Tuesday, June 02, 2009



Republicans back former DA Don Williams to be their candidate for County Court. Mr. Williams is a formidable opponent and should not be taken lightly by Democrats. Analysis on this race, the city council picks and the legislature to come later tonight!


City GOP Endorsed Candidates

Ward 1 - Andi Turco Levin ----Teetsel backs out

Ward 2 Blank

Ward 3 blank

Ward 4 Jeanne Edwards

Ward 5 Rich Cahill Sr.

Ward 6 Ron Pollocco

Ward 7 Mike Gill

Ward 8 Todd Langon

Ward 9 Debbie Brown

County Leg---results still coming in

District 1
Terry Bernardo top vote getter will be one of the GOP candidates, TJ Briggs, Mary Sheeley and Joe Steckler also won the GOP line

District 2 James Monsorut

District 5 James Maloney and Fred Wadnola

District 13 Mark Angolio and Marvin Schilmerhorn


Anonymous said...

What happened to Noonan?

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Glen. All the back stabbing has come home to roost.

I guess the Truth came out in Kingston.

Anonymous said...

Dude, there is no district 13 in the legislature.

Anonymous said...

what are republicans??

Anonymous said...

what happened to Al Teetsel also?

Anonymous said...

The only real Republican who speaks out now there is no republican Party. No one ever accused Catalano of being smart

Anonymous said...

I don't think Noonan goes away. He will primary. Goodbye Ronk. Once again the Republicans eat their young. 11:51 is right the guy in Shawangunk must be a real genius he cost the Republicans a seat Noonan got back 2 years ago

Anonymous said...

Don Williams is unqualified to be a judge.

He will lose badly.

Who cares about a fool like Glen Noonan?

The Democrats will have a strong year and build on their solid majorities.

So much for GOP gains in the common council. The way I see it, Only Ron Polacco has a good chance of returning to City Hall.
Look for an 8-1 maybe 7-2 (D) majority for 2010.

Edgar Allen Poop

Anonymous said...

Noonan wins a primary.

Anonymous said...

Did Noonan put in for mileage from his home to the convention?

Anonymous said...

Not again!!! Don William?
I guess when a lawyer can't make it in private practice, he institutionalizes in the political system.

If this isn't an example of how inbred this whole county is then Bill O'Rielly is a great journalist.

You are more than just a little wise leaving this area Jeremy.

Anonymous said...

Quit griping Glen. You got what you deserve.

Anonymous said...

Don Williams is clearly the most qualified candidate for county court across all party lines!! Glad to see him back!!!

Anonymous said...

Noonan speaks of corruption - remember when he started it by joining us in keeping Phil Sinagra out of the majority leader spot. Don't things like that come home to roost. Well it was a good ride with Glenn for a while but looks like we lose him for good unless he can pull off an upset down there.

Anonymous said...

How about his and Zimets little illegal meeting a couple of weeks ago. Dragging his immature (Ronk), inexperienced (Hansut), and just plain stupid (Maloney) followers in front of a train by calling the illegal meeting. He got what he deserved.

Anonymous said...

Williams was pushed out as DA by the Republican Party. He does not have the demeanor to be a judge. He has no experience as a sitting judge.

I have to give the Republican's some credit, they
support "recycling".

Anonymous said...

Please if you must post names of candidates, at least spell their names correctly. You are almost as bad as the daily paper saying Maloney is a democrat. Imagine that? If you want to scoop, at least get it right.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Ronk? He was the top vote getter last night.

Anonymous said...

Glenn brought this entire mess on himself. He is his own worst enemy. That is something that both Democrats and Republicans can agree on. It's time for him to move on.

Anonymous said...

Haha, Blaber was wise for leaving this area. For what city that can't even afford to pay for their own train service so they need to tax us so they can afford it.

Anonymous said...

Maloney wishes he was a Democrat!

Anonymous said...

New faces in wards 1 always republican,2 Mayor hates Hoffay and will be walking the ward with Hoyt,3 maybe an old face. 4 Edwards has all summer to campaigne and will get huge donations from labor. Ward 5 is a toss up Cahill would win if DiBella ran (took one for the team). 6 Pollacco 7&8 remain the same and 9 could have an upset.

5 to 4 would be the best that could happen in Kingston, it would force the council to cooperate and really be bi partisan

Anonymous said...

Ronk was top vote getter from insider committee people, not regular voters. Big difference.

Spiderman said...

Ronald Polacco will be defeated in Ward 6

You can take that to the Bank

Anonymous said...

Williams has a better chance at growing a full head of hair,than getting elected county judge!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet you dinner the person who posted the comment about Polacco losing was Bob Gillon.

Anonymous said...

OMG the only thing I can imagine being worse the Carnwright as the DA would be Williams as the Judge!

9:41 what are you POSSIBLY basing your "informative opinion" on?

I KNOW its not Williams performance as a DA... want to re-visit the Jail Fiasco??? (and I went with that as its the most recent, I can pull some back logs if you want)

What was his conviction rate again??

CLEARLY you have not done your research after making a comment like that.

Anonymous said...

9:41 doesn't want an effective judicial system. The Republicans only want to destroy civilization in a massive apocalyptic blaze. They're the ultimate anti-Americans.

Anonymous said...

4:22, your "Bank" failed Obama's stress test and is hemmoraging TARP funds ;)

My boy Ron Polacco will win in a LANDSLIDE!!!!

Al Bundy

Anonymous said...

I for one find the sound of Don Wms voice with his cocky overly-self-assuredness too much to bear. I had one opportunity to hear his line of bull in a pre-grand jury testimony when he dropped the f-bomb regarding his feelings about drug takers. So mr. holier than cowshit didn't stay impersonal and deal with the case the way the office spelled it out. As the DA you don't walk into the waiting room and say "I hate all you fucking junkies" since cops were in the room and relatives of the ones testifying. I wondered what kind of drugs he was on. He is a pompous ass and just an average juris doctor with too much bias coming into the race for my taste.

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