Friday, December 21, 2007

Cahill to Senor : It's War!

While I didn't personally see the show, I hear that Rich Cahill, the outgoing 6th Ward Alderman told Robert Senor, Kingston's newest Democrat, that he better enjoy his next two years on the council because they'll be his last two years. " I'll do everything in my power to beat you next time around" declared Cahill on his public access tv show Monday night.

Senor and Cahill once political allies have become bitter foes in the last year after Senor changed his enrolment from Republican to Democrat.

For Senor the move meant that he did not have to face the Democratic machine that had ousted him from office two short years ago, and for Cahill it meant that his already slim minority on the council dwindled further.

It'll be interesting to see what Cahill has in store for Senor.... as far as us seeing Cahill successfully throw Senor out of office...well, I wouldn't hold my breath.


Anonymous said...

Two brats and a plastic bat,in a town full of weasels and rats. What should we do ? Life is so cruel.
Pass me the Freeman and another bucket of groul...

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate Cahill. He ran alot stronger than anyone thought he would.

Senor did not win big even though he had both the Democrat and Republican lines. If Langon had kept the Republican line, he would have won.

I suspect Senor's time is running out.

Anonymous said...

What power does Cahill have?

conservativepigvomit said...

If you ask me I dont see anything
that Cahill or Senor has done for

Cahill on one hand will have a hard
time adjusting to the fact that he is no longer the voice of the GOP.

Word is out and I will put money on this is that he is going to go
after the blond for the chair of the Kingston GOP Committee.

Anonymous said...

He can go to the meetings and voice his displeasure with Senor each month. He can piss and moan about him on his cable hour while his father picks his nose.

That's the extent of his power.

The Republicans in Kingston are absolutely worthless.

conservativepigvomit said...

If one watches the Cahill show
Rich Jr looks very down and sad.
Rich may understand like Cosmo's
that his political future is slim to none.

In my view Cahill Jr surrounded and
believed many of the people that called into his show. Rich Jr as
Nixon believed that there is some sort of 'silent majority' out there. In truth I think Rich ran a poor campaign toward the end.

Think about it? Would you want a
Mayor who playes with the likes
of Elmo? And in the past has had
'puppets' on his show.

What Rich failed to understand is that most of the people who laughed
the most 'at him' not 'with him'
were not the Sottile and Co....But
the people who are on the GOP
Committee and people that are in
GOP Power.

Rich my advise to you in the new year if you want a friend in politics get a dog.

Anonymous said...

Senor sent a letter to the folks in his neighborhood last fall. What a jobke. If he had anything "really" to do with manmy things in the letter he would have let the voters know during the year thru the efforts of the the Daily Freeman. That was what he used to do when he was the cobra he used to be years ago. So clearly the stuff that he supposedly did or had done was not from his efforts.

Senor is NOT a republican any longer. Ward 8 is! Senor knows it is republican, he won as a republican over Rose Hogan, a stuanch dem.

Cahill has nothing to do for the next two years so he'll work to find someone to run against Senor and work that person to death.

BeenThereSeen itDoneThat said...

Well now. An old early 70's song toted, " All over the country the scene is the same, no one is winning at this kind of game...we got to do better.Come on and take a free ride." Yup, Nothing ever changes in politics except Only the names.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right about the GOP chair. Jacobs is pathetic and needs to go. Whether Cahill will seek the position remains to be seen.

I doubt that Teetsel or Polacco will be much opposition to Sottile. The only tru opposition will come from the occasional ranst of Charlie Landi. If Cahill were to become chair again, he and Sottile could continue their soiree, so to speak.