Sunday, June 07, 2009

Tomorrow We Make History

ALERT: Jonathan Katz endorsed by the Working Families Party

Tomorrow is the night of Gilda Riccardi, an experienced professional, former Prosecutor and mother making he announcement in front of 300 plus Democrats that she will step up to the plate and be a candidate for Ulster County Clerk.

We as Democrats should be proud that someone of Ms.Riccardi's caliber has stepped up to run and take back the office of the Ulster County Clerk for the first time in our County's history.

Ms. Riccardi was well received at the Independence fundraiser last week, I have heard from both Democrats and Republicans that Gilda was very impressive and said no doubt that her opponent looked nervous.

While I have a commitment in NYC that will prevent me from attending my party's convention, I will be there in spirit, and thanks to Ms.Riccardi, I am once again proud to be an Ulster County Democrat!

Of course as talked about previously, we will be nominating a candidate for Ulster County Clerk, I STRONGLY SUPPORT Jonathan Katz, to be our party's nominee and am happy that he has already received the support of the Working Families Party, could another third party endorsement follow for Justice Katz?!?!

There should not be much surprises in the county leg races, hopefully by the end of tomorrow night, I will be able to call and congratulate my friend, County Legislator elect Terry Bernardo. The other race to watch is to see if Tracy Bartels makes a come back and does Noonan get the Dem line? District 8 could prove interesting.


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Ward 2 Tom Hoffay

Ward 3 Charlie Landi

Ward 4.Shirley Whitlock

Ward 5 Jen Fuentas

Ward 6. Eliza Ball

Ward 7 my other mentor William P. Reynolds :)

Ward 8 Robert Senor

Ward 9 Mike Madsen

Note: had a nice e-mail exchange with Hayes Clement, one of the candidates running and I think his intentions are genuine. I feel that he has a bright future in public service.


Anonymous said...

Should Jonathan Katz and Gilda Riccardi get the Democratic nomination tomorrow night we will have two candidates with tremendous credentials and unimpeachable integrity. We should all unite behind their campaigns, not because they are Democrats, but because they will serve Ulster county with distinction.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, Is the Democratic Convention open to the public or by invitation only? It would be really interesting just to attend / see what goes on...! NS

Jen said...

Open - city of Kingston 5:30, county at 7:00pm.

Anonymous said...

How open is this? Open, 5:30...location?? I guess everyone is just SUPPOSED TO ALREADY KNOW.
They never put this information on the website either. Just an oversight??

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, is Tom Hoffay running? Word on the street is that he is not.

Anonymous said...

It's at the Holiday Inn as it says on the Ulster County Democratic Committee website.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jen. The Holiday Inn is what I heard... but I'm not absolutely sure (?) I certainly think the conventions (Rep, Dem, other...) should be open to the public - and that these events should get more advance (and detailed) promo...

That would speak to the openness of... and accessibility to... the political system (We need to know how this all works, and some of us learn best by watching and listening...) that so many of us would like to see!

After all, the best - most legit news is what one witnesses first hand... Pretty much everything else is slanted ('tis just human nature) towards one perspective / opinion / viewpoint / etc. - or another.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, that (the thank you Jen, etc...) was me - NS :)

A Realist said...


wish i had what yer smoking

these two "candidates" cant hold a candle to Don or Nina

compare the records backgrounds & achievements.

nolo contendare

a realist

Anonymous said...

Dear A realist:

Really? apparently you are ANOTHER person with an un-informed opinion.

Really... what is it that Nina has done thats soooo great and that Riccardi cannot do as well?? What life changing things has Nina done as the Ulster COunty Clerk?? Whats her claim to fame in your eyes, because I dont know where you could possibly think that Riccardi cant "hold a candle next to Nina" please... Riccardi would blow her candle out without taking a second breath.

As for your Don comment... when was the last time you saw Don in action? when was the last time you observed him in a courtroom? when was the last time you took a look at his behavior regarding the Jail fiasco, when was the last time you checked how many of his "Friends" committed crimes and were never prosecuted?

I have compared the backgrounds AND achievement, and I also have seen both Williams and Katz in action, so before you challange someone to do something, why dont you do it yourself, because if you actually did what your telling us to do, you'd be gagging trying to get the foot thats in your mouth back out.

Got any counter??
what "records" are you talking about because frankly, I think your comment is fabricated and based on an opinion rather than facts. Get back to us when you REALLY check the "track records"