Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Attacks on Steve Gorsline Over the Top

On Monday night on the Kingston Chronicles, a comment was made that DPW Boss Steve Gorsline is rumored to be involved with drugs. These comments are so disgusting and despicable that I will never watch that program again until an apology is issued to Superintendent Gorsline. It's one thing to attack a public official and hold them accountable, it is a whole other story to slander a man that has dedicated his life to the residents of the City of Kingston.

I have never agreed with the Cahill's but I always watch the show because it deals with local issues and I find it entertaining to listen to the commentary that is provided. I was really disgusted this morning when I listened to a tape of Mr. Cahill Sr., even suggesting without ANY facts at all that Gorsline was involved with illegal activity.

Mr. Cahill, the man has a wife and kids do they have to hear such outrageous lies on television? Give me a break.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the reasons many people are opposed to the funding of public access. If this was said or printed in the newspapers or radio, rest assured a lawsuit would follow.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why people should support Public Access. Blaming it for Mr.Cahill's commentary compares to blaming ABC News for Rev Wright's rants.
In this case challenge the messenger and leave the medium out of it...smitty

Anonymous said...

There is -NO- recourse available from the actions of "newspapers or radio" that is not ALSO available on public access. The exact same libel and slander laws apply.
In fact, an aggrieved person would have a much better chance with public access, where every effort is usualy taken to provide rebuttal time... as opposed to print or broadcast media, where "equal time" is not required, and rarely given. Before more mis-information is spread, also please remember the "equal time" laws on radio & TV you may remember, were repealed some years ago. Please- no "Harry Thayer" stories; that's not the law anymore.
For whatever else he is, Mr. Gorsline is also a local public figure by his position as an administrator in local government. God bless him, but he is "fair game"; it comes with that fat paycheck of his.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Kingston arrest one of it's Cops for drugs recently?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I watched the show, as I do quite frequently. Neither Cahill said what you are claiming. The elder Cahill said there were rumors of drug use in DPW. I heard no specific attack on Gorsline.

Anonymous said...

2:51 says what you claim to have heard on the "tape" was not said. Why not put the audio on your blog and clear up exactly what was or was not said?

Anonymous said...

There is no intelligent life on Kingston Public Access.

Anonymous said...

There are no signs of intelligent life on Kingston Public Access TV.

Anonymous said...

You're just angry Jeremy that Mr. Cahill Sr. said on the air that he would never vote for you.

Jeremy Blaber said...

Not at all, I wouldn't expect anything less.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what Mr. Cahill may or may not have said the other night as I wasn't watching.

I'd like to use this chance to say that Steve Gorsline is a good and decent man and has been a credit to the City of Kingston. His tenure as DPW Superintendent has been marked by remarkable progress and steady management.

We're lucky to have him.

Brian J. Woltman

Anonymous said...

Please print this Jeremy.
Why would anyone vote for Jermey Blaber?
What are his achievements as a politician or businessman?
What qualifies Him to lead this out of balance group (the school board)into a promising future?

SHREK said...

6:15 and 6:17 P.M.
You must be watching TOO much T.V.
I suggest a good healthy supper at around 6 P.M. every night. That way you might stop repeating yourself. SHREK

Anonymous said...


KAPA sure does stir up a lot of controversy doesn't it?

Which would seem to me to be a GOOD thing :)

Any good politician and/or public commentator, I believe, should be able to debate and discuss things in an integral manner - in the public forum - whilst juggling a whole range of issues, different points of view and personalities with respect and grace.

a tall order? yes. but something to strive for.

i personally have a lot of respect for the KAPA Commissioners and producers that I have met (which is not all of them, but a bunch...)

in fact, the folks (associated with KAPA) that i have met, appear (at least in the public forum) to have a high degree of intelligence, courage and personal integrity that is sadly lacking elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

What is the matter with everyone here? and further in our community? There are filed allegations of sexual harassment with not one but three employees in our City Government.

Folks, lets have some decency here and demand the truth here.

Given that our Mayor has lost two at least labor issues, I have to believe that there is some, if not FULL truth, to the allegations. We ought to all demand a full investigation on this.

Anonymous said...


An investigation in which neither the Mayor or any of his cronies or underlings is (in any way) invested or has the final say! [meaning an "objective" - from the outside - investigation)

Lie detector tests, with objective witnesses present, might be a good idea, as well - but then I suppose even they can be "fixed."