Monday, May 26, 2008

March Gallagher Endorses Mike Hein for Executive


Anonymous said...

Something worth repeating ~

I am a "progressive" Democrat, and will not support Mike Berardi based on his poor voting record. Judge for yourself:

• Mike Berardi was the only Democrat to join Republicans in voting against the Democratic sponsored resolution urging investigation for the impeachment of George Bush. “Democrat Michael Beradi voted 'no', as did all of the Republicans present.”

Resolution No. 392 December 5, 2007 - Urging The United States Congress To Create A Select Committee To Investigate The Presidential Administration And To Make Recommendations Regarding Grounds For Possible Impeachment

• Mike Berardi voted against a Democratic resolution to put an end to the legislature’s practice of “telephone polling,” which means conducting county business and voting over the phone or by email, in violation of Open Meetings Law and outside of the public’s view.

Resolution No. 189 May 9, 2007 -Confirming Ulster County’s Commitment To The New York State Open Meetings Law In Regard To “Telephone Polling”

• Under pressure from the Town of Shandaken’s Republican Supervisor, Mike Berardi was the swing vote within the Democratic Caucus that caused Congressman Hinchey’s “Lower Build” proposal for the Crossroads Ventures / Belleayre project to fail on the floor of the legislature.

Resolution No. 55 February 8, 2006 - Endorsing The Lower-Build Alternative To The Proposed Belleayre Resort Development Project In Catskill State Park

• With Ellenville Hospital facing the threat of closing its doors forever, Mike Berardi voted against a $600,000 loan to save the area’s only hospital. He responded to this final step in the hospital's recovery plan by stating “If you help one you have to help them all."

Daily Freeman - 10/15/2004

• When the County Legislature voted in favor of broadening the relicensing criteria at the Indian Point Nuclear Site to include factors like location, the size of the surrounding population and terror threats, Mike Berardi voted NO and questioned whether the move was “a veiled attempt to close the plant down.”

Daily Freeman - 02/24/2007

• Mike Berardi was one of only two Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee who voted NO along with Republicans, to the Democrat’s plan that would have cut benefits to county legislators by more than a total of $52,000. The measure failed in committee. According to the resolution’s sponsor, Democrat Alan Lomita, “I think it's important for the Legislature to set an example when we're asking all county departments to cut spending. What kind of example do you set when you're not willing to cut your own stuff?"

Daily Freeman - 03/18/2006

Anonymous said...

Big news a dem. supporting the only legitimate dem candidate. Also, does the opinion of someone who was responsible for economic development really mean anything when she helped produce the worst economic development numbers in the state of NY?

Anonymous said...

What is worse a moderate democrat like Berardi (the Bush vote was waste of their time and our money), or a lapsed republican?

Anonymous said...

Who cares? She came in last place when she ran for town board.

News must be slow if you think March's endorsement means anything.

Anonymous said...

It is a signal to Mike B that his colleague does not think he is suited for the job.

Anonymous said...

Mike must have promised her a job along with all the others i.e. the mayor, hector, Peter loughran,etc

Anonymous said...

Gallagher's endorsement may not be newsworthy but at least get your facts straight.

8:12: the worst econ dev numbers in NY? The IDA had its best year ever in 2007 (jobs and revenue-legacy of Al Ford). I heard she quit as chair cause she didn't want to be stuck defending a stupid prevailing wage policy that the legislature wanted.

8:53: She beat out 4 other candidates for town board. And that was with the Saugerties disloyal dems campaignin for conservatives.

When you post things that are just plain wrong, your opinion carries little weight.

Anonymous said...

I think the import note the lack of county bills calling for the impeachment of Da' Spitz man a few months back. Of course, I think it would be more productive for the county passing resolutions asking for certain mandates to be removed to help lower taxes and loosen the resposiblity of government.

Anonymous said...

Hein has not promised anyone any job.

For the record: Hector has been MIA on economic development issues for months. What makes you think Hein would give a job to someone who does not even meet the basic requirements of his job as a legislator?

Anonymous said...

I thought the county passed a law making it illegal to hire legislators after they gave about 3 jobs in a row to sitting Republican legislators.
Hein can't give these people jobs. It is illegal.

Wasn't March a good friend to Berardi What happened there?

Anonymous said...

I endorse candidates based on their qualifications and ability to win elections, not because they are my friends.

Sometimes it is a hard thing to do, but it is the right thing to do.

And, for the record, my endorsement of Hein comes without any quid pro quo for a job.

I believe that he is the best candidate running, hands down. I am a LIBERAL democrat and I believe that he will carry the torch of the democratic legislative majority in putting our community on the right track.

March Gallagher

Anonymous said...

Let's all march with March!

Anonymous said...

March supporting ANYONE is reason enough for me to do the opposite. That woman is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

So the legislature changes the law allowing them all to get good jobs.

Help solve unemployment in Ulster County's Democratic Party. Elect Mike Hein!!!!!!!!!

One endorsement ..... one job

Jeremy Blaber said...

What outright lies, Hein has not promised anyone any jobs...give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Parete will get Juror job - is this a possibility?

Anonymous said...

March must have been promised a job like Sottile.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone so rude to Mrs. Gallagher? If you didn't think it was news worthy why would you watch it? You wouldn't would you!