Monday, June 08, 2009

Madsen Loses Dem Nod, Vowes Primary

The good news about Halwick winning the Democratic nomination tonight is it will give me an excuse to spend a lot of time in Kingston this summer working to get my boy Mike Madsen elected Alderman of the 9th ward. Madsen who has the Independence line will primary for the Democratic line and I am confident that he will be successful in a Democratic primary this September. I congratulate Mr. Halwick of getting party insiders to support his candidacy but now lets let the people of Ward 9 decide! Majority Leader Bill Reynolds also vowed to support Alderman Madsen in his reelection bid!

I also would like to congratulate Jen Fuentas, a registered member of the Working Families Party, who received the Democratic endorsement to run in Ward 5. It looks like we will have a registered member of the WFP serving on the council for the first time in Kingston's history and we need to work hard to elect her.

Tom Hoffay also won handily over John Hoyt by a 6-1 margin!!!! Way to go Tom!



Anonymous said...

you guys are as bad as the republicans, or vice versa, 6 of one, 1/2 dozen of t'other,

SHAME ON YOU dems,, you say you are better & yet, you are worse.

Anonymous said...

Jen Fuentes sold out. She endorsed Rich Cahill for Mayor in 2007 and then --when she wants to run for Alderman-- has a meeting with Sottile and makes a back room deal with him.

What did she promise Sottile for his support? What was the deal?

Anonymous said...

Why are we supporting Fuentas? Didn's she endorse Rich Cahill for Mayor?

What has happened to my party? Are democrats truly mad? What next? Do we endorse Phil Cosme?

Anonymous said...

Right on 11:24!! What am I supposed to do. I won't vote for a Cahill other than Kevin or Brian and I'm not voting for someone who endorsed Rich Cahill for Mayor. I guess I skip the race altogether.

The Dems are getting so bad I actually want DiBella back!!

Anonymous said...

Hayes Clement, a smart guy with a bank account, is actually the odds-on favorite to upset Madsen in a Ward 9 primary. If you'd been spending time in Ward 9 already, Jeremy, you'd have a better feel for that.

Halwick ... ZERO chance in a primary. This is going to be a bigtime egg-on-face moment for the committee tonight, with lots of those folks having a "WTF?!!" moment in the next few days, especially when the press weighs in. In September, Halwick finishes 3rd, at best. Utterly and completely insane.

But what a great morale booster for the GOP!!!

Anonymous said...

You are a hypocrit. Now because your boy lost a primary is a good thing? Do you have any values that you actually stick to or do you just spout off about them when a particular position suits you. Under all your previous posts your boy Madsen should step back for the sake of party unity. Now you are telling us you are going to work for him to oust a fellow Dem who was endorsed by the Dem Committee. You cannot have it both ways.

Anonymous said...

Let me just say "Party Unity" is something the Democrats have struggled with for years now... we cant decided if "Primarys are good, and give the people the right to decide" or if "UNITE and get behind whomever the dems throw out there"
You really can't have it both ways, Im sorry.

Not for Nothing... where were you and your opinions during the 07 District Attorney Race when Sennett got the nomination and then Bradley Jr. Hopped on another ticket. Party unity my ass, everyone would prefer to fight amongst themselves and then get mad when the republicans kick our asses. Per shame. Everyone seems to be out for themselves and only themselves, and we have a right to the primary, but YOU cant have it both ways either.

The problem is we NEVER unite, even after the primary, what we need to do is behave accordingly to the situation at hand... have the primary, back who you will, and when a decision is made, collectively as a group, accept what it was, quit your freakin crying and wait til the next election year if you want to run again, why do we insist on sabatoging (sp) our own organization for arrogance??

unite? honestly what kind of person is told in a PRIMARY that they're not the candidate and then "for the party's sake" goes and takes another line to run under? Unity is not something we in Ulster County Apparently know anything about, we'd just prefer that every guy witha Jr. at the end of his name gets every chance possible to get whatever it is that he wants, despite the desire and will of the actual Democrats.

Anonymous said...

having it both ways is what big mouth wannabe's like Blaber do for a living. When his other boy Sennet was the choice at the convention, he said for the good of the party all others should go away and not be allowed a primary. Now Madson, and a few hours ago Katz, until he took his posting down, should fight on. I for one like the primaries because candidates are chosen by rank and file party members, not hacks, and that includes 2007. Be consistent Blaber or you look like a fool.

Anonymous said...

We are very close to candidates skipping the convention all together and just going to the primary. What is the point of the convention in county races anymore? Let the primary decide. We are now stuck with a candidate for county court who has never practiced in county court and from what I have seen has never conducted a felony criminal trial or any type of litigation associated with it. This is not a position to make some progressive stand in with a candidate who really did not even deserve to get an interview. did people forget that she is going up against someone who has done over 100 hundred trials in County Court in his career. Her views are great to talk about but where is the practice. All because our chairman blantantly lied to us...there obviously was no appointment.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Blaber unless you are looking for some serious trouble, you better remove those accusations embedded in the previous post.

Anonymous said...


Who do you think you are threatening Blaber? He did not post that?

Are you actually Hoffay?? If so, does the truth hurt?

Anonymous said...

Censorship still rules the roost here on Politburo-Blaber Pravda.

So, Mikey-Boy gets booted frm his own corner, and now expects to run against the majority leaderess and a popular, albeit sickly, Fireman.


Good Luck, Mikey. You'll need it!

Buffy the Vampiress AB-

Anonymous said...

Mike may have a shot. He's liked and may actually get things done or at least give the impression that he's trying. Even so, voter turnout is going to be very poor in my estimation. People are just so fed up with things as usual. Tom's dirty deeds are coming to light soon. I wouldn't count the reps out, especially with this "big tent" they're spreading all over. Remember the Markey Bill, Tom!

Anonymous said...

The Markey Bill? Isn't that the one in the Assembly right now that removes the statute of limitations on sexual crimes?

Anonymous said...

Censorship????? Get real!!!! When was the last time a book was burned???? Yes, that's the Markey Bill. Yes, experie3nce is a plus, but the purpose of an election as opposed to an appointment is to see who the PEOPLE want, not who has the most impressive resume in the eyes of political insiders!! Excuse the pun but, watch your back Tom. Big tent is right. Now we have the republicans right where we want them. Disunified. Your buddy, Bill Belford, might be on their side this time. I agree with 12:31- that primaries are helpful because they bring the choice of the rank asnd file to the forefront and they show democracy in action. At the same time we need to be careful not to be too enthusiastic with our comments before the primary just in case our person is not chosen. When we have to turn around and support the primary-winner, it musn't seem that we are being disingenuous. It will seem EXACTLY that way if we have been shooting off at the mouth about that person before the primary. Presaent Cabrini hr department might be coming forward too. Self control, people! Let the republicans implode, not us!