Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Catalano Show Your Hand/ Sennett for Dem Boss

I don't know about you but I find it extremely humorous that GOP Boss Mario Catalano always talks about the highly qualified candidates he has banging down his door to run for different offices. However, he never will tell you who they are. What's wrong with transparency Mr. Catalano? If you have candidates that are going to run for Executive or Comptroller let the people know who they are so they can make an informed decision.

The reality is that Mario Catalano has nobody and is waiting until the last minute in hope that someone half way creditable will step forward. Sure if no one steps up they will throw up a paper candidate like Quigley who can finance his own campaign very easily but will have little impact against a Hein candidacy.

Ironically we saw in 2007 that a paper candidacy can win in Ulster County. The Ulster County Democratic party needs to get over the Sennett/ Bradley nonsense of last year or we will again lose. Even though are ideas and our candidates are better then that of the Republican party if we are not united will will not win. This year is too important to hold a grudge. Or to have a did you support Jon Sennett litmus test. Just because a person supported Vince Bradley does not mean they should immediately be taken out of consideration for a position in Ulster County and vice- versa.

The comments on my blog are worrisome of a 2007 repeat. Dem's have to get over the D.A.'s race fast and unite together. I am just as upset that Mr. Sennett is not at 1818 as the rest of the more than 16 thousand people that supported him. There is nothing anyone can do about the result but make sure that we do not make the same mistake twice.

Part of the healing process has to be obtaining new leadership within the party. I'm fairly confident that John Parete will not seek reelection as Chairman of the Democratic party in June. He's got a nice job at the Board of Elections and does not need the stress. As committeemen when we pick a new leader, we must pick someone that will unite and represent our party the best way possible. There is not anyone that I can think of that would do a better job as party chairman then Jonathan Sennett. Mr. Sennett has the strong Progressive values needed in our next chairman and the tireless energy needed to continue to get Democrats elected in Ulster County. Which is why I strongly hope that Sennett will run for chairman of the Ulster County Democratic Party this June.


Anonymous said...

Why in the world would Sennett want or need the stress of being head of the party???

He should slowly build support for a 2011 run for DA. He needs to remain neutral in the exec race until after the convention.

Anonymous said...

John is the clear choice for county leader. He'll have my support. We need to keep the retarded people away from positions of power. No more morons! Fiscally conservative, socially liberal, progressive thinkers.

Anonymous said...

Jon Sennett would be an excellent choice for party chair. The Board of Elections position will not go uncontested.

Anonymous said...

March 31, 2008 The Rumor Mill

Another candidate that would change the dynamic of this race may run but it's to soon to even float the idea out there.

Don you think you should being throwing stones at Catalano?

Anonymous said...

I don't know about you but I find it extremely humorous I'm half your age .... and yet I see through your message's. Who are you calling a "paper canidate" ? If it works it works just do it like you own it and not like your running for your life.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, those that don't learn from their mistakes are doomed to repeat them. You can not minimize the detrimental effect that the DA race had on the UC Democratic Party. It is not simply "Bradley nonsense".

Have you asked Mr. Hein whether he will drop out and support the Democratic candidate if by chance he loses in a primary race? That question should be answered by any candidate running for the Democratic ballot line.

Let's hope that this is not "deja vu all over again". A newly minted Democrat, seeking the Conservative line, who has not participated in the grassroots work of the Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

If Quigley runs he will be a formidable candidate for any of the dem's wishing to run and the only one who has the qualifications and experience to beat him is Hein. If Zimet is the choice at the convention, we will get what we deserve. She is not qualified to do this job and the people that know of her already know this and she will lose. The vote at the convention will be a litmus test of how screwed up that dem committee really is.