Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cahill's Future....

Rich Cahill the republican's see him as their way to taking the Majority or possibly the Mayors office. Ironically, the Dems see him as their ticket to keeping the majority and the Mayors seat. That along with there record of accomplishment in Kingston. However there is no doubt that Rich Cahill is seen by the Republican's in Kingston as there gem. No Republican; believes that last statement more then Rich Cahill himself. His ego will drive him to run for higher office in 2007 and with the lack of leadership in the Republican Party Richard Cahill can get the nomination for either City Judge or City Mayor their is no question in my mind.

Can he win though? It would be an uphill battle. In the mayoral race you have current Mayor Jim Sottile who has a record of outstanding leadership. If Sottile chooses to run again Rich has two chances slim and none. Than their is the race for City Judge Richard Cahill's dream job. Before he became a lawyer he wanted to be in this position and he now sees an opportunity with Feeney's retirement that will not come around again for at least 10 years. Their is little question in my mind Cahill will pass this up. Again assuming Gilpatrick is the candidate which is unlikely but for the sake of argument lets say he runs. Gilpatrick has a record of accomplishment and is already a judge with experience with our current court system. Cahill an attorney has no judicial experience. What do the cards hold? If the elections were held today and Cahill was the GOP candidate who would you vote for?

Poll is now closed Thank you for all who participated.

For Mayor:

Winner- James M. Sottile 62%
with 168 votes cast.

For Judge:

Winner- Richard Cahill 51%
with 147 votes cast.


Anonymous said...

Why do you continually take cheap shots at Cahill? You seem almost obsessed with him.

He's a good Alderman and I hope he runs for Mayor and beats the political stuffing out of Sottile.

Jeremy Blaber said...

How did I attack him?

Anonymous said...

blaber didn't attack him, but he should have. cahill is a complete jerk who deserves to be dumped on. let's hope he runs for mayor. when he loses we won't have to read about him in the paper anymore!

Anonymous said...

How did you attack him? Let's see...

"Ironically the Dems see him as there ticket to keeping the majority and the Mayors seat"

"Rich Cahill is seen by the republicans in Kingston as there gem. No republican believes that last statement more then Rich Cahill himself."

"Rich has two chances slim and none."

Those don't sound like attacks to you?

Anonymous said...

Rich Cahill would make a fine mayor. This town could do a lot worse than elect an up and comer like that who would work tirelessly. It would be a welcome change.

Jeremy Blaber said...

The city certainly could do worse. However it certainly can do better then Cahill. Rich Cahill is NO Jim Sottile. Mayor Sottile is by far a better choice for Mayor.

Anonymous said...

I will second that comment, Mr.Blaber.

Alderman Cahill is too young and inexperianced. You would be a better choice for Mayor then him. However this November I am voting for the most quilified candidate for the job and that man is our current Mayor, Mayor Jimmy Sottile.

Anonymous said...

Too young? What about your boy Woerner? Is he too young?

Anonymous said...

It's not like Cahill would be running for office in a jurisdiction where he had absolutely no relationship, with no elected office on his resume, and a celebrity status based solely on marrying someone else who had a high office and cheated on him. I guess then he could run for the Senate and get your vote.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. The Democrat Chairman in Kingston challeneged Cahill to run for Alderman 2 years ago. He accepted the challenege and kicked Martino's ass. Martino was supposedly unbeatable.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Please in the future try not to use poor language. It is simply inappropriate and next time the comment will be denied in respect to our younger viewers.

To comment on what you said; Alderman Cahill only won Ward 6 by 36 votes,hardly a thumping. Not to mention the fact that Alderman Martino did not one bit of campaigning. Mr.Cahill on the other hand was on tv every week and ran an impressive GOTV. If Martino would have taken time away from helping his constituents and played the political game like Cahill did and continues to do he would have won.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong again, Jeremy. Check the Board of Elections web site. Cahill won 415 to 365. That's 50 votes, not 36. In an Alderman race, 50 votes is a butt kicking. Martino had been an Alderman off and on for over 12 years. He had beaten former Mayor John Amarello to get in and had NEVER even been challeneged in a race. He beat Bruce McLean by a monstrous landslide two years earlier. Cahill just ran a marvelous and aggressive campaign and overwhelmed Martino. Give Cahill his due. His win was due to hard work, not a fluke as you seem to think.

Anonymous said...

It's one thing to have a smear agenda. It's quite another to flat out lie. Your mayor poll is a flat out lie. I know this because I saw it before it closed. At the time, Cahill had a 79-78 lead, within MOMENTS before you closed it. Let's assume for a moment that Sottile got all 11 of these miracle votes. That's a 53 percent lead. Not a 62 percent lead. And that's IF he got those 11 votes in the 5 minutes.

If I were you, I would retract the lie you just told about your poll. My guess is that you don't have the guts to publish this comment. Anyone who would lie in an internet poll that he couldn't get to go his way seems pretty gutless.

But in order to reject this comment, you will need to read it. Understand this. You are busted.

For what it's worth, you may have closed the poll, but the link was still working. These things can be printed out. There are such things as defamation of character. What you just did is called libel. Even against a public figure, you are not allowed to make things up.

The poll didn't go your way. Just like a liberal to cheat a poll to get the result he wants.

By the way, you may want to check your toilet. Your credibility's there.

Have a nice day.

Jeremy Blaber said...

I did not cheat and Mr.Cahill it is apparent you are the one that posted that last comment since you called me within 30 seconds of the poll closing.

As far as your you calculations on the percentage you are correct Mayor Sottile only won by 52 percent according to the poll but after I went and looked at ISP's (computer identifcation numbers) it was determaned that several people voted multipal times in favor of Alderman Cahill thoose votes were discarded as for the 5 that voted twice for Sottile.

Not to mention Cahill won the judge poll...if I cheated would I have given him that race? I don't think so. Personally I am disappointed he won. I accept it however and know that is the way the people voted. It's that simple.

The poll was 100% legitimate on my part and my thanks to everyone who participated. Mr.Cahill I am sorry you are such a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mr. Blaber, I did not make that last post. That was a friend of mine named Mark. However, I will post on my own. I printed out the results and it was 79 to 75. Then, the poll went off only thirty seconds later. Eleven votes did not get cast in thirty seconds.

You have falsified the poll, Jeremy, and you know it.

Alderman Richard Cahill

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Cahill called you doesn't really matter, though make no mistake, I am not Rich Cahill. I'm sure if Rich Cahill posted, that would be easily confirmed by an IP address. Of course, I could understand why he would call you, since you are a blatant liar.

So now you are backtracking and trying to change the poll to your liking. Understand this--there is no such thing as a scientific internet poll. Your results will never be accurate.

Even if there were "multiple votes," which of course, all we have is your useless word, your numbers are still completely wrong. The link says 79-78. What did you do? Take the multiple votes and just add them to Sottile's total? Last I checked, 79+78=157. If you disqualified enough Cahill votes to get the result you wanted, you would have to subtract votes from that 157 vote total. You don't add to them.

There were not 168 votes in your magic poll. And there certainly were not 62 percent against Cahill.

You need to take some math lessons. But the bottom line is, Cahill is not being a sore loser, because in your own poll, he didn't lose. 79-78 Cahill.

The only sore loser is you, as evidenced by your lies.

Why would you make up one poll and not the other? Maybe so when you get called out for lying, you can point to another worthless poll and say, "see, he won that one." It doesn't really matter WHY you would lie. Fact is, you did. And you got caught.

There's a reason why people like Rassmussen and Zogby get paid a lot of money to poll. They don't disregard votes they don't like, and they don't make up numbers. If a poll is found to be erroneous, it is thrown out. So your poll, which you made up, belongs in the toilet with your credibility.

Jeremy Blaber said...


If you did not post the former comment,I apologize. I am very upset however you dare question my poll results. I did not cheat bottom line.

To address the other comments made by "Mark" I am no liar. I disqulified votes but I did not refleact them when I updated the website, I appoligize. My math skills are fine, my minor is in math as a mater of fact but that is neither here nor there. Someone cheated on the poll and they were caught, it's that simple.

It is not fair to Alderman Cahill or Mayor Sottile to have people vote multiple times and not fair to me. It takes a lot of time to do this website believe it or not.

I did not give the judge poll to Cahill to say that "he won one" I don't play those games. He won fair and square as did Mayor Sottile.