Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Former County Treasurer Lew Kirshner was nominated today to run for Town Justice in the town of Ulster.
This will be a race to watch, Sue Kesick has proven to be a strong candidate by beating her former boss to win the Judgeship but Lew Kirshner is an establishment all by himself.

Also nominated: Nick Worener for Supervisor, Craig Artist and Rocky Secreto for town board.

The GOP convention will take place next week with JIM QUIGLEY runnin for Supervisor, John Morrow and Chris Hedrick for town board


Anonymous said...

WOW ! that's so cool,, maybe he can try himself for the paintings he stole from that Woodstock artist & had his nephew sell for a small fortune ???

Anonymous said...

Nothing But Trouble.

Anonymous said...


i know amy said...

Amy has spoken ! Lew is out of the race, already.

Amy is the brass in that family !

shirttail cousins anonymous said...

Although that ancient history case of the paintings never got legs, the person who let him have them was not his nephew. The artist died on the way back from the west coast in a mobile home or RV or whatever it’s called. When the story broke the paintings were 'found' on Kirschner's porch and the other dude (Jay something) was a nephew of Lew's mother's sister if you can figure that out. They shared a common aunt and uncle since Lew's mother's sister married Jay’s father's brother.
Or Lew’s Aunt married Jay’s Uncle --his father’s brother so they had the common aunt and uncle and cousins but were unrelated in our culture. Besides, the statute of limitations ran out on the case years ago since it happened back in 1990 or so. Nice try and how long were you holding onto that bit of trivia?
Let's not forget the time he had someone clean out his basement and the trash was found in an inappropriate dumping place for his personal Alice's Restaurant saga. Otherwise a pretty stellar career and volunteer extraordinaire.

Anonymous said...

As long as the wicked witch herself
(Paula Lenord)stays under her house,I'm happy!

Anonymous said...

What is the old saying? Something about the rooster watching the hen house??