Friday, June 05, 2009

City Dems Once Again Eat Thier Own

In 2007 we were all but assured a victory when Dems nominated Jonathan Sennett to be our DA nominee but due to infighting and a three way race we all know what happened.

As they say if you don't learn from history you are doomed to repeat it and it looks like the same people that didn't get it in 07 don't get it in 09.

It was reported in the Kingston Times that John Hoyt and Debbie Brown both candidates nominated by the GOP party are looking to take out incumbent Dems, with the help of certain members of the city committee.

Ed Palifino, the vice chair of the Dem committee actually is publicly telling people he will nominate Hoyt over incumbant Tom Hoffay. Knowing full well that Hoyt will be cross endorsed..... WTF?!?!

Tom Hoffay is a life long Democrat, a former chairman of the County party who just retired after years of service to former Gov and former AG Eliot Spitzer. Not to mention a very effective Alderman, its disgraceful.

Maybe Ed Palidino, a former Republican, is back working for the other side, either way he should resign as Vice Chair of the committee, no way he can continue to serve effectively.

The GOP did not exactly put out a strong ticket on Monday, if we are united we can make 8-1 or 9-0 again.

We need to nominate and support the current caucus of Tom Hoffay, Charles Landi, Shirley Whitlock, Bill Reynolds and Robert Senor.

As well as support newcomers Jen Fuentas in 5 who will be a strong voice as a mother and active member of her community; and Eliza Ball in ward 6 who also is extremely qualified and active in her community.

In the words of my mentor Jon Sennett at the da pre convention debate in rosendale, cuz the words still ring true today : Lets not blow this opertunity as Democrats, lets out our best foot forward and bring forth a candidate(s) that's going to win in November.

Now is the time, my friends to put all of our differences aside and unite as a party. If we do that we will take back the offices of the county court and clerk respectively for the first time in living memory, and strengthen our majority on the county. And city legislature.


Anonymous said...

Did the Ninth Ward cecede?

Anonymous said...

Right on Jeremy

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think throwing in Sennett was like pouring gasoline on a fire. Temperence, My Son!

Anonymous said...

Ed PALLADINO intends to nominate a Democrat. What's wrong with that?

If you were running as a Democrat and got the chance to get a cross endorsement, you'd take it and you know it.

Finally, Tom Hoffay did not RETIRE from his AG job. He was FIRED!!! Big difference.

Anonymous said...

Some wheres along the line you forgot to mention Mike Madsen.

Anonymous said...

How about we set aside partisanship for just a heartbeat, forget about who has a majority in a group of nine, and recognize that with a small group of individuals, party enrollment is far less important than practical experience regarding the issues that need to be addressed.

Jon Hoyt owns and operates a successful real estate business on North Front Street.

Jon is an attorney with decades of experience dealing with business in the heart of the uptown business community.

Jon is committed to finding genuine solutions to likely the most critical issue facing Kingston.

How do we revitalize a business heart of the community, how do we use the cities most valuable asset to bring about real change and progress for the city?

How do we stop the migration of businesses and shoppers to the Ulster big box/mall monstrosity?

If we don't figure out a way to slow down the money being spent in Ulster and recapture it for the local businesspeople in Uptown Kingston, Kingtson may as well become a suburb of the Town of Ulster.

Who cares what party he is enrolled in?

Anonymous said...

Ed Palladino is making a mistake. He promoting people who will not do the best job for the wards they represent. He looks like a puppet for Sottile.
It's a shame because he is hurting his good reputation.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the chair of the Kingston Committee take some control in unifying it?

Anonymous said...

Sinagra has no control ands a very pooor leader.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

Perhaps you should examine why so many Democrats are opposed to Tom Hoffay. If he cannot stand up to competition within his own Party and loses the nomination, he would not be an effective candidate for you.

You need to get over the idea that just because you have in incumbent who is a Democrat that he deserves complete support. Opposing a bad incumbent within your Party and choosing another Party member in his place is not disloyalty. It is no reason to call for someone's resignation. If the incumbent is someone who has done a poor job, someone who is not supported by your rank and file or your committee, then replacing him is just good politics.

If Tom Hoffay loses a competition within his own Party, he would have lost the General Election anyway. These competitive contests are an excellent way to filter out the poorly performing candidates ahead of time and should be encouraged in all Parties, not discouraged in order to protect incumbents.

Anonymous said...

1. What does Sinagra have to do with this story?

2. What is wrong with picking a Democrat other than Hoffay?

3. Is the fact that he is cross endorsed the only problem you or anyone has with Hoyt?

4. Why are you reporting Hoffay retired when he was actually fired?

5. Why shouldn't the Dems dump Hoffay? He's a pervert.

Anonymous said...

What about your untie speech from just three days ago...the committee picked a it was not your candidate, but it was the you are calling for Katz to primary and same for Madsen. In order for this party to ever elect the best candidates, you have to be consistent...either we are supporting primaries or we are not. And given how out of touch this committee clearly is and dysfuntional. It is time to start pushing primaries...I am with you but you need to be consistent with that belief no matter if your candidate is forcing the primary or being forced into one. A primary is good in many respects and the person that comes out of that is the best candidate for the Dem.