Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Few Observations

Sorry the blog has not been updated as much, it's been a busy hectic week.


A Few Observations:

Sorry to see Kingston Truth, another local blog, shut down, I enjoyed reading the blog and it was one of the few "pro Blaber" blogs in Ulster County. Hope it makes a come back.

Gilda Riccardi, is out beating bushes, I had a great conversation with some people who got to meet her last week for the first time and they were very impressed with her. I am happy she is out there working and look forward to campaigning for her in the coming months.

Mike Madsen says he has been out getting signatures and getting a great response from voters. Keep up the good work, Mike! Jeanette Provanzano is also out working hard.....where is Frank Dart these days? We hear vacationing it up in Florida.

Dean Palen in some hot water in the last few days. After, him and his wife were escorted off the property last week, 31k in uncased checks dating back from 2000 were found in a safe behind his wife's desk. While it may not have been criminal, it certainly showed that Palen was incompetent. And, lets be honest people were sick of the Palen/Palen show going on at the UC Health Department for the last 20 years. Expect a thorough and detailed audit to come out of Comptroller Auerbach's office in the coming weeks.

Speaking of Palen, my friend and the Political Dean of Ulster Politics Hugh Reynolds, must be kicking himself for the column he wrote defending Palen and attacking Mike Hein for ousting him...if only he had waited a few days.......

Debrah Schneer, the Democratic nominee for County Court was appointed by Governor David Paterson to fill Judge Bruhn's seat a few days ago. With the mess going on in Albany (which ironically, sort of reminds me of the mess that went on at the UC Democratic convention) it is doubtful Schneer will get Senate approval to take her post any time soon.

Nina Postupack came out and publicly endorsed Jim Quigley to be the next Supervisor of the town of Ulster. I am a little surprised by this and it may have current Supervisor Nicky Woerner scratching his his support from the Spada crowd dwindling? Will he now do the right thing and support Gilda Riccardi for Clerk?


Anonymous said...

Paterson ordered a special session so Schneer may get to the bench sooner than you think.

Anonymous said...

No observations about Judge Gilpatric??

Anonymous said...

Not so sure why you are so excited about the minority Democratic candidate for County Judge - Ms Schneer ?

Her qualifications for this very important job are few & far between.
The last thing we need in Ulster County, right now, is a Liberal jurist with a capital "L" !!!

With the upswing in gang violence, domestic violence, robberies, assaults, HARD drug use & other crimes like fraud, etc, Don Williams is truly our only hope for SECURITY & SAFETY !

Don will put these low-life dirtbags away !

Ms. Schneer won't.

Probation department will be overworked due to her LIBERAL leanings.

Wake up , Jeremy,, look around you in BKLYN. See the damage done by NYC's Liberal Jurists ??? see what the over importance of dopes like Sharpton & others of his ilk
have done to our Society ??

Ulster County is in for much of the same dreck if this incompetant candidate is ( G-d forbid ) elected !

Anonymous said...

Liberals rule this country and have since its inception. This far right whacko party we call Republicans is doomed to extinction. Williams is a failure that we all want to just go away. A liberal by definition is one with a superior intellect and functioning judgement. Williams is neither. Ms. Schneer is far better suited to this century and most certainly will work to distinguish between hard core violent criminals and those requiring help. It seems the right are more concerned about filling jails than serving justice. They are so deathly afraid of everyone around them. Such weaklings they are! All they can say is how scared they are. Wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. No wonder they can't walk the streets of any major city without fearing for their lives! Pathetic little children such as these right-wingers are the true ill of our society. I hope their fear drives them to move away. They bring shame to America.

Anonymous said...

Schneer will be appointed tomorrow. She will show her competence as a sitting County Court Judge over the next 5 months and gain the confidence of the voters who want a judge whose decisions reflect the law and not some outdated idealogy.

Anonymous said...

How is Schneer going to get to the bench on a 31/31 vote. He can order all the special sessions he wants, these idiots will just go in and sit down and then leave. They have no shame

Anonymous said...

5:06 easy to bash Williams with your raving rant about nothing. You fail to even acknowledge his level of experience when compared to hers. The bottom line is this is a job she would not even get interviewed for if it was not an elected position and experience in this position matters. She cannot point to one thing in her professional experience that supports her being selected to County Court. Williams can point to a hundred different things. She was clearly not even Patterson's choice. This was a poor poor job by the Dem. Committee picking her as the canidate in an election that the Republicans should not even be competitive and now will probably win.

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, before you go making assertations, at least let them be of value.

Schneer has a Juris Doctor, which I am sure, just based on your sheer ignorance, is more than you have... do not call her incompetant.

Also, your poor attempt to hide a bigoted opinion was weak and appaling. Ohhh 'With a capital "l"??.. how witty you are!!

Gang Violence? Where in Ulster County is their GANG VIOLENCE... Im in Kingston on a daily basis, and walk the "mean" streets of the city, and have yet to have an encounter with the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings etc... tell me where you see "gang Violence" as being a huge problem in Ulster County... just because you are under the false impression that "Gangs" are our biggest problem doesnt mean they are. This isnt NYC my friend.

Realistically, the biggest problem in Ulster county is Pedophiles and domestic violence.
Why dont you tell me why little Suzie's Uncle "Puts his pee pee in my mouth"
and Why Mrs. Robinson has a drunken husband that beats her every other night?

Check the records before you make ill-informed statements... the problems I mentioned are far more prevelant in OUR area than Gang violence to say the least.

Fraud?? you want to talk about fraud?
Let me know how Don Williams did Prosecuting the Jail tons of felony convictions right??
Ohh no, he got NOTHING... Millions and millions of dollars and not a single conviction. I dont remember Don Williams putting anybody away for that.

Us Democrats are excited for a Minority Judge because we need someone with fresh ideas, and someone who will work her ass off trying to do the best job she possibly can. Shes persistant, intelligent, and will make a far better judge than the Good Old Boy Williams. The fact of the matter is, we have focused on the wrong concerns in our area because of the crap we are fed.

It will be nice to have a judge with an open mind, morals, values, and someone who stands behind what they say, and stands up for what they believe in, rather than sitting in court, legs on table, tie loosened up and hands behind their head....which is exactly how Williams practiced in front of the County Judge as DA... how do you think he will act as an acting Judge... hes already an arrogant jerk as it is whom nobody wants to work for... thats JUST what Ulster county Needs... thanks for bringing it to the light.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't dismiss the idea of gangs quite so soon...gangs fill a void and there are plenty of voids especially among young people in Kingston and Ulster County.
Aside from that it is all good ol' boys (and gals). I am sure both Williams and Schneer have their strong points and deficiencies, and it is really more to the point to point out what those may specifically be for each candidate rather than the usual drek and crap we hear from partisan bickering nonsense.
As for Ulster County being in for more drek of crime if one person is elected instead of the other--hey get a life!! How about there are good paying jobs that come to the area in record amounts...come on please.

Anonymous said...


You need some Haldol and fast. Your grip on reality is slipping.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, there is a void in the youth of America, but I distinctly remember there being issues with an increase in the school budgests in Ulster County... how is it that we can acknowledge there is a gap, insist there is gang violence, and then demand that we pay less "taxes" for school aged children for their academics as well as after school activities? Lets cut the budgets, so we REALLY have gang voilence and I can say "I told you so"

Also, I restate that I have personally seen williams as the DA... terrible. I truely challange you to show me a single conviction for the jail a matter of fact, whats going on with the people who burgularized Williams house... Time ONE AND time Two...if you cang et a conviction for someone robbing your own house Twce... im supposed to have confidence in them?? Come on now!!!

I do not understand anything in your last paragraph, how its valid, or what it even means.

9:19...ohhhh a joke about shooting up a drug for dimentia...what a good comeback...almost as good as your "Capital L" comment sorry Im younger than you, obviously more intelligent, and Im sure your the same person who posted 10:52... all you had as a response was an insult, so I humbly rest my case that you DONT have a better degree than Schneer, and you obviously know notuing of what goes on in Ulster, because everything I posted is valid, correct, and can be researched.

Dont hate because Im obviously better at playing the blog game than you are. Sorry, maybe you should look for one of those "jobs" that 2:27 is talkinga bout.

Again... provide me with proof of Gang violence in Ulster, and what it ranks in relation to the rest of the crimes of our county.

Im waiting, but am sure I wil lbe the alst post, because none of you, not a single one, can take me up on my challange.

Score one for the young dimentia patient!!

Anonymous said...

Schneer has a Juris Doctor...well la de da. Talk about being overqualified for the relative Kindergarten of this bench.
My father had whatever he had and made a better county judge in this county in his day--which in case anyone might wonder, was the 1950's-- than any of these Johnny or Jane-Come-Lately supposedly fair jurists. No one TODAY can measure up to THAT standard and no one dare try because they wouldn't get anywhere in today's world of bribes(without calling it that) and other trickery and perqs, backroom deals, plea bargains, and moreover gamesmanship--all of which is required to balance rights due to the great big jail awaiting great big numbers simply to justify itself.
I measure Ms. Schneer on her failure to respond to me in time of need of a Constitutional Lawyer. I therefore find she is likely nothing but a member of the same old crowd of "those who talk the talk but refuse to walk the walk"--except in perhaps some "alternative lifestyle" that somehow tends to mollify the heart of those similarly dispossessed and finding a role model in such a slouch.
Nevertheless, having said all that, let's see what Ms. Schneer is made of before we all--including me-- pass final judgment on her. I certainly could be wrong and if I am, have reason to then think later there "is cream on this cake."
As for Williams, I agree he was a big nothing that could be best suited to play Ralph Cramdon on "The Honeymooners." He was all talk, little show, and an over the top crusading Conservative idealist turd. His attempts to portray himself as a sensitive human being by crawling up the ass of the late Gordon Webb won him no points with me as that case was one he dismissed on himself by himself.
In the end if Schneer refrains from too much of the sneer, that's all you can ask, and if she does some good while moving up to a judgeship as opposed to sitting behind a desk doing Constitutional Law meaning doing nothing meaningful in a system that gutted same at a higher level, that's progress too.

Anonymous said...

Well if you knew anything, obviously you don't, you would know that Florida is DOWN, its south. I think people are entitled to take a vacation.