Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Alderman Gillon (d-6)? Robert Gillon announces bid for Alderman in Ward 6

Robert Gillon announced his candidacy for Alderman in Ward 6 today. Stressing that Ward 6 is in need of Leadership and not Showmanship. Mr. Gillon who has lived in the Ward for many years; has show his leadership abilities as a former City of Kingston Democratic Chairman, a current member of the Human Rights Commission, and in general a community leader. I know Bob will do a good job and serve the people of the Ward well. He has my full support.

" The people of the 6th Ward need someone who's going to be committed to representing them for at least two years. It's not fair for them to expect that after just one year, their alderman may seek another office that may give him or her more power or more income. Should I be successful in being elected as alderman of the 6th Ward, I am committing to the people that I will not only give them one full term of office, but two or more, should they honor me with re-election." I think that says it all.

E-mail Robert at : changeforward6@gmail.com
Visit Robert online at: http://www.gillonward6.com


Anonymous said...
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ZippyTWC said...

Being available to "serve your time" is not what it's all about! Ward 6 needs representation in the council, not just a person who promises to sit in the alderman's chair. The residents of Ward 6 need someone who cares about the ward and is willing to go out on a limb for the constituents. It needs someone willing to listen and willing to help. Ward 6 needs Richard Cahill as alderman.
Zippy TWC