Saturday, December 22, 2007

Huckabee TV AD


Anonymous said...

My post is up on Cahill's blog today. Maybe he was just busy yesterday?

conservativepigvomit said...

Just have to love it.....If one
goes to Dick Cahill's Blog
he takes on the cause of the
Right Wing Huckabee..

OK Let me ask you this if you are
so 'pro-life' why are you so pro-gun?

To me I don't care what someones religion is..... Just don't pander to
a group for support.

Jeremy you are right on this one
the God I pray to is not a Democrat
or Republican.

Anonymous said...

Blabs, its nice to see that you are looking at Huckabee.

He is not a Washington insider and may just carry the "red south" that the Dems had hoped to grab ahold of.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Huckabee went out hunting, shot a pheasant, and said something along the lines that "that is what would happen to anyone that stood in his way?"

Anyone know where this article (which I heard about, but did not see)can be located?

Sounds like a foot toater to me...