaction (or hate) held by many of this president (including myself). This was an unpopularity contest. They COULD have simply voted on a resolution that stated that Ulster County does not like you Mr. President. But that would seem rather silly, so they went for other wording, that holds the same weight as the silly resolution.

Tears from your eyes Jeremy? Those tears will change from joy, to sorrow when the actualization of how am I going to afford to keep my family in Ulster set in. 10 or so years from now, when you have a family and a home here, and you are paying for all your social progressive programs that have have matured.

Anonymous said...

You know, if they (UC Legislators) believe it is their 'responsibility' due to the oath they took for their office, and believe so heartily that the administration has broken laws, isn't their responsibily too, to make a call to arms? Isn't it everyone's responsibility to revolt against a corrupt government? At least a resolution calling to arms has some teeth to it.

bobgillon said...

To 1144

How many Ulster County Sons have been killed or injured in combat
due to the actions of this Administration? To Many. Lets pay
for health care and education and
not lets pay for this war. Give the
UC Legislature Credit on this one

Anonymous said...

The major papers, for the most part, are no longer serving the people. They are serving thier advertisers. They are serving those in the seat of power. They are serving the God of Mammon.

There are exceptions to that rule, of course & there are still some extremely courageous journalists and reporters (Molly Ivins WAS one of them)out there, but these don't appear to be the majority.

In fact, one will get more REAL news, in my opinion, on Comedy Network.

That said, this was a resolution pushed by the people for the people through the legal means made available to the people...

Which is an awesome concept (lol) don't ya' think?????

Bush Sr., by the way, has not been doing away with social programs - he has been shifting thier funding (which our tax monies are still - in an unconstitutional manner - paying for...) over to religious institutions - which is counterproductive at best and down right criminal, at worst!

Teenage pregnancies are on the rise again, because "abstinence only" programs (the religious thrust) do NOT work.

AIDS is still rampant and spreading, because people need CONDOMS - not sermons - for protection from STDS.

We are, according to some, involved in a "Holy" war (which is a distinctly un-holy concept, if you ask me)...

And THAT (might I add on this administration's alleged unethical dealings with Enron, Hallburton, Blackwater USA, and a number of religious organizations; tax cuts for the rich; torture; the institionalization of some warped sense of elitism in this country; the growing gap (look around; don't count on honest stats....) between the rich and the poor; who knows how many un-called for and unnecesarry deaths (war; homelessness; hunger); the neglect of our Veterans; etc...) is only the beginning of the list of harms done by the Bush Jr./Cheney Administration...

Once again I say "Hallelujah!"

My thanks to the U.C. Legislature.

My thanks to Jeremy.

My thanks to all of those who pushed this resolution, passed this resolution, and report this resolution.

The corruption that has been creeping (like a thief in the night)into our political system has been ignored, denied, and covered up for far too long.

Anonymous said...

This is a joke. As you said, this resolution is meaningless....why are they wasting their time and our money on it when this county is falling apart by its seams. How much time did our elected officials waste on drafting and arguing about this? You cannot tell me that there are not 1000 more important things they should of been dealing with that mean a lot more to the residents of this county than whether Bush should be impeached. We have a federal government whose responsibility it is to make those decisions....we do not need our local officials getting involved in it when they acknowledge no one is listening anyway. Do you think Congress is going to give a are mistaken. The fact that this brought a tear to your eye shows how out of touch you are with what these people are supposed to be doing. There are no new jobs here, our taxes our ridiculous, our schools are falling apart and our infrastructure is breaking down yet these people see fit to spend their time and my money concerning themselves with whether Bush violated the constitution. The majority of them have no idea what they are talking about. This is completely indicative of why this county is in the shape it is in while the counties around us seem to be improving...Rather than spend their time educating themselves on how to improve the economy, Bischoof and Shapiro are drafting resolutions to send to Congress...unbelievable. The one guy is right...might as well of made a resolution calling all citizens to arms at least then someone might have read it.

Anonymous said...

Jaremy?? Your people have spoken.

For those who missed it I believe that Clark taped some of them. Perhaps he can publish some on uTube.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time anyone brought petitions with over 3,000 signatures to the Legislature for anything?

I would say that these people worked hard, lobbied, hung in there and got what they were looking for. It is the American way. You may not agree with it,but there it is. Next time anyone is against something go out and get 3,000 signatures against it and let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

To coin a term from the feminist movement, "the personal is political..."

Extending that... our local politicians, from the City Council members, through the legislature, on up... are the individual's link to higher places.

I personally think THIS is the MOST IMPORTANT piece of legislation passed by the U.C. legislature this year!

After all, it is a lot harder to put a jigsaw puzzle together if the outside frame, the basic structure that we all build upon (in this case the "U.S. Constitution" and the "Bill of Rights") is missing and/or someone keeps stealing the pieces, one by one, and throwing them away...

Anonymous said...

internet based petitions is a wonderful thing, DONT YOU THINK? Funny how my name is apparently on this petition, (online) just I don't remember putting my name on one.

Anonymous said...

You could probably get 3000 signatures calling for Sottile's removal from his position, from all the Sennett backers who lost because of Sottile's support of Bradley. Or Parete for that matter. Why don't you go for it.

Yankee James said...

BOTH of these scumbags need to go!

The White House needs to be CLEANSED of the STENCH!

Anonymous said...

Check out this 1994 interview with Cheney as he explains why we should not invade Iraq.

Anonymous said...

All this demonstrates is that not only does the UC Legislature have nothing better to do, but 20 of them do not know the definition of the word impeachment. Scary.

Anonymous said...

The problem is not in the Legislature's understanding or misunderstanding of the word "impeach" - which is defined in "Webster's New World College Dictionary" (Fourth Edition; p. 715)as: "to fetter, entangle... challenge... discredit... challenge the practices or honesty of; accuse; esp., to bring (a public official) before the proper tribunal on charges of wrongdoing" - the problem is that any option available to the people, when it comes to the political process and the institution of positive change, is far too complicated, convoluted and slow.

How is the process convoluted? Big money, of course... But also through lining up a significant number of one's wolves (in sheep's clothing, but of course) at the gate (the AG, Congressmen, Supreme Court Justices, etc.) - where they snap and snarl at anyone that has an original or truly challenging idea.

AS a case (a few, actually...) in point:

Why not ARREST Bush Jr. and Cheney
for (alleged) perjury (i.e. lying about the reasons for attacking Iraq?).

Why not ARREST Bush Jr. and Cheney for the (alleged) violations of Civil Rights that have occurred?

Why not ARREST Bush Jr. and Cheney for (allegedly) violating international treaties?

Why not ARREST Bush Jr. and Cheney on the basis of the other claims of illegal activities that have come forth --- investigate these allegations and claims just like one would with any other citizen (making sure that the investigators are not in anyone's "pocket") --- and take it from there?

Do people realize that the worst tyrants in history have generally gotten away with their atrocious behaviors --- with bonus packages upon "retirement?"

Do people realize that Saddam (sp?) Hussein (who was, interestingly enough, never a "blue-blood" to begin with...) was one of very few such people (speaking of the world's tyrants, as history has defined them...) to actually be held accountable [via. prosecution, a trial, sentencing...] for his (having been proven in a court of law) crimes?

The people of Ulster County and the Ulster County Legislature have done what they can --- in the context of what is available --- and should be applauded for that.

Perhaps they should now look at other (legal and non-violent) options in regard to these types of situations? Perhaps the President's and Vice President's status should be the same (legally) as that of any other American?

After all, when all is said and done, THAT is who and what they are --- and they are there (I think they might have forgotten this part?) to represent ALL of the American citizens... not just a select (which is how it appears...) few.

Now, do I know just how this might be accomplished? Nope. But somebody out there (more familiar with the system) probably does, and it would be helpful if some of the folks "in the know" would tell some of the folks that aren't "in the know" what other venues are available...

After all...

Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Ignorance does not equal stupidity (there is no shame in not knowing what one has never been taught...)

Ignorance is probably one of our number one enemies.

And --- if and when this boat sinks --- we are All (rich, poor, Black, White, Hispanic, male, female, child, etc.) likely to go down...

So... if anyone is out there that might be willing and able to help people understand thier options (public info sessions? the press? the blogs?)... please do so.

Or is "that" [I don't see anyone in a position of power lining up to defend the rights of the American people... In fact, I think I recall reading that the head of the Civil Rights department (was he or she replaced by a Bush Jr. loyalist?) resigned...] too much to ask?

Tell me...

Might the eternal riddle facing all of us be the fact that the "answer" [Is America REALLY a Democracy? Does concern about the average American citizen (man, woman, and child) even enter the political equation at the highest levels? Are the majority of us simply pawns in someone else's profitable, and some might say "sadistic." game?] "lies?"

Anonymous said...

Excuse me, it was a Civil Right's "enforcer" that resigned ("Associated Press"; 8/24/2007).

Does anyone know if this person was replaced? And if so, by whom?

Does (if applicable) this person's replacement have an advanced degree in the social sciences, Civil Rights litigation, in areas pertinent TO the legitimate enforcement of Civil Rights?

Or does (if applicable)the replacement have a degree in "Skull and Bones" 101, fundamentalist evangelical Christian Right theology, or some similar cloak and dagger (very profitable, it would appear...) institution or enterprise?

We need to know these things folks...

We really do.

Anonymous said...

10:18. Did you say something?

Anonymous said...

No he didn't. He just did a copy and paste.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I did "say something." [I hope you don't have ADH, DID, or something of that nature. If you do you might want to skip the longer writings or download one of the read aloud programs...]

No, I did not "copy and paste." [But I would love to know where you think I aquired the material TO copy and paste...]

Yes, I do have a response - and in this case the words (as noted) are NOT mine:

"A democracy cannot flourish half rich and half poor, any more than it can flourish half free and half slave" (Felix Rohatyn; "Ethics in America's Money Culture;" "New York Times;" 6/3/1987).

"A fox should not be [on] the jury at the goose's trial" (Thomas Fuller; "Gnomologia: Adages and Proverbs;" 1732; 116).

"Boys, I may not know much, but I know the difference between chicken [shi*] and chicken salad" (Lyndon B. Johnson; In "The Best and the Brightest;" David Halberstam; 1972).

Anonymous said...

Impeach Donaldson!!!!!!!!

Provenzano for Chairperson

Anonymous Yonta