Thursday, May 29, 2008


Robin Yess, who is running against Cahill largly on the need for property tax reform, has coined the campaign slogan : Cahill no, Robin Yess.... well apparently last year Robin said YES to Assemblyman Kevin Cahill's property tax reform bill.. and gathered more than 300 signatures in support of it....more waffling and flip-flopping on Mrs. Yess' part.

"Highland resident Robin Vaccai-Yess, organizer of the New York Property Tax Reform Coalition [], is advocating for legislation, including the Equity in Education Act, sponsored by Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, D-Kingston.

She has collected 300 signatures from 14 counties so far in her online petition and hopes to see a statewide grassroots effort in tax reform.

'This is an election year. This is the time to make noise,' said Vaccai-Yess, who works as a certified financial planner."

[from "Reform Unites Residents: Groups Are Formed to Press for Change in Taxation System" by Erikah Haavie-- Poughkeepsie Journal July 30th:]


Anonymous said...

I am still confounded by Yess' candidacy. Why is she really running?

School Tax reform is her stated reason. Yet, Yess has openly supported and solicited support for Cahill's bill. I don't get it.

I agree with you so I'll challenge you"? It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

And how, pray tell, is Yess collecting signatures and supporting Real Tax Reform flip flopping? Has she come out in the past against RTR?

Anonymous said...

I'd say if there was flip flopping, it comes from registering in 3 different political parties in the past years. What's next, the RTL or the marijuana party?

Anonymous said...

Yess = Slaughter in November.

C. Thomas Howell

Anonymous said...

Kevin is doing a great job and he will be given a chance to continue in November.
Robin Yess although a very nice person and a great advocate for school funding reform, will join a long list of people who remind the voters of the 101st assembly district how lucky we are to have a person of Kevin's caliber, intellect, and connections successfully working for us in Albany.