Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Saugerties Committee Backs Bernardo for Exec

Saugerties' gop committee has backed Independence party member Len Bernardo for Exec over Republican Glenn Noonan. Bernardo has the backing of Senator Bonicic who is pushing hard to get Bernardo the nomination so he can take control of the State Independence party....more details on that soon. The scheming of the Republican party never ceases to amaze me. How can they back this Bernardo guy for Bonacic? Noonan is a Republican who goes and takes hits for his party all day long...why hang him out to dry?


Anonymous said...

If the republicans back an independent over a republican then it is time for the republican party to step aside as a major party.

Anonymous said...

Seems Saugerties is more Democratic - the good old boys in Kingston & Co Republicans and Democrats alike support the insiders only

Anonymous said...

They are only backing him to block the Dems from getting that line. Those are the orders from King Mario.

Anonymous said...

Who is the alternative to Bernardo? Glenn "39% tax increase" Noonan. Please.

The GOP needs to nominate new blood, even independents if they want to reclaim our County. The reality is the old line Republicans are the ones who raised taxes and gave us the jail fiasco.

Whether it is fair or not Noonan is stuck with the back room dealmaking Republican party which has symbolized Ulster County until the Democrats beat the brains in of the Republicans because of their tax and tax and tax some more mentality.

Bernardo, for what it's worth is not just a roller rink operator. He's a guy with Wall Street experience who was President of a Company with 300 employees. That's a track record and one worthy of respect.

It may ruffle some feathers but the old style of politics has got to go. Any of those Republicans associated with that 39% tax increase are simply unelectable. It doesn't take a genious to figure out that little fact.

Anonymous said...

Bonacic is not backing Bernardo. At Bonacic's fundraiser he introduced Bernardo as a "declared candidate" for County Executive. He did not, contrary to reports in the Freeman endorse Bernardo.

Even though Bonacic is a pretty independent guy, there is no way he would back someone who is not the Republican candidate.

That said, Bernardo is head and shoulders above Glen Noonan. Glen has the 39% tax hike as his record and Bernardo is a successful businessman. It is high time the Republican party went with a tax cutting candidate with practical experience. We might actually win if we did that.

Hein would love to run against Noonan, he'd run him in the ground. Bernardo on the other hand is a self made person with the ability to run a well funded campaign. Hein is prayig for Noonan or some other politician with a tax raising history.

Noonan is a bull dog but he should run for Comptroller where he can beat the heck out of the Legislature and Executive.

Anonymous said...

you're right 11:43 - and that's why we need Mike Hein - no more double-digit tax increases - b'bye GOP...

Anonymous said...

Well genius if we cannot elect the republican, vote for Hein. Because he clearly has the experience running Ulster county. If we have to get get away from the old style why don't we support the better of those two.

Anonymous said...

to 11:43...You forgot to figure in if Quigley runs.

PS: It doesn't take a genius to spell genius.

Brittany Turner said...

6:22, step aside as a major party so that we only have one major party remaining? That hardly seems like an adequate solution. Maybe, instead, we should level the playing field for all parties and candidates and get some real competition when it comes to the electoral process.

Anonymous said...

to Brittany;

Proportional representation sound good? I am guessing you are a big fan of that.

Anonymous said...

Since everyone seems to feel the independent is the man for the job over the republican let the independence party be the other major party. I cannot wait for an independent to run for senate and then we can support someone from outside Albany. Bonacic is another classic tax and spend, spend, spend, our money.

Brittany Turner said...

5:54, I do support the concept of proportional representation, but we have a ways to go before that is feasible across the board (although there are definitely some exciting opportunities for this at a local level). I think the first step is to eliminate the barriers to minor parties and independent candidates so that everyone has an equal voice in the political system, regardless of party affiliation.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Pete Healey, the newest member of the New Paltz Village Board

Brittany Turner said...

5:39, indeed! Pete's victory is very exciting for New Paltz and I am confident we will see great things resulting from his leadership.

Anonymous said...


The Rosendale Republican Committee has voted to unanimously endorse
Len Bernardo for the position of Ulster County Executive. This follows the Town
of Saugerties GOP’s endorsement of Bernardo. Bernardo is a member of the
Independence Party and is seeking the Independence, Republican, and Conservative
party endorsements.

Bernardo has successfully started four companies, including a
multi-million dollar printing company which grew to over 325 employees.
Bernardo retired from the printing industry in 2007. He and his wife Terry,
currently own Skate Time 209, which has been named the 2006 Small Business of
the year by the Ulster County Development Corporation.

Otto Scherrieble, Chairman of the Rosendale Republican Committee
said, “The Republican party needs to endorse candidates who stand for the
traditional Republican principles of fighting for lower taxes and working to
create jobs. Len Bernardo stands for those things. We need to let the
taxpayers know that we heard their dissatisfaction a few years ago loud and
clear. We are nominating new people who have a record of private sector
accomplishment. Len has the experience and ability to challenge the year in and
year out practice of raising taxes and he will stand up for our families across
the entire County."

Bernardo said, “I want to see our children and grandchildren have
the opportunity to have the careers of their choice here, in Ulster County.
Leadership is not about mere administration of a government, it is about
accountability to the taxpayers and a record of accomplishment. As County
Executive, I pledge to be accountable to taxpayers and not accept the current
model of tax increase after tax increase.”

Ulster County Legislators imposed a 39% tax increase in 2005. The
County’s Democratic party made the tax increase a centerpiece of their campaign
against the Republican party in 2005. After the Democratic party won control of
the Legislature, they kept the 39% tax increase in place and then voted for two
more tax increases in a row – meaning County taxes have risen on Ulster County
residents by more than 50% in just three years.