Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bernardo Announces for County Executive

Len Bernardo owner of Skate Time on 209, announced today that he will be seeking the Republican nomination for County Executive. It seems as if Senator John Bonacic is behind Bernardo, tonight announcing him at his fundraiser, as the first County Executive of Ulster County.

So if the powerful Republican Senator is behind Bernardo that spells bad news for Noonan and Quigley who both are interested in running. Unlike the Democrats, the GOP does not have an open process, at least that has been the case historically.

Bernardo's candidacy is great news for Democrats, the GOP's only hope of staying competitive in this race was running Jim Quigley, a successful businessman, who could easily fund his own campaign.

Bernardo who is a registered member of the Independence party, also could be trouble for Susan Zimet who was counting on the Independence party's nomination as a lock.

Everything seems to be falling in line for Hein, I guess Hein sight really is 20/20.

OTHER NOTES : I hear Robin Yess and Mike Stock both attended Bonacic's fundrasier and both are still interested in challenging Kevin Cahill...both are wasting their time.. Stock, Yess, take some free advice, if you can't win a county legislative race, try for town board, not the State Assembly!

Also I hear from GOP insiders that there candidate for Comptroller will be announcing next week...more info as it becomes available.


Anonymous said...

Maybe now the truancy officers will check out that place. Running a hangout for sugardaddies to pick up underage kids is shameful. You'd think they'd have the decency to close during school hours.

Anonymous said...

The Senator is so busy playing with the Dems afraid to have a candidate against him that he forgot what local goverment is. Locals pick their candidates , and locals pay bills the state sends down(as in this budget) state officials just run around handing out our money. Time for the dems to run someone and start putting people who remember where they came from back in office

Anonymous said...

Beradi may be playing possum. He could run a low-cost primary and win without spending a lot - like the County Government should.

Anonymous said...

That would make three real business people from the Republican party - while the Democratic party shut the door in the face of Beradi?

Anonymous said...

Stock and Yess are "real" business people - the dems seem to just promote career taxpayer leeches like Donaldson?

Anonymous said...

Newsflash, County, or any other Government is NOT like any other business.

There are so many more rules, regulations, mandates, laws, Agencies, Departments, Commissions, Authorities, ect, ect.. that Government MUST adhere to, that most small business people have no idea what they would be getting into. Government is nothing like what most do in their own business. That is try and skirt around all the rules and regs. You can not do that with Government.

As for Stock, he was part of the most out of touch government in county history. He was there for the jail, the 40% tax increase and all the business with the lower Esopus river watch and on and on.

He lost his Legislative seat when he was Majority Leader for crying out loud!

As for Robin Yess, who?

Cahill is safe, Hein is the first Exec and whoever wins in the Democratic primary is the first comptroller.

The Democrats rule Ulster County, get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Bernardo should prove to be a excellent candidate. This will be his first race. He is active with America's Promise Program. As for 7:55 comments about truancy, I would be shocked if this were the case. He and his wife have helped the local economy and have brought a needed leisure industry into the area. A place that kids can skate and have fun and not become statistics for crime. It is a non public company, built with non government funds. It brings jobs and tax dollars to the area

My prediction- Mike Hein wins easily and Bernardo becomes a positive force within the Republican Party

Anonymous said...

12:18- You're going to be shocked. Skatetime 209 is a sleazefest. The entire community knows about it. Close it down now during school hours or face the music. You might have blackmailed Bonacic but you're not going to parlay it into power. The school districts have lists.

Anonymous said...

Dude, u must b on some heavy drugs. I only wish that I could go to Skate Time during school hours. They open at 2:30 when the SCHOOL BUSES drop us off there. I go to Rondout and skate there. Sugar daddies and a sleazefest? Have you met those people that run the place? If they even catch u making out they call your parents. This blog is really lame.

Anonymous said...

To think someone would have the audacity to speak on something they obviously know nothing about...I guess that's the world we live in. In fact, Skate Time 209 has NEVER been in operation during school hours. My children have been going there for two years. Bravo for opening a business that keeps our children off the streets, off the couch, and on the way to becoming responsible adults. The Bernardo's run a VERY tight ship. If Mr. Bernardo can bring the same sensibilities and values to Ulster county, then perhaps our local government can finally focus on results instead of this meaningless fight for control. Sleazefest? Please...Have you been there? If not, you should. You just might learn some manners.

Anonymous said...

"It is a non public company, built with non government funds. It brings jobs and tax dollars to the area"

Actually it is an IDA project, which means it received several types of tax breaks. The entire file can be FOILed.

Anonymous said...

You were warned about Skatetime.

Anonymous said...

Hey, 7:55 & 5:57. You have a gutter mouth and no knowledge of the subject you pretend to be an expert in. Skate Time 209 is a family establishment, open AFTER SCHOOL with no hanky-panky of any sort. I know. I take may kids there all the time.

This just goes to show that people opposed to conservative candidates can not stoop low enough to talk trash about them. Your statements are out and out lies. Your attitude is disgusting. If you have something truly critical to say about Mr. Bernardo's abilitiy to run this County, say it. Otherwise, keep your demented fantasies locked in the dark, dank corners of your little minds.

As for me, Mr. Bernardo has my vote in November. He is a very successful businessman who cares about the community and has not spent years and years in government soaking up the politicians' bad habits when it comes to our money. That sounds like the pefect formula for running a County to me.

Blaber, it's time you began to exercise some control over this board. Free speech is all well and good, but defamation is not free speech. These decrepit declarations by obviously sick individual(s) are the digital equivalent of shouting "Fire" in a crowded theatre. Removing such trash is not censorship, it's good judgement.

7:55 & 5:57, seek help. They have medicine to cure most of your problems now. Some may be experimental, but I have a feeling the side effects won't harm anything vital in your cases.

Anonymous said...

So they're not open during school hours? So where are the kids going when they say Skatetime? Very interesting.

Anonymous said...

My kids have been there and I would never,never allow them to go there without me. You rubes are just too naive not to realize that these establishments are preying upon your kids.

Anonymous said...

It's Skate Time 209 in Accord that Bernardo owns, NOT the Wood-N-Wheel in Port Ewen. Skate Time 209 is an extremely well run facility with plenty of security and adult supervision. The last bloggers comments of a "tight ship" are spot on. I think that Jeremy Blaber needs to remove these slanderous comments about Skate Time 209 now. They are totally inappropriate and way off base.

Anonymous said...

The insider Democrats rule and ruin.

Anonymous said...

So now the neo-cons are trying to take over Ulster County? Pretty soon they will have Dick Cheney night with guest DJ Karl Rove!

Christian Skating Prompts complaint

A roller rink in a small upstate New York community has been warned by state officials about its advertisement for Christian skating on Sundays.

The Division of Human Rights told the owners of Skate Time 209 in Ulster County that it might be violating the state's anti-discrimination laws.

The rink's Sunday afternoon "Christian skate" program features contemporary Christian music.

Owner Len Bernardo says the idea was to play wholesome music.

Anonymous said...

Now that's it! There's nothing sleazier and more disgusting than stealing taxpayer money to brainwash innocent children. Skatetime 209 is disgusting! You "conservatives" are a stain on this county. Move the hell out or have you children removed like the FLDS did. The schools have already targeted your kids.

Anonymous said...

So, which is it? Are you upset because you think Skate Time 209 is a pedophile's hangout or because the owners are playing Christian music? You can't have it both ways, you know.

The fact is, there are no perverts preying on kids at Skate Time. It is a fact, it is the unadulterated truth, it is as true and real as gravity. Throwing mud with zero evidence to back it up is simply vicious.

As to the Christian Skate issue, here's the lowdown. The Bernardos built Skate Time using their own money. They run it using their own money. No one has to go inside who doesn't wish to. If they want to play Christian music, Buddhist music, Jewish music, Mulsim music, Hindu music or Stevie Nicks ballads praising Wiccan pagan goddesses, that's their business and no one else's.

If you don't like it, build your own youth facility with your own money and do what you want to do inside. In the meantime, stop attacking those who have actually put their money where their mouths are and done something positive for all of us. It's so easy to criticize when you sit home eating chips, watching Oprah instead of actually doing something.

BudgetNY said...

This is the kind of TRASH TALK people who invest millions in the community get?? This is the treatment that people whith SOUND BUSINESS SENSE that want to end the INSANE taxing and spending in Ulster County get?? Its about time the county was run as a business and not a monkey business..Did you see ANOTHER 1,000 people on unemployment in Ulster this year and ANOTHER 1,500 jobs left Ulster and the ABYSMAL Census statistics that only 40 new residents in Ulster since 2000?? Is that what you call leadership in Ulster and you TRASH people who whant to help??.. No wonder Ulster County is starting to look like a wasteland..

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your breath with these knucklehead democrats. They hate anything or anyone conservative, Republican, or non-democrat and then have the nerve to say everyone else is partisan.

All the dems and libs on this blog and others do is say negatuve, nasty, and personal things against anyone who dares to oppose the Democrat Party. Look at 4:37, calling conservatives a "stain". Talk about the intolerant claiming to be so tolerant.

Anonymous said...

They used IDA money to build that place, that is Government money. Chet Straub held them up as his poster children saying they were going to hire as I recall, 45 people. Don't think they achieved that. The D&B report says they have 2 employees someone is/was not telling the truth on that one.

As for the Christian music deal, that is factual. Ulster County residents have matured past the religious right and their way of thinking. He should run from that one if he wants any chance at all of winning.

Welcome to the jungle Bernardo.

BudgetNY said...

These people even complain about the music they play at Skate Time 209?? They should look at all the for sale signs in Ulster and the fact Ulster is the 64th highest taxed county in the entire nation..Ulster is losing jobs and the kids are all moving out and they worry about music at a Skate Park FOR THE KIDS?? No wonder Ulster County is a mess from reading these comments..

Anonymous said...

Bernardo is not a Conservative or a Republican He is in the Independence Party. Wonder if he ever read their platform. What is this everyone switching teams selling out their morals. where is the party loyalty? gone for the almighty dollar

Anonymous said...

I for one will be very interested to hear about what makes the owner of a roller skating rink qualified to be the chief executive of a county with more than 180,000 residents.

It doesn't matter whether you share Mr. Bernardo's Christian beliefs or whether you like to skate (or let yourkids) at his establishment.

It is about whether he has done ANYTHING that would make him qualified to lead our county government and navigate the maze of town, county, state and federal bureaucracy, as will be necessary to advance our interests as a community.

Is he more or less qualified than his wife was(n't) to be a County Legislator?

Publius Valerius Publicola

Anonymous said...

Budgetny = Dave Bell. all one has to do is read any of the comment boards of the local papers and there is no hiding who that is. A registered Independent, the same as Bernardo.He will be promoting his boy hoping to get one of "his people" in office.

Good Luck Dave!

BTW, nothing to say about the help from Ulster County, with taxpayer money, he was given to start his business?

Anonymous said...

If the Democrats on this blog find conservatives so abhorrent, then Zimet or Hein HAD BETTER NOT seek the Conservative Party endorsement. Surely the anti-conservatives on this blog would never vote for them then if they had the "C" next to their name. Remember guys.... as someone previous to me wrote...... you can't have it both ways. You can't trash Conservatives and call them a "stain", and then when your candidate wants to get another "line" on the ballot, go crying to Bonnie Hewitt for her endorsement. If Bernardo is as conservative as you portray him, then he should get the Conservative endorsement and Zimet and Hein should stay away from the Conservatives. I'll quote from Blaber's Blog "I would find it impossible as a long-time Democrat to support any candidate for County Executive, the voice of Ulster County, who aligns themselves with the platform of the Conservative Party." So HEIN and ZIMET stay away from the Conservative line.

As for Bernardo getting money from the IDA. SO WHAT? It just proves that he is more than just a businessman - he knows politics. It shows that he knows how to navigate the VERY political process of the IDA, because BARELY anyone else has gotten approval from the IDA since he did. It's isn't illegal to work with the IDA, they are there to help businesses get started. If you didn't think his project should have been approved, then YOU should have spoke up at the pubic hearings. The IDA approval is old and pubic news that NOBODY is trying to hide, so get over it. As for his experience, he is a retired executive from Wall Street. His roller rink is something that he and he wife decided to do when he RETIRED from his career in Manhattan. He is plenty qualified to be County Executive.

Anonymous said...

Yes its me DAVE BELL a past member of the Independence Party who was also on the interviewing committee for the party..Yes I heard all the SPEW from the democrats when we gave them our endorsement..I heard Sue Zimet SWEAR and be published in the Freeman NO NEW TAXES ..And rail against the Mortgage tax (when the republicans proposed it) and the 38.9% county tax (the largest increase in the entire state) and what did Zimet do as a member of the Ways and Means committee..She Slammed the taxpayers with more taxes and more spending and more hiring and tried to shove the Mortgage tax down the throats of the taxpayers as SOON as the democrats were a majority.. I am very well familiar with the reality of the situation and I heard it ALL with my own ears and saw it with my own eyes....

Anonymous said...

Iyiyi. I hadn't even seen this thread!

Does anybody have any moral (I mean right versus wrong, decent versus criminal...) values anymore?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, no self respecting Democrat will pull the lever for a "conservative". Especially in the light of recent neurological discoveries. Bernardo's problem is that he tried to use public assistance to promote a radical fundamentalist agenda. Further his exploitation of children for profit has incurred damage to the community. These kids are minors so their names and stories are not public. A quick check of their report cards, specifically their absences, can clue you in. I suggest that only kids in good standing be permitted to use that facility. Failure to enact this policy would certainly leave the Bernardo's suspect. They are not viewed favorably now.

Anonymous said...

to 4:20, the comment was made about the IDA because of this.

"It is a non public company, built with non government funds. It brings jobs and tax dollars to the area"

That is not completely true now is it?

As far as jobs go, How many jobs are we talking about? The 40-45 he told the IDA he would bring in or the 2 that are claimed on his D&B report.
It can't be both. I have no doubt he has wall st. experience. That is not always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

For the naysayers, with children, spend an afternoon or a night and bring your child[ren] to SkateTime 209. Your kids will have a ton of fun.

Anonymous said...

Is the "America's Promise" Program (ahem) associated with (or a mutated version of...) the "Promise Keepers" (founded, tis said, by a Bill McCartney, and supported by Dr. James Dobson, et. al...) - a fundamentalist patriarcial sexist gay-basing Christian Right program that was associated (perhaps innocently, perhaps not) with the Colorado --- J. Benet (sp?) Ramsey case?

Yeah, these guys have money... they surely do...

But do we REALLY WANT what they are selling?

Why not recruit some sociology majors that don't use thier religious affiliation or ANY type of association with children as some sort of (potentially, at least...) political DIP (gold or silver?) STICK?????????????

Whatever sick theology the political world has been based on needs to CHANGE! Neither party, nor the independents, can afford to do what they apparently HAVE (at least some of them...) BEEN DOING.

Change. We need CHANGE. We need to PROTECT ALL OF OUR CHILDREN, educate ALL of them (across academic fields) and give them ALL a fair shot at a decent life.

BTW, you might want to inquire of the Ramseys as to whether the promises that were made to them were ever kept? Do you suppose they MISS thier daughter? Or is all that money better... more precious to the Christian right... than a child's life?

[See true crime texts regarding the Ramsey case --- and "American Facists: The Christian Right and the War on America", by Chris Hedges.]

"Notre religion est faite pour extirper les vices; elle les couvre, les nourit, les incite."


"Our religion is mad so as to wipe out vices; [instead...] it covers them up, nourishes them, incites them."

[Essais; 1580 ed. M. Rat; 1958; Book 2; Chapter II; insert mine]

Anonymous said...

Correction: "mad" should be "made" in the previous quote.

Anonymous said...

For folks interested in learning a bit more about the Ramsey case and its associations with the "Promise Keepers," I recommend reading Lawrence Schiller's book, "Perfect Murder, Perfect Town" [with special attention to pgs. 95, 337, 346, 573, & 574.]

A lot of money, private jets, "religious" folks and special interest (ahem) groups seemed to be swirling around the case - which has been the story with many other cases (when one researches extensively) - as well.

And interestingly these are the cases that never seem to get solved and/or aren't solved to a lot of people's satisfaction...

I wonder what THAT is about?

"He had grown up in a country run by politicians who sent the pilots to man the bombers to kill the babies to make the world safer for children to grow up in."

"The Lathe of Heaven;" 1971; Chapter Six.

Anonymous said...

BTW, as I've shared on UCP's blog, I'm healthy - I'm not planning any vacations - and I hope not to suffer any extreme hardships regarding me or any family members at any time in the near future...

Because that certainly would be "strange," wouldn't it? And I guess that would probably signal (ahem) at least some of the people (professionals) I've shared papers, books, poems and personal accounts with - over the last 20 years - to start telling some tales of thier own.

The "personal," as the feminists say, "is political."

I HAVE done my research.

And I have even published [I'm a local author, ever heard of me? (I didn't think so)] three of my OWN books ("Sunday Screw;" "Ode to the Wicker Man;" and "Ode to the Wicker Man (Book II)"] - which are all available via the online bookstore --- and via some other venues...] just last year. [The last book can be downloaded real cheap...]

Has it been worth it, despite not having made (these are EXCELLENT books) the almighty megabucks that other people are apparently seeking?


Am I scared sometimes?

Hel* yeah.

But I HAVE accomplished something here, haven't I?

Something that is worth much more than its weight in gold...

"I am a mountain child
grown full circle
I leave daisies unpicked
and hate the madness of,
the sadness of,
this season..."

Nancy Sue Smith

[It is time (without violence, which serves nothing and no one...) for POSITIVE CHANGE.]

Anonymous said...

Nancy Sue Smith,,,,WTF are you talking about? are you nuts?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think a lot of these comments are unnecessary. But, I do wonder how long Mr. Bernardo has lived in Ulster County. I don't mean to sound parochial but I think the first County Executive should know more about Ulster County then running a small business in it. I have never seen Mr. Bernardo at any County events or meetings. Also, as someone already said, running government is not the same as running a business. If you think it is or think it should be then you are only showing your ignorance and therfore should not run for an office as important as County Executive. Does Mr. Bernardo know where the County Office Building even is?

Anonymous said...

Mike Hein is the only logical choice for county executive. The republicans cannot mount any type of serious challenge as seen with the candidacy of Len who?

Anonymous said...

The Republicans, and even some Democrats want you to think that running the county is like running a diner,being a bank manager, running a construction business, CPA office, or anything that is private sector. The only thing that comes close is a true CEO of a pretty good sized company. In Ulster County the things that come close are SUNY New Paltz and maybe the Hospitals. I would guess that the salary and bennies (health care, 401K, retirement,cars,even housing) are probably twice or more in the private sector than what the County offers.

I also agree with the poster that has asked if Bernardo has ever been to a county meeting aside from his IDA application process.

What does he know about County Government?

BudgetNY said...

Hein who?? Is he a democrat or a rebublican this year to keep his tax and spend JOB spending and BORROWING the residents out of their homes ..Anybody who actually PAYS ATTENTION would know that as Hein and the democrats talk budget surplus they could check the COUNTY RESOLUTIONS and SEE this surplus is because they are BORROWING and BURYING the county in DEBT as they run rugular business on top of borrowing and selling BONDS .. Not to mention the increased sales tax revenue they rob us for on the rediculous gasoline and fuel prices.. The democrats are figuring the voters are CLUELESS and put up for this before for YEARS..Why stop now???? You heard the democrats scream mismanagement, fraud and abuse when they were the minority..Did you TAXES GO DOWN?? Then I guess they like that don't they???? And affordable government and tax cuts and jobs and understanding was just political SPEW so they could be the ones benefitting from it all?? The poor taxpayers go to dickens!!!!! It all changes from day one and Ximit had nothing but LIES to run her tax and spend and borrow campaign on and now Hein is left with the same campaign...LIES and increase TAXES and less jobs and MORE BORROWING..