Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reynolds Tops Comptroller Straw Poll

Kingston Alderman Bill Reynolds, a person reportedly considering a run for Ulster County Comptroller came out as the candidate of choice in a Democratic straw poll which included the two already announced candidates for the job.

Bill Reynolds, an extremely well polished pol, would be considered as an automatic front runner for the job if he entered the race. Reynolds who has been active in public service for more than 16 years is well respected and liked on both sides of the aisle. Bill Reynolds' extensive work with the State Senate, NY State Comptrollers office and his own local elected office make him uniquely qualified to be the County's oversight watch dog.

We need someone that knows all aspects of government and the process, as well as someone that will be able to examine everything with a microscope. Someone that will be able to keep tabs on the Executive and the legislature. regardless of their party affiliation. I think Bill Reynolds would be that guy and I strongly encourage him to throw his hat in the race.

Editor's Note: This is not meant to take anything away from Elliot Auerbach or David Donaldson, I really have a tremendous amount of respect for both individuals and think either one would be an excellent Comptroller. There is also another candidate that is contemplating a run that I would certainly support. We are lucky as Democrats to have such a packed and talented field of candidates.


Anonymous said...

Eliot Auerbach is not worthy of respect. He's the laughing stock of Ellenville for his mis-guided notion that after screwing up so badly he should move up rather than move away in shame. His announcement was a regular comedy routine down here and his candidacy should be treated as satire. He might be a local boy, but he's not a serious candidate for any position of responsibility. A Stephen Colbert for President type of campaign.

Anonymous said...

A Kingston Yes-man expands his horizons and becomes an Ulster County Yes-man. I thought the whole concenpt behind the new charter was to create a "new" form of government. From reading your blog all you are looking for is to give the same old politicans new titles. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

What were the results of the Executive Straw Poll?

Anonymous said...

We all know that your top secret candidate is Woerner. It is widely known he is considering it, so you might as well say it. It is not as big a secret as you are making it out to be.

Anonymous said...

When did Reynolds and Berardi announce that they are running for the positions that you are stating.

Anonymous said...

What would be wrong with Woerner running for Comptroller? He is the only person who serves as both a chief executive and chief fiscal office of one of the most important communities in our County. He has shown his proven ability not only as a leader but as a bi-partisan problem solver. But I am sure on of you geniuses will write something about Aaron, Spada or Zweeban as to why Woerner would not be a good candidate. Come on lets hear more of the same rhetoric that was used against Woerner in his successful re-election campaign to one of our Counties most Republican Towns.

Someone should convince him to run.

Anonymous said...

Nice 3:03 PM post Nickie!!!

Anonymous said...

To 8:21 - Nice try but I don't think it was Nickie! I am sure Nicky knows how to properly spell Zweben. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

to 3:03

If one were to use your logical, point by point analysis of why Nickie Woerner should run for Comptroller, any number of people would make a BETTER Comptroller candidate. Fred Wadnola, Mike Berardi, Rocco Secreto, Craig Artist, just to name a few. Let's use use Mike Berardi for the purposes of explanation.

He ran a very successful business for many years, a true chief executive. A true chief executive can not have his decisions overruled by a town board or voters. You have to live with the consequences of your decisions.

He served on the town board and represented the county on the Legislature from one of the most important communities in the county.

He never lost an election in one of the most Republican towns in the county. (Nickie can't say that).

He certainly was able to work in a bipartisan manner with both sides of the aisle in the County Legislature.

If we should be convincing anyone to run, it should be someone like Mike Berardi, not Nickie Woerner.

Nickie is OK, and has a bright future, but he has a long way to go to catch up to the many people who came before him.

Something tells me you will not post this. It makes too much sense.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Hein is in the pockets of Spada and Oliveri?

Anonymous said...

5:42 why don't you let Spada and Oliviri rest in peace. Spada served this County for some 30 yrs as County clerk and did a good job. Spada and Oliviri are no where around the Hein campaign, not that it matters, except maybe to a pea brain like yourself.

This hate mongering is turning a lot of people off. STOP IT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


While it may or may not be true, there certainly is a perception that will have to be adressed.

Received the letter from Sue Zimet today stating that she will officially be announcing on Monday.
You can be sure that she will try to paint Hein as being in league with Spada and Oliveri and characterizing him as a disguised republican/conservative.

Until he deals with that issue and until he commits to only running if he receives the democratic nomination, he is going to continue to hear the whispers about the elephants in his corner.

Anonymous said...

Spada was an awful county clerk, we all know why he was forced to resign mid term. He did what Spitzer proposed last year. The other guy is no good but they have absolutely no power anymore. It has all tapped out. Neither Zimet or Hein will have any dealings with the two.

Anonymous said...

Mike Hein is a nice guy but he claims that he was never interested in politics. So why did he ever join the Republican Party to begin with? He switched to the Democratic Party only after they gained the majority in the legislature. His core values seem to be centered around his employment opportunities and who is in power at the time.

Anonymous said...

There are no major core values left in the suit and tie and formal dress world of either party it would seem.