Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day--- A day to reflect


Anonymous said...

you are a disrespectful idiot, Show some respect for our Nation's President, matter of fact, show some class & restraint more often,,

this blog is disgraceful !

Anonymous said...

Faces of the lost souls who needlessly went to a war of choice by the Bush Administration are a haunting reminder of what Bush's legacy will be. To make a portrait out of them is poignant.

For those who still embrace the policies of this administration, be one with it, accept these losses, missteps and and the manufactured reality that has become synonymous with eight years of national disrespect, acceptable losses and cronyism of the worst kind.

Disgaceful? Any form of journalism, either through print, radio, TV or blogs, is held with the great responsibility to point out what is right and wrong with our government. Anything less is unpatriotic.

Blog on Blaber!

Anonymous said...

Then, you should come up with a picture of JFK and LBJ with the faces of 50000. Better yet, Jeremy's idol, FDR with the faces of 500000.

BTW, Mario Cuomo said it best. 50 years from now, when all the a-holes of today are dead, GWB will be seen as a better than average president, one who protected this country for 7 years following 9/11. Well, he didn't use those words exactly

Anonymous said...

Respect goes to those who have earned it.
We have an idiot that lives at 1600 Pennsylvania ave, not here in the blogesphere.

He has blood on his hands and is responsible for thousands of innocents being killed. The worst president in the history of this great nation. Right on Jeremy! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

If any of you can defend that asshole in the White House, check in with the nearest head shrink. There is no defending that moron. Don't tell me I'm disrespecting the office, as I can't possibly do that more than he has.