Friday, January 12, 2007

Hinchey on Bush: Same Rut

Congressman Maurice Hinchey criticized President Bush's speech earlier this week that called for an increase in U.S. troops to Iraq by some 20,000, calling it the same old plan. Congressman Hinchey also vowed to vote against an infusion of troops. I applaud the Congressman for standing up to Bush's failed Iraq policy. Enough soldiers have died the last thing we want to do is add more soldiers.

Congressman Hinchey on President Bush:

“The president talked about the speech as if it were going to be a change in strategy. It’s not a change in strategy at all. The strategy there, which has been a complete, failure, remains the same,” he said. “All that he was talking about were a few minor tactical moves that remain stuck in the same rut that we have been in for almost four years now.”

Congressman Hinchey went further to say " A responsible phase out of troops should begin." I could not agree more.

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