Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ulster GOP on who's expense?

Three Republican Legislators: Joan Every of Rosendale, Frank Felicello of Marlboro, and Robert Aiello of Saugerties, each have missed 7 monthly and special sessions- the highest number of absences of any legislator. Boy, they really take the fact that they are part-time legislators to heart. No wonder why under gop control we had a jail millions of dollars over budget, and a 39+ percent tax hike.

Call these legislators and tell them to do the job they were elected to and stop wasting your tax dollars!

Joan Every
Home 658-9374

Robert Aiello

Home 245-4028

Frank Felicello
Home 795-4295

David Donaldson Chairman of the county legislator (d-12) (who has a perfect attendance record.) said it is his policy to have legislators call if they can't make it, fair enough but poor Kathy Mihm's phone must ring off the hook from Republican legislators.


Anonymous said...

Not missing much with those 3 not there. Old names thrown up there year after year, without any regard to the work they did or effectiveness.
"Sure winners", that is the only reason they are on the ballot. These 3 were duds even when the Republicans were in charge!

Anonymous said...

ANY time there's controversy, you can guarantee Every will be AWOL.

Anonymous said...

Thank God for the County Executive referendum winning. Ms. Every is a perfect example of why the change was needed. She is a very nice person, campaigns as such, but wins because the legislature is a popularity contest. In her over 20 years on the legislature, has she yet proposed legislation or come up with an original thought? Add Elizabeth Alfonso and when she was there, Alice Tipp to the same list. Wonderful people, but not qualified to oversee this much money or be paid free health care premiums.

Anonymous said...

oh well