Saturday, January 13, 2007

Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller joins Late Night w/ Jeremy Blaber this Monday

Kingston Police Chief Gerald Keller will be this weeks guest on Late Night with Jeremy Blaber, this Monday at 10pm. Chief Keller works hard to keep Kingston residents safe and we applaud him for his hard work, and the hard work of every member of our police force. Chief Keller will talk about the opening of the mid town police precinct that will be opening this spring, through a grant from operation impact. We will find out how many officers will man the station and how it's presence will benefit the neighborhood.

Also to be discussed will be the continue reduction in Kingston's crime rate. In 2006, crime was down over 29 percent from 2005. Chief Keller will also explain to the public how the FBI calculates a serious crime.

Of course, we will talk about the recent tragic murder that took place this last week. While Chief Keller can't go into full detail about an open investigation, the chief will discuss how the investigation was handled and what resources the Kingston Police Department can utilize in these situations.


Anonymous said...

Jeremy, you going to post my comment or not? What was wrong with it? I agreed with Keller, and I support him? So what made you decide not to post it. For God's sake, was it the one negative line about Sottile? It doesn't help your advertised "Open Minded" all "Inclusiveness", if you omit comments, that are not inflamatory, but simply not in line with your holier than thou, he is god attitude towards Sottile. I just don't get it? Do you have a potential drug/gang problem where you live? I DO! Post my original comment and I will know you got "the message". Otherwise, expect more negative publicity on the GOP site.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I must have rejected it by mistake. I will post any comment written in an appropriate manner. BTW- GOP website can be as negative as they want towards me that is their theme. That is also why no one goes to their website. People want fair and balance and that is what I deliver.