Friday, May 30, 2008

Blaber and Hugh Reynolds' Predictions for the Dem Convention

NOTE: Predictions were made for the Exec race but Mike Berardi has since dropped out of the race for Executive.

Hugh Reynolds : Comptroller race very close, edge Auerbach

Donaldson's waffling between executive and comptroller strikes some as opportunistic, indecisive. He's still the chairman, which for some Democrats is position enough.
Auerbach's hometown fiscal issues will play large if he's the ultimate nominee. Ellenville's fiscal house is in disarray. Republicans will play on that. He has better credentials, having actively managed a (small) unit of government and has extensive business background.. Plus, he's not from Kingston.

Comptroller's a closer call. If Hein romps - better than 2-1 - Donaldson goes down.No love lost there anymore. On the other hand, Demos may want to split their vote. Strategy is important. If Hein vote is held first, edge to Auerbach. A Donaldson vote first would negate some anti-Hein sentiment.
I'd give Auerbach the nod here, but don't rule out a primary. Donaldson has all summer to either play golf or politics. He'll do both.

Blaber Agrees :

I agree with the political dean of the lower Hudson Valley, Auerbach will pull out the win this Monday, in a close but decisive vote. Auerbach seems to be winning over a lot of people and committees, even making inroads in the more Progressive committees--- where Dave was expected to do very well in. I never will count Donaldon out, I think it will be a close vote regardless but I think in the end Auerbach pulls out a big win at the convention.

NOTE : These are simply predictions and do not imply endorsements or favorites on the part of Hugh Reynolds or myself. For full disclosure I do happen to also be supporting Elliott Auerbach...Hugh Reynolds is not supporting any of the candidates.


Anonymous said...

Who cares what Hugh Reynolds predicts?

Jeremy Blaber said...

I do.

Anonymous said...

Blaber, don't you read the comments on your own blog? Look at how many people think this guy is lazy and inaccurate. Why do you want that on your blog?

Anonymous said...

Predictions don't take energy, accuracy, or talent.

Anonymous said...

Good to see Hugh back. He's the best.

Anonymous said...

Berardi has dropped out of the race. Mr. Hein will be the Democratic candidate for County Executive. This might strengthen Donaldson's chances since those who see themselves as reformers will want balance on the ticket. Not that Hein would not champion reforms but he is seen as being backed by the old guard Democrats. A balanced ticket might do much to heal any party wounds inflicted during the DA race.

Anonymous said...

Don't vote for Donaldson. He has no business running for this office.

Anonymous said...

Noticed you withdrew results of Hein/Berardi poll after Berardi won - shaping history?

Anonymous said...

How sad that the republicans could not find a better candidate. Bernardo has been involved with his community how??? Did his wife win her race?? Because he has been annoited by the powers that be does not make him the best candidate. The republican party in Ulster is in a shambles. Thank you Mario and senator Bonacic. We will remember this

Anonymous said...

Toodle-oo, Mike b!

charlie the tuna said...

Reynold's time has come and gone. He just didn't realize it was time to leave the stage so the Freeman gave him the hook.
So oh round mound of Midtown, why are you hanging on to a has been.


Democratic Executive
Republican Comptroller

Charlie Tuna

Anonymous said...

What does his wife's campaign have to do with him? Bill Clinton was a great candidate, but Hillary is a sick joke. As bad a campaign as Hillary has run, does that make her husband less of a candidate?

Anonymous said...

Glenn Noonan, you sore loser! Quit posting here. Bernardo won and you lost, get over it. You think you would have won? Not a chance. You dropped out, so drop it. Fantasyland is calling.

Anonymous said...

Are you calling Bernardo's wife's campaign a joke? Last I checked, she BEAT incument Legislator Leonard Distel, and lost the election by less thatn 100 votes. That's not anything to be ashmed of for some someone who had never run for political office before. Distel is the one who should be embarassed. He was the experience politicial running against the novice woman. Explain to me what the problem with her candidacy was.

Anonymous said...

The problem of her candidacy was she could not win. I think that is the biggest problem. Also if the people of the district did not support his wife for legislator what makes you genius's think the husband can win the county? I know because king mario catagotnocandidates and senator bonachoke has said it can be so. Well lets see in November.

Anonymous said...


Reynolds was let go because the Freeman is about to go out of business and they couldn't afford to pay him anymore.

People who are anti-Reynolds always have something to hide and are going to profit from the absence for his muck-raking.

The Public will pay while corrupt officials can now bilk $$$ without any media oversight.

Let's build more jails, overpriced schools... Yes, lets' build a new Kingston High School and hire BOVIS LEND LEASE to do the work.

And you wonder why people move away????



Ed Wood

Anonymous said...

The Freeman is going out of business? The Kingston Times story a few weeks ago talked about how much money they make.

Anonymous said...

ED Wood- The Freeman will never go out of business so long as morons like YOU keep buying that piece of crap dish rag.

I believe that their corporate overlords are going bankrupt, and that the Freeman itself is still quite the little ca$h cow. Mooooo

Herb Tarlick

Anonymous said...

We hear that the Freeman is hiring Clint Brown as the Political Editor.

Peace, Love, Unity....CbLc#2