Monday, April 07, 2008

Cuomo Speaks At Democratic Rural Confrence

AG Andrew Cuomo stopped by the Democratic Rural Conference’s 10th annual convention in Saratoga Springs last night. During his comments, he said to the audience, “You are the true blue” and joked that he had a tough campaign for AG because “everyone” was running for AG, asking, “Is there anyone in this room that wasn’t running for Attorney General?”

Cuomo went on to talk about the theme of this year’s convention, which is “Take Back the State Senate!”, saying “we are going to take back the Senate. We are going to do it…bet anyone you want to bet that the Democrats are going to win the Senate. If you have any questions ask a fella named David Valesky if we’re going to win. If you have any other questions, ask Darrel Aubertine.”

Cuomo went on for awhile, criticizing Republicans and and the Bush administration, the economy andthe Democrats’ work on behalf of working families.

Then he went into what sounded a bit like a campaign stump speech: “That is what I do as Attorney General, using the law, using justice, to equalize the playing field to help the working families to get what they need.” Then he listed some achievements, particularly in the areas of healthcare and his investigation of the student loan companies.

As he left, he greeted a throng of well-wishers, shook hands, took pictures, and headed out.

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Anonymous said...

Andrew, Asendi-mi, Tu Es en proveno spachiem!


Bob Grant